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Chapter 7: New Danger awaits

"A promise to my sister?"

I sighed. I was ready for her to hate me forever.

"Yes I was supp- I never got to finish my thought though because at that moment I was interrupted by one of the men dressed in medical attire.

"Excuse me miss." I stopped and turned to the young man that addressed me.

"Yes?" I replied as sweetly as possible though I was a little mad that he had interrupted the special moment in my life where the young girl I cherished most was finally opening up to me.

"I apologize for interrupting you but we would like you to come with us for a moment so that we may do a thorough examination to make sure there are no further injuries." I looked at the man for a second.

"Oh that won't be necessary." I laughed sluggishly. My body however had said otherwise. Blood began to trickle down my forehead toward the bridge of my nose.

"Stupid." I heard Shiho whisper under her breath.

"So much for bonding…" I stated sarcastically in my mind.

"Conan-kun!" both of us including the man that was changing the bandage on my head turned toward the scream. It was Ran. She was crying as she saw the young boy being put on a stretcher and lifted into the ambulance. Her dad had just pulled up in a vehicle with inspector Megure. The two men stepped out of the car one of them, P.I Mouri, Kogorou ran up to his daughter with a worried look on his face while the other, Megure Kebu, walked up to one of the fellow officers to get some answers.

"What the hell happened here?" Megure asked in a huffy voice. One of the nearby officers saluted.

"Megure, Kebu nice to see you sir." Megure gave the man a simple tilt of the hat and folded his arms neatly behind his chubby figure. "Well sir it looks like an accident but I don't know for sure."

"It was not an accident it's homicide!" I shouted from across the parking lot. Megure turned from the officer and jogged across the lot towards me with the officer he was talking to.

"Detective Hanasaki? Megure was shocked.

"It's been awhile hasn't it. Three years to be exact." I said confidently.

"Yeah. It's good to see you Saki. But enough with the reunion, don't suppose you can tell me what happened?"

"always eager for the truth huh?" Megure gave me a stern look. "Of course I can tell you what happened whether you believe me or not is up to you." I shrugged my shoulders.

"Shih-Haibara-san shouldn't you go check on your friend Conan and make sure he's okay?" She gave me a quick glance and walked off in the direction of the ambulance that contained Conan. Megure watched as the auburn haired girl walked off and then turned his attention back towards me.

"Conan was hurt? You wanna explain what happened here now?"


A man dressed in blue attire was sitting in his dark blue car parked a couple blocks down from the burning amphitheatre. His clothes where burnt from head to toe the only thing that hadn't been damaged was his face mostly from the fact that the mask he wore protected him from the burning embers of the collapsing building. Blood ran down the man's left hand. He tore off a part of his tattered cape and wrapped his hand to stop the bleeding. That woman…Dammit! He looked once more at his left hand then using his right pulled out a small cell phone and started dialing. I don't think I'll ever get use to using my right hand.

He finished dialing the number and then waited for an answer. "She's gonna be pissed!" the young man wished at that moment he could just disappear and never come back.

"Yeah what do you want dickhead?" the woman on the other line yelled. The young man tried his best to be brave but it was easier said than done. "I hope you accomplished the mission or ill kick yur ass!"

"Well yull have to kick my ass then."

"Don't tell me you failed to capture the two brats!"

"Yep. Sorry Bloodymary I-

"Sake what the HELL happened!" yelled a furious Bloodymary. "We told you to bring Sherry and the brat with the glasses!" Her voice gradually got louder causing Sake to pull the phone from his ear to avoid losing his hearing.

"You said do whatever I must to capture them! And I tried! He yelled back through the phone. I tried to lure them out by lighting the building on fire but-

"I told you not to bring attention to yourself you F!$ing moron! She yelled. Sake once again pulled the phone away from his ear.

"It wasn't my fault I didn't expect the prodigious queen of blades to be there!

There was silence on the other end of the phone. Then Bloodymary spoke, "You mean Dagger?"




"The boss will want to hear about this." Sake stated.



"No." Bloodymary finally said

"What about Gin after all it is his si-"

"No." Sake could hear Bloodymary laughing menacingly on the other line. Sake had a bad feeling about her attitude change. One minute she's trying to break his eardrums and the next minute she's laughing like a mental case. Sake knew he was going to regret asking.



"SSS-Sister…." Sake's voice began to quiver. Bloodymary was still laughing like a maniac

"Revenge!" there was bloodlust in her voice.

"That's pretty much what happened inspector." I finshed. Megure looked puzzled for a second then responded.

"So where's our culprit now?"

"He fled after I threw my knife at his hand." I explained. Megure sighed and looked at me again as if I was the culprit.

"Still as reckless as ever."

"I only did it to protect someone. I wouldn't have done it unless absolutely necessary."

"Ok, ok I understand. Why don't we continue this in the morning it's late anyways."

