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Tony looked up from his folder and narrowed his eyes a little to Gibbs when he'd read over the file and then had the older man confirm what he'd just read, "Ziva's not going to do this?" he questioned, still seemingly not understanding what was happening with this case, "Why not?"

"DiNozzo!" Gibbs barked at the Senior Field Agent before he growled some before finally, he calmed and turned to Tony.

"Okay Boss."

"We've got another Agent gonna play this one. She's already at the hotel. We thought it would be better if someone from another district stepped in on this. Ziva agreed." Gibbs nodded to Tony.

"What's she like Boss?" Tony smirked, his mind already racing at the thought of working with someone new, the possibility of her being young and hot.

"DiNozzo, don't make me smack you."

"Sorry, Boss." Tony shrunk down in his chair and began reading over the file again. His tongue sticking out between his lips as he began to think about this new agent he was going to be working with, "Sophie Ranier." he smiled, "Jean-Paul and Sophie Ranier." he began to murmur into the manilla folder that contained the case.

"You're going under the covers, yes?" Ziva questioned Tony, staring at him as he looked over the file in her direction.

"Yeah...and it's under cover, Ziva."

"Same thing." she replied, tucking back her wayward hair behind her ear, "Since you are going under cover, I would suggest you keep your alias under cover also, yes?" she smiled with a cocked brow. Granted Ziva's English was still slightly broken, but she knew what she was talking about, better than most Americans actually.

"That's the polite way of telling me to zip it, isn't it?" Tony shot across the gap between his and Ziva's desks.

"I'd listen to Agent David if I were you DiNozzo. I won't be so polite in telling you to zip it." Gibbs interjected his comment into their conversation.

Ziva then lowered her voice and turned her attention back onto Tony, "I recall you telling me he was deaf."

Gibbs once again jumped into the conversation, "Rule #3, Agent David. Never believe anything you're told, always double check."

Tony let a few seconds silence go by and nodded before glancing at Ziva, "When he wants to be."

"DiNozzo, I can still hear you." Gibbs muttered at his monitor before glaring over to the Italian Senior Field Agent.

"Sorry Boss." Tony quickly responded, "You need me to go research this Jean-Paul?" he asked in his best French-Canadian accent, "I'm sure Ducky can give me the low-down on 'im."

"Read the file, then go to Ducky. You leave in two hours." Gibbs replied, not looking up from the monitor now.

"Sure thing, Boss."

She'd been called in by Fornell, one of the only people she was allowed to remain in contact, since now she was working for the agency; the FBI. He had told her, she would be flown out to Norfolk and would be part of a collaborative assignment. Details had been brief and she hadn't been sure whether she should take on the role in this upcoming under cover mission, but she'd agreed to be a part of it in the end, albeit somewhat apprehensively.

FBI Special Agent Rihannon Glasser was to play Tony's under cover wife, Sophie Ranier in the investigation of the murder of the married couple who happened to be assassins, but someone got to them before they could complete their job. Rihannon didn't know anything about the agent who would play her partner in this case, and she knew that he knew nothing of her either, but hopefully they would click and things would work without too much suspicion. It was fairly foolproof since the two agents had undercover experience.

Agent Glasser was already on her way to Norfolk via the FBI private jet, and she would meet her partner at a hotel situated near to the one they would be staying in. On the plane, Rihannon, or Anna as some of the other agents called the newbie to their team, read over the file of Sophie Ranier while she travelled to the location. She had absorbed all she could and profiled this dead woman's life, taking most intimate details into account, including the heart shape in the cornea.

Upon arrival at the hotel, Fornell told her to wait in the Executive Suite that had been booked out for the arrival of both agents in the operation. Rihannon checked in, to find that the other agent was already in the suite, he'd been shown there by the staff who were on hand to help in the investigation. She made her own way up to the suite with the roomkey in hand, her trolley in her other, and made her way inside the room. Fornell was there, sitting in a lounge chair while the agent standing at the window, looking out and down at the street below.

"Agent Glasser." Fornell stood as Rihannon closed the door and moved inside the room a little more.

"Agent Fornell." she greeted him and looked up to see the other agent turn around.

He stared at her, taking in the sight of her, "Kate?" it had been so long.

Fornell immediately shook his head and turned to him, "No, Agent DiNozzo." he said, his tone reprimanding, "This is Agent Rihannon Glasser."

"No. No, it's Kate." Tony tried but the glare Fornell shot him made him stop and frown.

Rihannon let her eyes painfully focus on the floor, tearing her gaze from Tony. The pain she felt, she saw reflected in Tony's eyes too. It had been too long without contact, she had just wanted to call him, call Gibbs or Abby and tell them she was alright. But, she couldn't. It was against her new contract, but that contract was for her own safety. Rihannon was willing to break that contract for the chance to see her old workmates once more, she would risk her life for them, and she had proved that with Ari.