I did quite some research before writing this just to make sure that Anubis didn't have a partner and that there was no single goddess embodying death. I really hope you enjoy this it's taken me quite some time. without farther ado, I give you The Goddess.

Chapter 1: Prophecy

Sanguine-Latin word for drinker of blood

Insperational music: Forgotten- Avril Lavigne

The Goddess

This is the story of the goddess left to face the horrors of a mortal life, forgotten by all who inhabit the heavens. A goddess forgotten by time it's self. At the time Nut, mother of all and first goddess, issued forth a prophecy. Her daughter in law, Nepthys would conceive a son and name him Anubis. He would be god of embalming, funerals, death, poisons and medicines, and judging the souls of the dead. A daughter would also be conceived among the gods. She would be his counter part her name would be Latin, language of the dead for blood drinker. She would be goddess of thievery, death, poison,and patron of blood drinkers. Her life would end painfully, bloodily, and tragically, by the hand of her lover. That was the prophecy of Nut, first goddess and mother of all. The girl was born to Osiris and Isis, king and queen of the gods. She was named Sanguine, blood drinker. Unknown to them Set, brother of Osiris, and his wife Nepthys also gave birth to a son, Anubis. Osiris gained knowledge of the birth and told Isis. Isis became afraid for her daughter. She wished no harm to come to her daughter, her first born, heiress above all heirs. So when they were both 13 the children were sent off to a boarding school of sorts run by Thoth. Unknown to the other. Ste assumed Osiris knew nought of his plans and kept Sanguine at home. But the fates had their hands full and made sure they arrived at the same school. Their parents remained oblivious to this and left their children's lives alone. Anubis and Sanguine became very close. fulfilling more of the prophecy. But, Osiris was king of the gods so in time he found out what was hidden from him. He gathered Isis, Set and Nepthys and went quickly to the school. Unable to find Sanguine at her house they went to Anubis'. The went inside only to find the two sealed in a kiss. Osiris seized his daughter in a flurry of rage. He grabbed he by the arm and threw her across the room. The arm was hanging onto her body by a thread of skin and muscle. Isis and Nepthys stood back in shock of Osiris' anger. Set walked over to his brother and tried to calm him down. Anubis stood and sat by Sanguine trying to use all of his power to keep her Ka and Ba attached to the body. Isis and Nepthys realised what he was doing and helped him by using their combined magic to sew her arm back together. Osiris' skin turned ashen and he watched the others as they tried to save his first born. Set stood by his brother and convinced him that if Sanguine should survive it'd be a good idea to temporarily wipe their memories clean of this event. Set took advantage of his brother's weekness and unstable state manipulating him like clay in a potters hands. Osiris moved the others away to look at his daughter's face. He knew what he must do. He erased their minds that only seeing each other, falling in love, their first kiss would break the tempory spell. A short wile afterward, set murdered Osiris. Nepthys and Isis were able to resurrect Osiris, he became kind of the underworld. Their second child Horace was made king. Sanguine over saw her brother's birth and afterward Isis used the same spell and sent her to earth. She would remember nothing unless she met Anubis and felt Love's first kiss. She was quickly forgotten. Horace overthrew Set claiming his "birth right" as first born. Set, Osiris, and Isis forgot about the girl they loved so much. Nepthys. Nepthys was Sanguine's only hope. Her hope of a life without, the struggles and pain of a mortal life. The fates had a nasty way of playing things. The day Nepthys went to save her niece, Set came after her. Angered by the fact she did nothing to fight against Horace. She was delayed for 3 years.

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btw Anubis is a pale muscular man with shaggy black razor edged hair. Sanguine has pale skin, long blonde hair and blood red lips.