TheDarkestShinobi: Just a little one shot for all of you guys. Could be seen as friendship or SheldonxPenny, whichever you prefer.


Story Start

"Why are you a physicist Sheldon?"

"To understand." He stated simply as she walked farther into his office. She looked at the board and noticed nothing new was on it from months ago, yet he always stood in front of it marveling at something. His arm crossed around his body, offering the other one support as it held his chin in place. It was like he needed to be that still because his mind was moving so fast.

Relative motion they called it.

She knew that he would respond with the Earth's velocity and vibrations of Atoms within him if she mentioned how still he always was so she refrained from it. Instead she looked towards him and away from the board. His eyes were perfectly straight, almost as if seeing through the board and equation on it and asking it What do you mean? He would stand there and think, and then, every once in a while write something new down and baffle other "lesser" minds.

And as much as she would hate to admit it, she was one of those lesser minds.

"To understand what Sheldon?" She asked surprised at how low and gentle her voice was. The school buzzed with sound around them. Sound that echoed in the halls and found her eardrums, something he could probably explain in seconds, but here it was just science. Science and Sheldon, almost if they were one, as if Sheldon was science brought to life just to help mankind understand it.

She wondered what his response would be to that statement.

He didn't turn away from the board then like she expected him to. He stared at it still and she felt calmer suddenly. The silence was nice, especially when coming from Sheldon. For once he wasn't rambling on and teaching others as he would like to say. For once he was the one who did not know and, because of that, he stayed silent. She knew it wasn't silent for him though. He was silent because he was listening. The words he would speak were bouncing around in his head, ghosts of thoughts flittering around him and whispering the secrets of the universe in his ear.

He smiled then and she wondered if it was because some new thought occurred to him. It was a nice, small smile and his eyes brightened slightly as his lips moved. His hand stayed on his chin and the look of endearment was meant for science only.

"Everything." He answered in a small whisper as if too much sound would shatter the atmosphere around them. She didn't doubt his intentions to understand everything, nor did she doubt his ability to and so she simply smiled in response. It was a smile that he had not known appeared nonetheless it was one his own lips matched.