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"Mom, we haven't even gotten there yet," Logan said. "Stop crying."

They were heading to his house-the one he would be sharing with Kendall, Stephanie, and Carlos. It was move in day for him and Kendall. Carlos and Stephanie had moved in the day before to deal with the cable and wifi set up.

"But my baby's leaving me."

Logan really wished his mother had ridden with his father. "I'm only gonna be twenty minutes away."

They pulled up at the house. Kendall was already there.

When Logan got out of the car, Kendall ran up to him. He picked Logan up and spun him around. "We're moving in!" he cried happily after putting Logan down.

Logan smiled at him. "I know. It's exciting. When'd you get here?"

"Like, a half hour ago. We're almost done unloading my shit."

"Good. Maybe you, Katie, and your mom could help with my stuff?"

"Sure, Logan," Mrs. Knight said.

"What? No," Katie whined. "I don't wanna."

Mrs. Knight shot her a warning look. "You're helping."

Katie pouted. "Fine."

After everything was in the house, Mrs. Knight, Katie, and Logan's parents were getting ready to leave.

Logan's mom held him in a tight hug.

"Mom. Mom. Can't. Breathe."

"Sorry, sweetie." Tears started to form in her eyes. "My baby's all grown up! And he's leaving me!"

Mr. Mitchell sighed. "Logan, promise to try and come over every Sunday for dinner?"

"Sure, Dad."

Once their families were gone, Kendall did a little dance of joy.

Carlos and Stephanie laughed.

"It's nice, isn't it?" Stephanie asked. "Being free?"

"It sure as fuck is," Kendall said. "Hey. Can we order pizza?"

"Yes!" Carlos yelled. "I'll call!"

While Carlos did that, Logan and Kendall went to their room and began to unpack. Kendall pointed out which drawers Logan could put his clothes in. They argued for almost fifteen minutes about the set up of their room. Stephanie had to come in and mediate.

"So, one of Logan's bookshelves will go in the living room," she said. "These two wall," she pointed to them, "will have Kendall's posters, and these two will have Logan's. If you run out of space, they can go in the living room. It needs some decorating anyway. Is that all?"

"That works. I guess," Kendall said.

"I can deal with that," Logan mumbled.

The doorbell rang. "PIZZA'S HERE!" Carlos announced.

Stephanie left the room.

"So we done fighting about this shit?" Kendall asked.

Logan smirked. "For now."

They went into the living room to eat their food.

"Kendall, I'm glad you brought your beanbag chairs," Carlos said as he plopped onto one with a pizza that was for just him.

Kendall smiled. "No problem. Katie wanted to steal them, and I couldn't let that happen."

Later that night, Logan and Kendall were in their bedroom. Logan was in his pajamas, stacking books on a bookshelf.

"Love, you can finish that tomorrow," Kendall told him. "Just hop in bed and watch some TV."

"OK." Logan got on the bed. "We should go grocery shopping tomorrow."


"Oh. My parents' anniversary party is this Saturday."

"Sweet." Kendall chuckled.


"We already sound like a married couple."

"I know you love it."

"I do." Kendall paused. "Do you?"

"Yeah. It's weird, but it feels right."

Kendall kissed him. His intention was for it to be a quick kiss. But Logan grabbed the back of his head and pulled him into a more intense, passionate one.

Logan put his hands up Kendall's shirt, running his fingertips along Kendall's body. Kendall pushed Logan down into a laying position. He got on top of Logan and began grinding his hips against Logan's. Logan's hands found their way to Kendall's ass and squeezed roughly. This made Kendall moan.

"I say we christen this bed," Kendall said, his voice low and dripping with lust.

"I very much agree."

In a matter of minutes, Kendall was riding Logan. They didn't keep quiet, not giving a fuck if Carlos and Stephanie heard.

Logan's fingernails dug into Kendall's lower back as they began to move faster and gave several scratches, drawing some blood. Soon, they were both going over the edge together, crying out louder than they ever had before.

"Hot damn," Kendall said after he got off of Logan.

Logan chuckled as he ran a hand through Kendall's hair. "Yeah. That was great."

They didn't bother to clean up. They just fell asleep in each other's arms.


A few days later, after Logan got home from work, Kendall suggested, "Let's go to the animal shelter to look at kittens before I have to go to work."

"OK," Logan said.

"Can we come?" Carlos asked ."So Stephanie and I can look at puppies?"

Kendall smiled. "Sure."

When they got to the shelter, Kendall eagerly dragged Logan toward the kittens.

They looked in all the cages, giggling at the cuteness of them.

Kendall watched Logan move onto a cage, and saw his eyes light up. He knew Logan had just fallen in love.

"Kendall, come look at these poor babies."