"Hai Kebu." After that he walked in the opposite direction towards the other police officers. Allen walked towards me not even a minute later holding a bottle of what looked like clear liquid.

"Vodka, should've known." I sighed

"What?" she asked innocently.

"You're drinking at a time like this?"

"Why the hell not?" I took the bottle from her. She gave me a look that a child usually does when their parents won't buy them ice cream.

"Not now maybe later." Allen pouted and crossed her arms. I felt guilty after. Seeing that I wasn't going to give her prized alcohol back she decided to try and test me even more by pulling out a pack of cigarettes. I didn't notice at first until the smoke got in my eyes and caused my eyes to water and sting. I looked over at her and she smiled. " I give up." I face-palmed.

I noticed that since my chat with Megure the medical teams were all disbanding some left hours ago when the mess started while others stayed behind to check up on the injured. Allen and I made our way over to the ambulance with Conan. Ran was sitting inside the ambulance with Conan while the medical team was patching up the wound on his shoulder. The poor kid was starting to turn pale from blood loss. Of course Ran was hysterical. Her dad tried to calm her down but she just kept crying.

"It's my fault!" she cried "It's my fault that he got hurt!" Heiji walked up to her and put a hand on her shoulder to comfort her but it wasn't enough. Then there was a small weak voice barely audible but enough for everyone to turn towards the boy on the stretcher.

"Ran…nee…cha-an" Conan's small form lay still. Ran jumped as his eyes started to slightly open and turn towards us. The oxygen mask over his face made it difficult to hear him. He tried to sit up but the medic pushed him back onto the bed. He gave an irritated look before shutting his eyes again. Ran wiped the tears from her eyes and began to smile.

"He never did like hospitals even when we were little."

Everyone stared.

"I'm talking about Shinichi. When we were little he absolutely hated hospitals, he refused to go anywhere near them. Even in school I could not convince him to go to the nurse's office when he was sick." She laughed stroking his face one last time before exiting the vehicle. The medics closed the doors to the ambulance and it drove off toward Beika Hospital.

"They said they wish to keep him over night since his wound was pretty serious." Ran said in a sad voice

"Don't worry he'll be fine." I said reassuringly "That kid seems like the type that's too stubborn to die."

Ran laughed "He is." We all watched as the vehicle drove out of sight before going our separate ways. I had a feeling that this would be one of the many obstacles that we would encounter especially since the Black Organization now knew I was not part of their "little" team anymore. I had no doubt in my mind that they knew.

Allen and I headed for the Beika hotel where we had reserved a room for the night since we had no permanent home anywhere in the city or country for that matter.

"What's wrong sis?" Allen asked.

"The organization was involved in this attack tonight I'm sure of it." I whispered under my breath

"Yeah it's obvious." Allen stated. "That their target was the two "kids."

"We're gonna have to be on our guard from now on. Something is going to happen and we need to be prepared for the worst." I continued as we walked.

"Don't worry I got you covered." Allen smirked pulling out a Tommy gun and cocking it. "I'll blow their Fucking brains out and hang them with their own intestines." Allen looked pretty proud of her statement while I just rolled my eyes. I was used to her insane yet "creative" language. Tievel seemed to agree too because he crawled out of her shirt and settled himself down on her shoulders hissing at me as if to say "you'd better know it!"

"Ok, ok I get it." Tievel stopped hissing and fell asleep on her shoulder as we continued to walk and talk.

"Tomorrows gonna be a long day."

In the shadows

"Yes I've caught sight of her she seems to be heading toward Beika hotel." A dark figure sat spying on the young teen while sitting in a red vehicle. It's just as they said, it seems our beloved Vox has betrayed us, well it's only a matter of time before she is killed, so I don't think we'll have much problems. She's already revealed too much she's just a nuisance to us now." a feminine voice spoke as she held up a phone to her ear. "Tell the boss that another one of his rats has escaped and he needs to call the exterminator. "If this little pest manages to leak out too much information we'll be caught for sure. Oh well it's not like she'll missed right Gin?

"Better yet, Vodka tell your aniki it's time for a little family reunion with his sister."

"Vermouth you truly are evil. I'll tell him."

"Good, don't screw this "reunion" up." Vermouth hung up the phone and continued to watch the teen as she disappeared inside.

On the other line

Vodka hung up the phone and turned to his partner in the driver seat. "It seems like Vermouth discovered the location of a special person, your sister." Gin was silent for a moment and then finally spoke.

"Really? And what else did she tell you?" Gin smirked.

"She said that it was time for a family reunion." Vodka readjusted the black sun glasses on his face and smiled evilly.

"Is that so? Well then I guess I'll give her the reunion she's been "dying" to have." He laughed evilly taking a cigarette from his pocket and lighting it. "It's a perfect time for a reunion."

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