I did quite some research before writing this just to make sure that Anubis didn't have a partner and that there was no single goddess embodying death. I really hope you enjoy this it's taken me quite some time. without farther ado, I give you The Goddess.

Chapter 4: Stars

Sanguine-Latin word for drinker of blood

Insperational music: Forgotten- Avril Lavigne

(Sanguine's pov)

I stopped laughing. The sun was high in the sky. It must have been getting close to noon. "Oh no." I crooned forlornly. "My mother is going to kill me." I momentarily forgot what was going on and started to run up the bank of the Nile.

I went to put my sandals on but Nepthys stood in my path. "Now, now, don't get your knickers in a twist. You're not going back. I told you that I'd like to give you a more appropriate make over." She put her hands up, and I was swallowed by a black cloud.

In a few seconds I was back on my feet, fully dressed. Nepyths pulled a full length mirror out of the sand.
I was wearing leather boots that came up to my ankles. My hair was so strait that from different angles it looked like liquid gold,blood, or coal.

My eyes were lined with kohl, and my lashes looked blacker and thicker than before. My complexion was smooth and my skin was like the Ivory on an elephant's tusk. My horrid dress had been traded in for leather skin tight leggings that were light and airy as linen, a black form fitting tunic decorated with Garnett, gold and lapis lazuli, and a sleek traveling cloak.

"Do I really look like that?" I said tracing my face in the mirror.
Neypths flipped her brown hair out of her eyes and smiled. "I'm afraid so. Your beautiful now."

I heard Anubis snort. "Yes, make-up and nice clothes are the soul of beauty." I barred my fangs and hissed at him. Anubis jumped back and put his hands up in defense.

"Thought so." I said giggling. Meryetanum would be so jealous! Me a goddess who had some tragic love story, and a lover some where! I wish I could have told her why I wasn't going to be at her wedding-.

I looked down at my feet and shook my head. "If the world has gone on with out me for all these years, it won't miss me for another hour or two." I looked back up at Neypths. "You have been extremely kind, but my friend is getting married today, she's being forced. And, she needs me."

Nepyths smiled. "Well go. Enjoy the wedding. But when its over find a river, stream or pool. I'll be there. And we will leave."

(Neypths' POV)

I used a small flare of magic to return her to the hideous dress she was to wear. But as she ran off into the distance, I felt like crying. It shouldn't be so hard. If they loved before they could love again.

"For such a girl, she knows Honor. And she is certainly brave for standing up to a god." Anubis said watching her leave. I smiled, maybe this wasn't so imposable.

"Woman. She is as old as you son. If you call your self a man and not a boy, you must call her a woman and not a girl." Anubis smiled.

"When in my eyes she is no longer a girl I shall address her as so. But until then she is a girl."

(Sanguine's POV)

I could tell Meryetanum was happy to see me. I bowed to King Ramses II before sitting next to Meryetanum.

"You missed the main ceremony. Where were you?" She whispered fiercely in my ear. I smiled.
"Mery, I'm sorry. You look beautiful. I was swimming and fell asleep. But, I'm here now and that's all that matters right?"

Meryetanum nodded and continued to grin. "Oh, I forgot to tell you but your going to have to help the
Man-servants clean up afterward. Especially by the pool. It's my favorite part of the Palace."

My spirits plummeted. "But Mery-"
"No buts Sanguine. You are my servant and have no say in the matter."

The festivities ended sooner that usual. The Pharaohs daughters helped their new "mommy" into the Palace. It's a shame the Pharaoh didn't have any sons. I could have probably manipulated them into getting off of this work.

As I swept dirt into a bag a man a few years older than me started to stare at me. Pale scar decorated his skin and he wore a funny headdress. I decided to clean some where else. I moved behind a pillar around the pool courtyard. But he followed me.

"Hey there little miss. I'm supposed to understand that yous supposed to entertain us. But, I have some thing different in mind." He grasped the belt holding my dress together and yanked it off. I used a sharp piece of wood as a pin and started to back away.

