Hello WHR fandom! This is my first time posting here and I honestly hope it's not too terribly awesome. This fic stems from the curiosity of 'what would happen if I did a WHR fic based off Lady Gaga?'. Both random and crazy; I know.

It's not based completely off her songs, just the feelings they gave me while writing, so the lyrics at the beginning of each chapter are just lil' insights as to what I was thinking kinda...sorta. Wow...that's really hard to explain! Anyways, enjoy and review! I'm nervous to see how this turns out!

Tell me something that'll save me

I need a man who makes me alright

(Man who makes me alright)

(Just tell me that it's alright)

Tell me something that'll change me

I'm gonna love you with my hands tied

Show me your teeth


Twenty minutes ago she was supposed to meet with the head hunter of the STN-J.

She sighed in annoyance as the clock continued to tick off the passing minutes.

Make that twenty five.

Finally admitting defeat she gathered her purse and jacket from the chair next to her and flopped the money for her drink down onto the table. With one last scan of the dimly lit bar she found no one that appeared to be a 'co-worker'. Shaking her head she started for the door, her hand flicking the business card carelessly into the trash on her way out.

She knew where she was going.

Ravens Flat wasn't an impressive building; she had seen better in her various traveling.

Letting herself in through the front gate she entered what appeared to be a parking garage minus the cars. Looking around she frowned until spotting a man sitting behind a counter, his head bent as though reading. Approaching, she cleared her throat politely, a dazzling smile lighting up her features. The man looked up and smiled in return as he tossed his magazine to the side.

"Sorry to bother you, but I'm here looking for someone."

"No problem at all, miss! Who is it you're looking for?"

"I believe his name is Mr. Amon. He was supposed to meet with me an hour ago, but never showed up."

"Terribly sorry about that; he's been gone for a good two hours or so."

"Really, now?" She asked, briefly wondering if the man had even remembered he was supposed to meet her. "Is there a Takuma Zaizen here, then? Would it be possible to see him?"

"Oh, you want to see the big man! Straight to the top!" She laughed along politely with the man as he seemingly rearranged something on the counter and picked up the phone.

"Lemme call up there and see if he's in; it'll only take a moment."

"Wonderful; thank you very much!" She smiled, cocking her head to the side as she watched him dial and turn away to speak as someone answered.

All this smiling was starting to kill her.

For the next few minutes or so the man argued slightly with whoever was on the other end. She waited patiently and idly brushed at some dirt on the counter top as his voice rose slightly.

"Excuse me, miss," he said turning around suddenly to address her, "but may I have your name?"

"Chara Li." She stated, her smile faltering as the man once again turned away to argue. She sighed in annoyance and was about to say something when he turned back around, hanging up the phone as he did so.

"The boss is in and would actually like to see you too."

"Great!" She exclaimed through clenched teeth, wishing he'd just spit out the information she needed so she could leave.

"What you're going to do is go through those doors right there and that'll bring you to the lobby. Take the elevator up to the fourth floor and just go straight down the hall. The chief inspector will take you the rest of the way."

"Excellent; thanks again for all your help!" She said, already inching towards the door as the man rubbed his head as though embarrassed.

"Don't mention it!" He laughed while waving her off. "Hopefully I'll be seeing you around!"

"Yeah, hopefully!" She smiled back with a small waggle of her fingers as she slipped through the front doors, praying that her annoyance didn't show on her face.

It had been a while since she'd conversed with someone so happy; it was practically foreign.

"So is there a reason I was stood up or do all new hunters get this special treatment?" She asked with an incline to her head, a smirk playing across her features as the man in front of her gave a light chuckle.

"I'm very sorry for this, but it seems there's been a sudden increase in activity and things were reorganized according to level of urgency."

"Understandable." She agreed lightly, still watching her new boss intently as he stared calmly back.

"It also seems that some of your paperwork went amiss in the transfer process so I'm afraid we'll need to postpone you're involvement until it all comes through."

"Go figure; never rely on upper management to get the job done." She sighed before finally tearing her gaze away as she reached for her bag on the floor beside her chair. "I took the liberty of getting copies so in case something like this happened." She explained as she stood and crossed over to the desk, the thick folder extended outwards.

Zaizen quirked a brow as he reached for it.

"I take it this has happened before?"

"Numerously." She said dryly, causing the man to give another light chuckle at this as he gingerly sat the folder down before him and patted it lightly.

"I'll review this tonight and tomorrow morning we'll get you processed in. Before that, though, I feel that there are a few key differences you should be aware of."

"Of course." She smiled, inclining her head once again to the side, causing her bobbed platinum locks to sway slightly with the movement.

"First of all we only allow each hunter one Orbo gun; we find that singular use cuts back on the overall amount of Orbo used and or lost in the field."

"That's…manageable, I guess." She frowned, clearly put off that she'd no longer be wielding dual weapons.

"Secondly, we work as a team and often in pairs. We're a small group as it is and casualties are unacceptable." Her frown deepened as the man continued to go on about the new rules and regulations. Did they want her to hand over a heart and lung too?

"Lastly, our objective is to hunt and capture witches and then convey them on to the factory where they are no longer our concern. From what little I have heard about you I know this may be difficult to adjust too, but I believe you'll be able to handle it."

"I have prepared myself for this," she admitted while still making a face at the previous bits of news, "but would like to know why you differ from so many other branches. What makes Japan so special that the witches here are to be saved?"

