Oh my, I've started yet another challenge. (And it actually is quite challenging since I've noticed I don't particularly like ficlets.) This is the 100 ficlet challenge and every fill has to be exactly 100 words long.

I love these fills the most, actually, because they're about the five rulers of Magvel 3 I love them. Fado, Vigarde, Hayden, Ismaire and Mansel should get more love~ They are quite awesome.

Now, only one more thing and then you can read: Numbers 2, 8, 9 and 10 are ModernAU (and 10 has brokings flavour~)

Edit: seems to have eaten my empty lines and the title of #7. I'm sorry for that.

1. Abandon

Sometimes Ismaire wondered if it was her fault that her son had left her.

She had promised her husband that she would watch over Jehanna. But being a queen ate away her time and the next time she looked at her son, he was a young adult. Somehow, along the way, she had missed his growth. She didn't know him anymore and he left before she could apologize for her ignorance.

For many years she had lived with her guilt. But when he came at the brink of her death and accepted her apology, she felt finally at peace again.


2. Climb

Mansel had watched them when he was younger. From his room he could see the high walnut tree; almost every afternoon they were there and climbed as high as they could. Those three boys were best friends; Mansel had seen them before. They seemed to love this tree. Even the reluctant and reserved grey-haired boy had an expression of glee when he reached for the treetop.

Mansel envied them. He wanted to join them. He wanted to grab the highest leaf and wave it with a triumphant laugh like them.

He never dared to ask them to be his friends.


3. Wish

The first time he wished for a son. He was hoping for an heir who could stand up to all the obstacles awaiting him.

The first child was born dead. It was a son.

The second time he wished for a healthy child. Sex didn't matter; he'd teach his heir everything he or she would need.

The second child was a girl. She never grew older than five months.

The third time he wished for anything. He couldn't stand to see another death. It didn't matter who the child would become; it just needed to survive.

The third child lived.


4. Enclosed

"How are you?"

I think that my son is weak. That he'll never become independent. That he is a burden and I feel guilty. I do love him.

"I'm well. Thank you."

"How's Lyon? I've heard he is a talented mage."

He gets sick often. He's awkward when he's with other people. His only friends are his books and we're not as close anymore. I'm scared that he'll be all alone when I'm gone.

"Yes, he seems to have a talent for the Dark Arts."

I fear that he walks on the wrong path.

"So everything is alright?"




5. Traumatized

Mansel didn't understand his niece at first. She adored her parents and Mansel had often admonished his brother to not spoil his daughter. To no avail; her parents doted on her. Mansel thought this would've made it harder for her to accept their deaths.

It didn't. She was oddly composed when she heard the news.

"So... they died for the Good?"

Mansel hesitated, then nodded. "Yes. They were very brave." Her blank expression barely changed; her composure was worrying.

Much to his relief, he found her later crying in her room and promised her to protect her like a parent.


6. Core

His heart had stood still for a second when he had heard that they couldn't find Tana. They said her pegasus and weapons were also missing. Hayden immediately knew where she was.

Such a stupid girl!

He sank back on his throne and tried to order his thoughts. She had left even though he had forbade it. She had left without even saying goodbye.

What if she doesn't come back?

His face twitched into a pained grimace. Would his last memory of his daughter be her angry frown, her stubborn pout, the disappointment in her eyes?

He felt like crying.


7. Endear

She was not like the other women he had met in his life. Fado hadn't liked her at first; he was more attracted to openly fiery and passionate women. Women who challenged him and enticed him.

But she... on first glance she was nothing like those women. She was calm, radiated peacefulness, was polite and quiet. Fado hadn't paid attention to her until this one remark: "You're not the great catch you think you are."

She had said that with a teasing, provocative smile; the first glimpse of her other side. He took the bait.

He loved her quiet passion.


8. Hercules

They had often tested who the strongest was when they were young. Hayden was the first to lose; he had always been a bit scrawny and had troubles gaining weight. Fado and Vigarde resolved that question alone. They would wrestle or run or test who could hold a water tank over their heads the longest.

It was actually quite an amusing sight; two half-naked teenager standing in the garden, balancing plastic water tanks over their heads. Hayden found it rather advantageous for himself; girls liked to watch them and since they were occupied, he had plenty of time to flirt.


9. Ignition

She hated her car; something was always broken. The windows couldn't be opened, the left back door didn't want to stay closed and the engine made strange noises while driving.

And now it didn't start.

Annoyed, Ismaire repeatedly smacked her head against the driving wheel. The guy from the garage said he'd be here in half an hour. He was 27 minutes late.

She had things to do! Where was that stupid-

"Hello?" Someone knocked against the window. Ismaire looked up. The handsomest guy she's ever seen smiled at her apologetically. "I'm sorry I'm late."

Ismaire smiled back. "It's okay."


10. Predator

"And I'm saying that you won't hook up with her."

"Pray tell why?" Vigarde answered with heavy sarcasm dripping from his voice. Fado looked up from his comic.

"Because, unlike you, she has class. She is beautiful, bright and unbelievably sexy." Fado turned his attention back to his cheesy horror comic. "Ismaire is too intelligent to go out with you."

Vigarde snorted. "You're just pissed because she told you to fuck off." Fado put down his comic with an annoyed groan.

"She didn't say 'fuck off'."

Vigarde laughed. "I bet 50 bucks she'll go out with me on Friday."