Kendall walked over. When he saw the kittens, he said, "Aw. What happened to them?"

Logan looked at the info card. "It says they used to be feral, and were found like that. Also, they don't have any diseases."

There were two kittens in the cage. One was black and fluffy with only one blue eye. The other was a grey tabby with green eyes, and was missing one back leg.

"Can we get them?" Logan asked. He put a finger into the cage, and the black one licked it. It seemed like the grey one was looking at Logan with hope. As if he wanted Logan to be the one to get him out of this place.

"Of course," Kendall told him. "I'll go find someone."

When they got home, Logan said to Carlos, "I can't believe you got two dogs."

"What? I have a connection with the bulldog, and Stephanie bonded with the pug."

The four sat around the living room, observing their new pets. They were trying to come up with names.

"I want my dog to be named Bowser," Carlos finally said.

"You would," Logan commented.

"I like Tiny Tim for mine," Stephanie said.

Kendall said, "I know what I want to name the black one."

"What?" Logan asked.

"One Eyed Willy."

Logan laughed. "I like it." He looked at the three legged cat. Whenever he walked, he made a little thump sound. "Thumper."

"That's perfect," Kendall said. He picked up Thumper and scratched his head. "I'm gonna be called Daddy."

Logan tilted his head. "Oh really? And what will I be called?" He laughed at Kendall's shrug. "Pappa?"

Kendall giggled. "OK."

"You two are so weird," Carlos told them.


Saturday, Logan and Kendall showed up at Logan's parents' house.

"Happy anniversary!" Kendall yelled when he saw them.

"Thanks, sweetie," Mrs. Mitchell said as she hugged both Kendall and her son.

"So how long have you two been married?" Kendall asked.

"Twenty years," Mr. Mitchell told him.

"That's awesome. Is anyone from your family showing up, Mr. Mitchell?"

"Fuck no."


"My life had been so much less stressful since I stopped talking to them. I regret nothing.'

"Why don't we go get some food?" Logan suggested.

Kendall nodded. "Alright."

As they walked to the kitchen, Logan asked, "Does it bother you that my dad cut off his family?"

"I just find it weird. I mean, I get it. They hurt his wife's feelings, and were douches to his son. I just don't know if I could ever do that."

"Luckily you won't have to."

"Yeah. Thank God."

Later, Logan sat on the stairs while Kendall visited the cats, who were hiding in Logan's former room.


He turned to see a girl he hadn't laid eyes on in years. "Maggie. What do you want?"

"I'm not allowed to say hi?"

"No. I fucking hate you, so go away."

Maggie sat down next to him. "I hear I turned you off from women."

Logan gave her a disgusted look. "Don't flatter yourself. I've been with girls since you."

"But you're with a guy now."


Kendall walked down the stairs and sat on the step behind Logan. He put his arms around Logan, and rested his chin on Logan's head. "Who's this?"

"Maggie," Logan said.

"That bitch who broke your heart?" Kendall asked, some anger in his voice.

"Yup. What the fuck are you doing here, Maggie?"

"Our mom's are friends. My mom was invited. And my mom didn't want to leave me home alone and asked your mom if it was OK that I came along. She said it was fine."

"Why would your mom allow that?" Kendall wanted to know.

"I think I know why," Logan said.

"Why?" Kendall and Maggie asked.

"She wouldn't let that happen before because she knew it would kill me inside," Logan said. "But now she doesn't have to worry about it. Because of you, Kendall."

Kendall hugged Logan tightly and kissed his cheek. "I'm glad I made you feel better."

Logan leaned his head back on Kendall's shoulder. "Love you."

"Love you too, dear."

They kissed.

"Jesus. You two are gross," Maggie said and walked away.

Logan laughed. "She pissed because I didn't get all upset at seeing her."

"She probably thought you'd beg for her to take you back."

"Stupid cunt."

Later that night, while Logan was in the shower, Kendall sat on the bed nervously. He was looking down at a black box. He didn't know why he was so scared. It wasn't like Logan was going to dump him and go back to living with his parents.

The bathroom door opened and Logan came out in just a towel.

"Hello, beautiful," Kendall said to him.

Logan rolled his eyes with a smile. "Hi." Logan put his Logan back on then put on some pajamas. After, her joined Kendall on the bed. He noticed the black box and pointed to it. "What's that?"

Kendall blushed. "You'll probably think it's stupid."

"Just show me."

Kendall opened the box, revealing two rings. One gold, one silver.

"Rings?" Logan said.

Kendall's blush deepened. "The silver one is yours." He watched Logan take it out of the box. "I was thinking that for now we could just wear them on out necklaces. Then at some point we can put them on our ring fingers. They'll cover up the tattoos, but whatever."