"Now you don't want to be doing that." He said reaching for my dress again. I tried to call some power from the night sky, but none came. I started running. "Who are you to instruct me?" I yelled over my shoulder. I would defiantly come back and kill this man.

I rounded a corner and ran into him. I tried to back away but, walked into a wall. "I", he said pinning me to the wall, "am your task master. The Pharaoh's given me the right to you." I barred my fangs and tried to bite the taskmaster. He only laughed. "So your a demon? With fangs? You think you could hurt me?"

I snarled, "Yes.I can" I started moving, trying to break his grip. I got my hands free and started to claw at his face. He snarled and slapped me causing me to shrink back.

But, The taskmaster stopped moving. Just froze, and his eyes rolled back in his head. There was a sword in his belly. I don't like getting saved. I prefer saving my self. But right now I'm okay with it.

The sword was pulled out and the body pushed aside. I knew my eyes turned red when I saw the trickle of blood on the ground.

I involuntarily started to move towards the blood but was stopped. "No, lets not go there." Anubis said pulling me by the arm over to where his mother was watching. We used her power to transport our selves to the Nile.

"Why didn't you kill him?" Neypths asked confused as we started walking. "I couldn't." I whispered slipping to the ground. I hid my face in my hands before talking again. "I tried to bite him, I tried to compel him, I tried to strike him dead but it didn't work."

"You only need training. You let your self slip into the human charade for too long. You shut out your powers."
Neypths said soothingly. "Come, now it's a long way to where we're going. We must start soon."

I blinked a few times willing my eyes return to blue before standing up. "Where are we going?" I asked Anubis who had decided to walk by me, letting his mother lead. But Neypths answered before he could open his mouth.

"There's an ancient library that has recorded every detail of time since the beginning. I'm hoping it might have some of the missing details. Like how to break your curse and get you back to where you belong and your lovers name."

"Where. What city?" Anubis asked confused. "We are almost out of Egypt."
"Babylon." was her simple reply.

"But, that's in Persia." I asked, "That could take months, a year even." I protested.
"You'll find something to pass the time."She said suggestively. I was getting tired and Anbis was slowing down.

"I think", Neypths started, "we can stop here for the night." Then out of thin air she produced a huge Tent that could probably fit the entire royal family quite nicely.

It was late, and for the life of me I couldn't sleep. I quietly walked passed a snoring Neypths and stepped out side of the tent. And decided to lay on the ground to watch the stars.

I watched the stars and mapped my celestial position. I kept thinking about my mom. What would she think? What would she do? Would my dad think I was hurt? Or that I ran away with some boy? Would Meryetanum freak out when I didn't show up in the morning? Or would she assume one of the Taskmaster killed me?

"You don't want to go back." Anubis said sitting next to me.
"Trust me, I don't want to." I said smiling as I recognized the red star I always watched from my window as sat up in bed.

"Ya know, your doing it wrong." I said laughing to my self. "If you want to watch the stars you have to lay down and look up. Or else you don't see as many." Anubis chuckled and proceeded to lay down. "Better?" He asked laughing.

"Yes." I said trying to quiet my giggles. It was quiet as we watched the stars roll over the night sky. "I love it when it's dark out." I said. I didn't know if I was talking to my self, Anubis, or the black clouds.

Anubis responded without any disregard to my indecision. "You're probably like me, one of the nocturnal gods. But, most of us force our selves to sleep or we'll feel it in the morning."

I laughed, "I know exactly how that feels. I didn't sleep for a month. My mother had sacrificed so many things trying to get the gods' attention. But it was like they didn't even know I existed. My mother slept soundlessly for four days without waking. It was funny when she woke up and saw me exactly where she left me."

The black night echoed our laughter back towards us. And eventually, I fell asleep. In the grass laughter falling from my still lips.