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Sophie was asleep in the living room, Alec was with her and promised to make sure nothing hurt her, so I was in my room with my computer, trying to figure out what could have done that to Sophie. When someone else was watching Sophie, I'd ask Alec about any ideas he had, but for now I didn't want to talk about that kind of stuff in front of her, sleeping or not.

I was reading legends on shifters when a knock sounded at my door. I looked up to see Tod standing on the inside of my door, smiling at me. I stood up and gave him a kiss, before returning to my research.

"So what's up?" he asked, sitting in my rolling chair, propping his feet on my bed.

"What kind of creature has claws, and can travel into this world?" that's really all we knew about it, unless Sophie could remember anything else.

Tod raised an eyebrow "You mean a creature with claws that violently attack people, and leave them injured for no apparent reason?"

I nodded my head.

"Cats." He said, and I threw a pillow at him.

"Not funny." I said, as I fought the urge to grin at him.

He stood, coming to sit next to me on the bed and looked at my computer.

"Shifters?" he asked looking at me. "What's going on Kaylee?"

I told him everything, and he listened, obviously biting his tongue half of the story to keep his comments to himself. I appreciated the effort.

"So what do you think it could have been?" I asked, looking into his eyes for some sort of answer.

"A lot of netherworld creatures have claws, but very few of them can cross, not without serious help. I don't know that much about them, Alec might know more." Because he had lived there for so long. "Have you asked him?"

"Not yet. He's watching Sophie, and I don't feel comfortable asking in front of her, even if she's sleeping." An awful and terriable idea was forming in the corners of my mind but it seemed the best if I wanted any answers. "Tod… what if-"

"No." he said, terror swirling in his eyes, and I knew he knew the direction of my thoughts. " I can't let you go there, not while Avery wants your soul as much as he does. Maybe this was all part of his plan, to trick you into going there, and he's lying in wait for you right now." He said though I doubted it. No doubt it would be a good way to get me to go there, but it didn't have the same feel. I didn't believe he was behind it , though maybe Tod's thoughts weren't that off base. Even if he didn't plan it out, maybe he let it happen, because he knew it would have the same effect. Maybe he didn't force this, but guided it. I shivered a little bit at the thought, knowing that that idea was to be saved only in case of an emergency.

"What should we do then?" I asked, looking up at him.

"If we want to know what's doing this, we need to find out what it targets. Was Sophie an abnormality, or a common? Is it even from the netherworld?" he said, and I had the distinct feeling he wasn't talking just to me anymore.

"Not from the netherworld?" I asked softly, wondering how much more about my own world I truly didn't know.

"never mind. At least until I have more information. I've got to go, I'll talk to you later Kay." He said standing up.

Standing up as well I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him. He pulled me closer to him, hands at my waist, while I ran my hands through his soft curls. I pulled back first, and he grinned at me.

"I should leave more often, if that's my punishment." He said, teasingly and I slapped him playfully on the chest.

"You better be back soon, Reaper." I said smiling at him, and stretching up for one more kiss, before he disappeared off to find more answers.

I sat down on my bed, smile still on my face when I heard a voice at my door.

"So… When were you going to tell me?" Standing in my doorway was Nash, and from the look on his face I would have bet he'd been standing there for a while.

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I was thinking Sophie or Tod. Maybe Nash, or Sabine since we haven't heard much from her this story.