Logan got amused look on his face. "Is this your way of proposing to me?"

Kendall looked down. "Yeah... Um. There's also an inscription."

Logan took a look. It said: Love and Adore Forever. "You're way too much," he told Kendall.

"Do you not like it?" Kendall asked with worry.

Logan took off his locket, put the ring on the chain, then put it back on. "I love it."

Kendall smiled. He grabbed his ring and put it on the chain of his necklace. He moved closer to Logan and caressed his cheek. He then ran his thumb along Logan's lower lip before kissing him. "I love you so much."

Logan gave him another kiss. "And I love you too. It's kind of ridiculous."

Kendall placed his lips against Logan's and made hi way into Logan's lap.

Logan took off Kendall's shirt. He ran his hands over Kendall's chest and abs. "You are gorgeous, my love."

Kendall felt himself blush. He then moaned when Logan's mouth went to one of his nipples. After abusing it with both his teeth and tongue, Logan moved onto the other one. Then he moved to Kendall's collar bone. Kissing his way across it, occasionally biting down. Then it was time to work on Kendall's neck. After that, he kissed along Kendall's jaw until he reached the spot behind Kendall's ear. "Lay down," he whispered.

Kendall got out of Logan's lap and did so. When Logan grabbed onto the waistband of his sweatpants, Kendall lifted his hips and allowed Logan to remove them.

Logan quickly took Kendall's member into his mouth. Kendall fisted the sheets as he moaned, and his hips thrust forward.

"Go, Logan. So amazing." Kendall's back arched as he came, shouting, "Yes!"

When Logan sat up, Kendall went back into his lap. He ripped off Logan's shirt, wanting to see his love's body. He kissed Logan's forehead. His nose. Both his cheeks. And his ear. He nibbled at Logan's earlobe as he put his hand down Logan's pajama pants. He stroked Logan slowly as his lips went all over Logan's shoulder and neck.

"Faster. Please," Logan begged.

Kendall did as he asked. Logan's breath quickened as he got closer and closer to release. Once he reached the edge and went over it, he rested his forehead against Kendall's.

"Love you," Logan said.

Kendall gave him a sweet smile. "Love you too."

"Well. I'm going to clean up."

Kendall laughed. "OK."

While Logan was in the bathroom, there was a scratching at the door. Without bothering to put on clothes, Kendall went to the door and opened it.

"Hi, babies," he said when he saw the kittens. They walked into the room, and Kendall shut the door again.

Kendall crawled into bed and got under the covers. Both kittens hopped onto the bed-in their own unique ways. Willy cuddled onto Kendall's chest, purring happily.

Logan came out of the bathroom. He reached the bed and smiled. "Aw. My little baby boys." He got into bed, laid on his side, and pulled Thumper closer to him. He had quickly learned that Thumper liked body heat.

"Good night, Logan."

"'Night, Kendall."


That next weekend, all their friends came over. James, Camille, Jo, Dak, and the Jennifers were all going to be leaving for school soon.

"Your pets are so cute," Jo said while scratching Bowser's belly.

"I love how Logan and Kendall got cripples," James joked.

"Hey!" Logan said, "Don;t make fun of my babies."

Camille rolled her eyes. "You would consider them your children."

Kendall sighed sadly. "I can't believe you guys are going to be leaving us."

"We'll be back for breaks and shit," Dak told him.

"But still," Carlos said, "it'll be weird not seeing you guys all the time."

James smiled. "I'll miss you jerks."

"We'll miss you too," Logan said.

They all joked around and talked about the years that had gone by. Some tears were shed, and a lot of laughs were shared.

"It's so sad," Logan said later when he and Kendall were in bed.

"Our friends leaving?" Kendall asked.

"Yeah. I mean, I've been around James since pre-school. It's gonna be so strange. Not seeing him all the time."

"I get it," Kendall said, petting Logan's hair. "Dak's become a close friend of mine since freshman year. Not being able to see my best friend will be hard. But I got you."

"You do. Forever."

Kendall smiled and fiddled with Logan's locket. "Good. What would I have done if I never found you?"

"Spiral into a deep depression?"

Kendall laughed. "Probably."

"I would still be an emotional mess without you."

"I'm so glad we sat next to each other in English."

"Me too."

"You know, I'm pretty sure it was love at first sight."


"Yup. My heart fucking stopped when I first laid eyes on you."

"I'm not entirely sure when I fell in love with you. I felt it happening, but lied to myself about it for so long. All I know is, I finally realized it in May."

"I'm happy you did," Kendall said. "I promise to never let you go, Logan."

"And I promise to never, ever leave you again."

Kendall kissed Logan's forehead. "Love you.

"Love you too. Always."


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