Quick little SeverusxLily story. It is a friendship fic. I hope you enjoy it. Please review.

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"Forgive me." I said when I saw her at last.

"Forgiven." She replied. "How is he?" She asked sounding afraid of the answer as she fully understood the meaning of my presence.

"Alive." I said and deeply hoped it was still the truth.

She nodded and smiled at me like she used to when we were kids.

"Good." She turned behind her and I could see greying hair, which stood in a way I distinctly remember hating.

"Snape." He said almost politely.

I wasted none of my breath on him.

"Do you want to go for a walk?" Lily asked.

"Where?" I asked as I saw nothing, but endless white around us. James walked away and disappeared into a faint mist. Lily closed her deep green eyes. I saw color bleed into the white all around and in no time at all I was standing in a field of green. I easily recognized the Hogwarts scenery. It wasn't the one I'd just left. This Hogwarts was grand, larger than life and it crackled with pure magic. I felt the same wave of hope and excitement course through me just as I had the very first time I'd laid eyes on it thru the windows on the Hogwarts express.

Lily giggled in a youthful tone I hadn't heard in over 20 years. I finally looked back at her and noticed the change. She was eleven again and with another glance I realized I was as well.

"How?" I asked awed and glad to have all the weight of my worries disappear. I could find them in a memory, but my body wasn't weary only full of joy.

"I don't know." She said still smiling. "I guess whims and wishes are the only thing the dead have left."

I offered my arm to her and she took it. With her arm in mine we began our trek around the lake.