So this one is much shorter, but don't worry, the next one's longer with a lot more interaction! For now we find our new hunter holding her own not only against her bat-like 'partner' but other witches too. Enjoy!

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You know that I'll be


A nice long month and half had fully passed since she first arrived in Japan.

Life at Raven's Flat had returned to normal…well, what she assumed was normal anyways.

It was safe to say that before she came there was a rock solid routine that everyone held in high regard. Amon was always the first to be there in the morning (besides Michael, but seeing as he was permanently stuck there, he didn't count) then followed by Karasuma and then Sakaki and then Doujima, who would appear every so often on a whim. Chara was still having trouble placing Robin; the girl seemed to only appear when something was needed of her, which was sometimes very frequent and sometimes not.

The little fire starter was so young, too, Chara had noted when first meeting the other witch. What would possess the STN to allow someone Robin's age to perform their deeds? Granted she was a very powerful craft user, but still; she was only sixteen.

She couldn't believe it.

And then there was Amon…Amon, Amon, Amon.

Tall, dark, and broody.

The man was as infuriating as he was attractive, a characteristic Chara had been quick to pick up on during their brief yet frequent interactions.

It was always the good looking ones who had shit for brains, too.

"You alright over there?" Chara glanced over at Karasuma as she drove, wondering if she could read thoughts also.

"I don't read minds if that's what you're thinking." The other woman laughed softly as Chara smiled and shook her head.

"I think that just clarified things."

"Well I had to ask; you did sigh as though something was bothering you." Oh…she had? Whoops.

"Besides this coat, you mean?" Chara asked as she pinched at the cheap STN-J uniform jacket she was required to wear when going out onto the field. They were disgusting, really; made from a cheap leather and not very form flattering or sensible.

Her small frame was practically swimming in it.

"Yes, besides the coat." Karasuma nodded, her eyes never leaving the road.

"I was thinking about Amon," the passenger admitted, earning a quirked brow from the driver, "about how he's such an asshole and practically intolerable." The brunette gave an unexpected burst of laughter at this while shaking her head as she quickly glanced over at the frowning blonde.

"I'm sorry, but it's been a while since I've heard him described quite like that."

"Everyone else scared to?"

"No, we've just all gotten used to it."

"Can't imagine how." Chara grumbled as she leaned her head against the window and glared at the car in front of them.

Amon was leading them to their next hunt, the arrogant bastard; he didn't want them to get lost, yet he sure as hell didn't offer to give them a ride.


The only reason they were where they were was because of her, a fact that wasn't lost on him.

She could tell because every time she talked about what she 'saw' he'd frown and make himself look busy with his phone.

She loved making him feel uncomfortable.

"It's just about a block down that way and then a left." She pointed, looking over to Karasuma to confirm her words even further.

"That's where it should be, unless the city prints that Michael used to compare the address with were outdated."

"I don't think it was because it had the new downtown arts building on it." Chara pointed out as she tapped the end of her nose with her pointer finger; she was in deep thought. Robin stepped up behind her.

"This must be the bad end of town." The younger girl observed quietly, her emerald eyes scanning the rough and tumble neighborhood before them.

"It's the super bad end." Chara pointed out, turning to look at Robin with a smirk on her face. "Want to wait in the car?" For a fleeting second she thought the teen was going to say yes until her so called partner stepped in.

"We're all going." He clarified as he pocketed his phone and looked at each of them. "Karasuma and I will lead while Robin stays in the middle. You," he nodded at Chara, "will cover the back."

"I have a name you know." She glared with arms crossed and her stance strong.

"I know." He said simply before turning to make sure his beloved car was locked despite the fact he had already checked twice without realizing it. She rolled her eyes as he passed her, followed by Karasuma and Robin, then joined the motley crew as they exited the chain linked parking lot.

She kept her eyes alert and her hand close to her thigh holster as they started into the neighborhood, the feeling of poverty and grunge sweeping over them. Dilapidated buildings stood vacant on either side; windows and doors boarded up as eviction notices waved like banners. She had been in bad neighborhoods before and this was no exception; if you've been in one you've been in a thousand.

