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Hello again readers! Here is a short, slightly crackish, silly fic about our favorite boys

and being on the wrongs sides of Team Edward and Team Jacob from the Twilight series.

If you haven't read might not understand.

Written for the One Sentance Meme over at Kurt_Blaine over at Livejournal.

The Prompt was Shipping War.

I hope you enjoy it! =D

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"...I just still can't believe you are on Team Jacob, Blaine!"

"Oh no, here we go again", groaned Wes, and David smacked his forehead against the table.

Blaine, wide-eyed, shook his head. "How could you not be?"

Kurt looked over with frustration in his eyes.

"Oh, I don't know? Because Edward in gorgeous, with his Topaz eyes, and perfect hair. He's also a gentleman! Jacob is an ass!"

"No he isn't! Jacob might use heavy sarcasm, but he loves Bella, and tells her the truth, when all Edward wants to do is hide things from her!"

"He might hide things, but it's only to try to protect her, and make sure she's happy."

"Oh, to make sure she's happy? Is that why he left her, alone? To protect her, when a crazy vampress was trying to kill her?"

Wes and David remembered the days when both boys were delighted when they found something new that they had in common. When they both found out that the other loved Twilight, they were thrilled...until they found themselves on opposite sides.

"He's a better dresser, and wears a shirt!"

"Please, Alice dresses him! Jacob can't help not having enough clothes, and his temperature runs higher than a humans!"

" He's a gentleman!"

"You've said that already!"

"It's still a great reason!"

"Well, Jacob is her best friend!" something briefly flickered in Blaine's eyes when he said that, but quickly continued to rant.

"Yes! Her best friend! He was like a brother to her! She wasn't in love with him like that!"

That flicker was their again, stronger, and with a dash of sadness. He quickly covered it up.

"She did love him, she just never gave him a chance!"

After hearing that, something deep from inside Kurt slipped out, without his permission.

"He forced a kiss on her! That's inexcusable!"

His eyes went wide, and he smacked a hand over his mouth.

Wes and David looked up after that. Did they miss something? Because both Blaine and Kurt stopped talking, with shock written on their faces.

Blaine's face softened, and he quietly said,

"Is that why you don't like him so much?"

Kurt, feeling a little brave said,

"What can I say? I prefer well dressed, perfect haired, topaz-eyed, gentlemen. They would never force something like that on me."

Even Wes and David got that reference. They looked over at Blaine.

He searched Kurt's eyes, looking to see if Kurt had any hidden meaning to that.

When Kurt smiled, and took his hand, Blaine slowly smiled brightly.

He ducked his head, shyly, and said,

"Well, yes, this is true, Edward would ask. But,"

He looked back up through his lashes,

"Bella and Jacob were best friends, and he got her through a tough time in her life. He loved her more than anything."

Kurt, finally understanding, gasped, and smiled so large, it looked like it might hurt.


"Oh." Blaine nodded, smiling.

Realizing they had an audience, Kurt squeezed Blaine's hand.

"Sooo Team Alice?"

"Oh HELL YEAH! She's totally AWESOME!"

David and Wes smiled at each other. It was nice to hear them agreeing again.

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