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Chapter Four:

Softly Rihannon looked up at Tony as they entered the bathroom together and she watched him as he removed his shirt, she unzipping her skirt, the whole time their eyes locked on each others. Rihannon bit her lip as she saw the muscular chest Tony owned and she swallowed a little as her skirt dropped down her thighs, revealing soft, creamy skin to his eyes, which he allowed to wander over the newly exposed skin.

She watched as his eyes grew darker with some kind of excitement and desire. Was that desire she saw?

Tony swallowed a little more as he saw she was standing there in just her panties and bra; a matching set. Had she put them on purposely for this? In case there was surveillance in this hotel room? She had no idea that it would be coming down to this, making Tony weak at the knees for her after the time apart. Looking back up at him, Rihannon saw that Tony had wet his lips as he fingered along the material of the bra cup, tracing over the softly embroidered stitching.

"You want this?" she asked him, gently looking up at him.

"Mm..." he nodded and watched the path his finger took over her breast and up her neck before he looked into her eyes, "For a while now..." he whispered.

Rihannon pressed her finger to his lips, "I too." she told him. Softly, she stood up on her toes to press a kiss to his lips and she smiled, "Lets shower, huh?" she suggested, moving her hands around her back before his own joined hers there to unfasten her bra.

"Lets. I'd love to relax with you."

"Relax? You call our showers relaxing...?" she smirked and gave him just a small hint as to what he could expect in there, before she moved her hands either side of her panties to roll them down her legs, "You ready baby? I feel like we've waited a long time for this."

"Well, that flight was a good few hours long..." Tony smirked back to her, drinking in the sight of her stripping before him, he could feel himself getting more aroused.

"And so is something I see..." she smirked and raised a brow, looking down then up at Tony, taking his hand, "Come on..." Rihannon moved backwards, walking in the direction of the shower and she smiled up at Tony the whole time. Se had wanted this moment with him since she had warmed to him at NCIS. And the fact she had been in the next shower to him all the time in the gym made it even worse; knowing he was naked, and wet in the cubicle next to hers made he feel and think things she would normally have blushed about.

"Just get in the shower." he chuckled and guided her in, immediately pressing his lips to hers. He moved his hand to her cheek, feeling the stream of water from the shower head begin to patter down on her hair., "You're so beautiful."

She felt her breath hitch the moment his lips touched hers, feeling his body press against hers like she'd dreamed of feeling. Looking up at him, she softly pressed back into him, their bodies fitting together almost perfectly. Rihannon felt Tony's hand moving around her waist, towards her hip and to her thigh. She knew he wanted her as much as she wanted him now, that much was clear.

"You're so beautiful, Rihannon." he repeated, adding in her name as he kissed her neck, just below her ear, working at getting her aroused enough to take him.

"Tony, call me know it's me." she whispered against his neck and she felt his hand lifting her leg to hold at his waist. She swallowed, looking up at him again and she felt the trickle of droplets run down her cheek to her mouth before they dripped from her lip. Kate was most definitely aroused now, she wanted Tony. And she wanted him now. Focusing upon his face, Kate swallowed, "Tony," she murmured against his chin.

He used his thumb to tilt her face up to him and capture her lips softly against his as he reached down and guided himself into him. Tony could feel Kate shiver with anticipation of feeling him inside her and she closed her eyes as she felt his head linger at her folds.

"Tony please..." she whispered into his neck before moving her lips up to his mouth, tilting her head back as he tilted his face down to meet hers.

Both of them moaned out when he finally guided himself into her. He held onto her hip and thigh, keeping her close to him as he began to press his hips against hers in a steady pace. She moved her arms around him, snaking around his back as she held herself against him, wanting to finally feel his skin against her own. They'd both been waiting too long for this moment. It didn't take them long to get into a pace they both found the best, as Kate propped her foot onto the shower rail, allowing Tony to free his hand to roam over her body.

Of course, they hadn't heard the knocking on the door and the door opening, allowing their 'maid' to enter the room. Kate was arched against Tony, almost ready to cry out as she opened her eyes to look at Tony and saw her standing there, in the bathroom doorway, looking horrified at the sight before her.

"You really are working under covers, Tony..." her thick accent obvious to him as he continued thrusting into Kate for a mere few seconds while he realised who it was.

"Ziva, wh-what are you doing here?" he asked, standing in front of Kate to at least conceal a little of her privacy.

"I was sent word that she had not been assassinated." Ziva said, nodding to Kate.

"How do you know? Ari's dead!" Kate hissed a little, furious they hadn't released yet.

"No, he's not. My brother is not dead." Ziva told them, "He will come for you Kate."