She came to a stop as the three in front of her did and looked around Robin to find their so called leader holding her drawing up and comparing it to a building before them. She watched as he conversed quietly with Karasuma, not noticing Robin wandering astray until she took a step forward and realized there wasn't a person blocking her way. At this her hand slipped automatically into her holster to retrieve her gun, the action silent and natural.

There was only one place Robin could have gone.

To their left was an open alley entranceway, trash spilling out from the shadows along with broken crates and scampering rats. She took a few hesitant steps forward, her gun held up firmly by her head as she peered into the darkness.

"We have a problem." She stated quietly and immediately heard the other two end their discussion. She felt them join her in the entranceway and heard, rather than see, Amon remove a small flashlight from his pocket. He too took out his gun, along with Karasuma, and clicked on the light, each bracing themselves for what they would see. The alleyway was just as disgusting as its entrance and led the length of the building before turning sharply out of sight. Amon led them forward, followed by Karasuma as Chara once again brought up the rear, glancing behind them to make sure the coast was clear.

The street was eerily quiet.

They trekked the length of the passage, avoiding any and all things that would make noise at the slightest of touches. Occasionally a small creak or snap would sound as they stepped over wadded up newspapers or broken glass, but the silence was still deafening. Upon reaching the corner they found it spilt off to the left and the right, and the three of them paused.

"You two go left."

"I can handle myself." She bristled, not liking how he insisted on treating her like a child.

"Just do it."

"No." She defied him. "I have more experience in places like this, you take Karasuma." He glared at her silently, letting her know there'd be hell to pay when they got back to the office. She brushed him off and pushed past the both of them and turned left, stepping confidently into the shadows.

She bit her lip in concentration as her eyes adjusted to the new level of darkness and kept moving forwards, looking everywhere for any signs of the wayward girl. As quickly as she could manage she pulled a small earpiece from her pocket and used her phone to call headquarters.

Michael picked up instantly.

"I need a GPS fix on Robin, love." She said softly as she stilled at a noise in front of her. She waited and listened to the frantic typing on the other end.

"She's due east, opposite to where you are. Amon's almost on top of her." She bit her lip and murmured a 'thanks' before slowly turning around.

There was something making quite a scuffling.

Her finger slipped tighter against the trigger of her gun as she backed up slowly, still staring into the darkness. Whatever it was it was moving closer, the noise becoming more hurried as she continued to retreat. Finally holding the gun out straight she made a grab for her phone and tapped the screen as she raised it, the small glow illuminating enough space for her to briefly see a rage filled face before she was knocked backwards, the phone flying from her grip.

She heard Michael yelling in her ear as a set hands grabbed at her, trying desperately to get at her throat. She fought back and lost her gun in the process, the sound of it scraping the ground a few feet away. For seconds she scrambled with her attacker until the hands latched onto her jacket and lifted her up before throwing her sideways and into a wooden door that gave away upon impact. She could no longer hear Michael as she forced herself to stand, swallowing some blood in the process. She briefly took in the dim candle lit room before being hurtled backwards again, this time recognizing the face as the one she had sketched out. She latched onto him with equal amount of strength and together they pushed, pulled and wrestled until falling through another doorway into a similarly lit room.

The witch managed to get in a few good punches before Chara quickly turned the tables and had him screaming as she bent back limbs in directions that weren't made for them. They stumbled into another room, this one smaller with a flight of stairs, oddly looking like some entranceway. She glanced around before he managed to grab at her hair and found the front door behind her, the light from the dingy streetlamps slotted across their fight. With a heave of strength and a hiss of pain she ripped the man's hand from her hair and roughly shoved him against the boarded up door before giving him a final kick that sent him through to the other side. She followed after, picking her way angrily through the debris and practically flew down the front stoop, grabbing her assailant by the collar and jerking his face closer for a second round, deaf to the sound of feet pounding against asphalt.

It was Karasuma who had tried to restrain her first, but after the other woman found herself to be useless, it was Amon that grabbed her upper arm and pulled her off, steadying her as she wobbled on uneven footing. The witch lay broken and beaten before them, the shallow moving of his chest the only sign he was moving.

She had been ordered not to kill.

Spitting out some blood and wiping at her forehead she jerked her arm from Amon's grip and removed herself from the group before she did anything she'd regret.

The street lit up red as the Factory pulled in.

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