Vegas Baby by DD Agent

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After his persistence paid off he didn't want to spend his celebratory night with some blonde liar, he wanted to spend it with her. Millions in dollar bills tipped over the bed as he kissed her, wanting more with each inch of thigh he saw. He kept comparing her to the poker player, even though they were nothing alike. That was what intrigued him, what he wanted, lusted, needed.


Vegas had tempted them with cards and cases and double zeros but it didn't matter. Because when the suspect was in handcuffs, the kids back in DC were behaving and Ben was off seeing a Vegas show, it was just the two of them. The lights from Vegas making shadows dance over her skin, the light in his eyes making her smile more sincerely than she had in ages.

Do you love me?

Simple question, simple answer. Eyes gazing for the signs of a lie, the signs of the truth.

No, do you?


Emily sent him a text in the early morning, she couldn't sleep and wanted to make sure her father was okay. Neither of them was sleeping, just looking out on Vegas and their hands curled together on the bed sheets. For once, both of them were lying and the other knew it.