"Valid point," Zaizen acknowledged her with a nod, "but I cannot tell you why. Even I'm on a strict flow of information that is only one way. We're told what we need to around here and questioning the system gets us nowhere."

"I know that feeling." She admitted with a small smile as Zaizen once again gave a light chuckle.

"Now that you've been informed of the basics I see no reason to keep you any longer; enjoy your day off, Miss Li." Chara smiled and gathered her coat and bag before stepping forward to shake her new superior's hand.

His grip was vice-like and had her wondering if he knew he was practically strangling her hand.

She knew he was snake just by looking at him.

Harry's was as dead as it had been earlier when she had sat there waiting for her new 'partner' to show up.

She wasn't surprised that the barman had recognized her.

"Well hello again." He smiled as she slid deftly into a bar seat, her coat draped gingerly across the back and her bag perched on the empty chair next to her.

"Another coffee or perhaps a change of pace?" She smiled and shook her head.

"Coffee would be wonderful." He smiled back simply and disappeared into the kitchen by means of an almost non-existent looking door. If it hadn't been for the obvious change of wood grain, the door would have melted seamlessly into the wall.

Looking around the bar area with curiosity she tensed slightly as padded footsteps sounded behind her.

Old habits died hard.

Blatantly ignoring the sound of a chair scraping across the floor a few places down from her, the young woman continued to look around in veiled curiosity; her eyes lighting up slightly as she took in the wonderful display of various vodka bottles lining the wall across from her.

She would definitely be changing paces in the future.

Snapping out of her booze filled daydream, she watched as the seemingly hidden door opened and the barman emerged with her coffee. "Here you are, Miss. Still no cream or sugar?" He assumed as he sat it down gently in front of her. "No thanks." She smiled, her fingers already lacing through the porcelain handle.

"And Mr. Amon, what a surprise; I usually don't expect you until quite later." The woman's fingers stilled at this as her eyes darted sideways to check her peripherals.

All she could see was black.

"Routines change." The man said simply, causing the barman to laugh lightly.

"Busy day, I presume?"

"You could say that."

"I'll take it you'll have your usual then." The man must have nodded because the barman turned with ease towards the wall of alcohol and plucked at a bottle.

Removing her fingers from the mug Chara leaned back and straightened to her full height, angling her body so as to fully face the mysterious man in black. He had the typical characteristics of someone who worked for the STN: the broody demeanor, the wardrobe devoid of any true color, the slouchy body language of someone trying not to be too obvious.

She herself was guilty of all three and much more.

"Can I help you?" If his raspy voice startled her, she didn't let it show.

"Actually you can," At this he straightened up slightly so as to get a better look at her, "I couldn't help but overhear that you're Mr. Amon." He frowned at her this time, his grip tightening slightly around his glass.

"Your point?" He asked, voice deep and devoid of any real emotion.

"No reason," She smirked nonchalantly while pretending to examine her fingernails, "I was just wandering what my new partner was like, is all." Looking up she found her gaze colliding with one of pure onyx; it was slightly breathtaking.

"You're the new hunter?" He asked, voice still as robotic as before.

"Chara Li, pleasure to meet you." Still wearing a smirk she stuck out a hand for a friendly shake and watched in amusement as the man looked between her and her hand as though he couldn't quite grasp the concept of the gesture. After a long pause he turned his attention back to his drink, downing half of it in one swallow.

"Fine then, don't shake my hand; I can read you without even a pinprick of contact." She shrugged as she turned back to her coffee and followed in suit, downing half of it in one easy swallow. Licking her lips she glanced over to find him looking at her, his brows drawn slightly as though trying to figure her out.

"You're a craft user." He stated, causing her to smirk slightly.

"Of course: the head hunter has access to all personnel files; I'm not surprised." She said, finishing up with another drag of coffee, her eyes skimming back over the neatly lined bottles of vodka along the wall.

Talk about temptation.

"I may have skimmed over a few things. Why so many transfers?" My, oh, my! Was the man actually striking up a conversation?

"A lot of reasons," she frowned, "all usually the same, though."


"Meaning you're going to be doing a lot more 'skimming' tonight if you don't know the answer to that." Pushing her mug towards the back edge of the counter she reached into her coat pocket and flopped her payment onto the counter. Looking up she found him eyeing her with a look of pure distaste, as if the frown on his face wasn't enough of a hint.

"Oh come on now, I'm being serious! My file wasn't fully transferred, so there's a lot more to it than that piddly thing you went through. Don't be so touchy." She smirked as she slid from her seat and proceeded to shrug on her coat.

His frown only deepened.

"Guess I'll be seeing you tomorrow morning, then?" She asked, quirking a brow as she strung her purse up to her shoulder and slowly approached her newly found co-worker. He remained silent and continued to sip at his drink, now blatantly ignoring her.

Two could play that game.

Leaning against the back of the chair next to him she leaned in closer, her head only hovering slightly above his hunched shoulder.

"Word of advice: don't stand me up again. I've been through too many meet 'n greets to know when I'm being played a fool and when someone genuinely forgets. I'm not some newbie you can just shove around on a whim, so remember that the next time you and I are supposed to meet somewhere." With a small pat to his arm she stalked off, a dangerous smirk playing across her features as she heard him ask for a shot of liquor.

Silly man; he should know that stuff only gets you drunk quicker, but then again maybe that was the point.

So...? How was is it? I'm not entirely sure how well people respond to OC's, but oh well; there's an experience in everything, right? Reviews and comments would be awesome and greatly appreciated!