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A Miscellaneous Tale of Night and Day
Prologue: A Daydream Tale

September 29th

Blue's POV

"Now men, the Queen's Pearl is the rarest, and largest pearl ever come across by in over a thousand years." A large man with a bald head and a bulky frame walked to the side of a projection, showing a picture of the large, round sea jewel. "Some say that it was it was probably made by a prehistoric clam pokemon, some say it was an extinct evolution of a clamperl. Either way, the head has chosen out museum to keep an eye on it!" He said, waving his arms for emphasis, and showing off his security uniform. His face was stern, serious with a large scowl. "We are going to show them that we are the best security in the Kanto region!" He slammed his palm onto the desk in front of him, and glared out to the team of uniformed security guards in front of him. He took a clicker and pressed a button, and the projection changed.

"What you see here is a live viewing of the pearl itself, kept safely in our state-of-the art security system, created just this year! It is impassible, and impossible to shut down." He continued.

"Sir." One scrawny officer raised his hand.

"Not now, Higgins! So, there will be one of you posted at each of the following stations…"

"No, Sir, really, there's…"

"I said not now, Higgins! Now, I want all of you on your top guard! I don't want anyone falling for any of the thieves we have encountered before, such as Reaper, Nightshade, Erin…"


"ESPECIALLY AOI! I don't want any of you falling for that… Higgins! What did I say about finishing my sentences, what have you got to say for yourself!"

"No, Sir, I mean Aoi…" He pointed a slim finger towards the projection of the pearl… well, a sheet of paper and a picture of a drawn aipom.

"WHAT! What is this? Some kind of joke?" The muscular man zoomed in on the two objects, close enough to read.

Dear Guards,

Thanks sooooo much for the pearl! I love it, it fits my collection nicely.

I'm terribly sorry for taking it without permission, but if I did get permission, you would have said no! Sorrie!

But as an apology, I drew you an aipom, I hope you like it!

-Aoi :)

"Wha… What… How… She…" He couldn't place the words.

"That is an awesome aipom." One guard said

"Where did she learn to draw?"

"My wife loves paintings, I wonder if she'd teach me…"



"That was too easy." I tightened the strap to a black backpack and smirked. Tearing the ditto off my face, it changed back from a black mask to a pink blob. I crackled, checking the weight of my bag. "I didn't even draw the aipom! I bought it on the internet." I said to the morphing pokemon, who smiled, as I ran to the forest right outside the small city.

I took the strap out of my hair, letting light brown locks fall just past my waist, my bright blue eyes narrowed slightly in the sunlight. I took off my tight black sweater and revealed a sleeveless green-blue shirt underneath. I folded it up and put it into the backpack, and took a second look at the giant pearl.

Blue, just Blue. You could call me Blue Aoineko, but I prefer "Blue". I'm sixteen, going on seventeen, average height, light as a feather. I have never been caught, suspected, or even seen. People collect my notes, I feel honored. No evidence on the notes, it's basically the only reason I write anything. That back there was the Pewter Museum, a good nesting ground for neat artifacts for my collection. I have such a beautiful collection, hidden deep in the Viridian forest.

I chuckled. "Another prize for phantom thief Aoi" I said to my ditto, placing it on top of my head and it morphing into a hat. I tipped it rim of the white surface. "I say we find a place to camp, shall we, Ditty?"

"Dit!" It cheered, a face momentarily appearing on the front of the hat.

I ran up into the nearest tree, right on the edge of the forest. Sitting on a higher branch, I took out my Pokegear, surprisingly, it wasn't a stolen gadget. It was a gift from a late friend, I never did remember his name, I felt ashamed.

I clicked through to the region map, Pewter Museum, check. I had to head back to her base soon, I could handle the weight of the pearl for another couple miles, but I couldn't have it on my back for long. I reached back into my bag, and checked a small, velvet pouch full of trinkets.

"The goods are all good, the market is tomorrow… Cerulean isn't that far, Mount Moon shouldn't be too hard to get through… I'll sleep. The calm thought of easy money always gets me to sleep." I kicked back in the tree and sighed heavily. "All is good in the land of Blue… hopefully, that will be an official county one day." With that, I dozed off.

An hour later, I was interrupted by the beeping of my Pokegear.

"What the… It's like, ten o'clock at night! Is that my Pokegear? Nobody even knows my number! Who could be calling—"

A thought flashed through my mind.

"It couldn't be… the cops! No, how could they find me? There's no way…"

I pulled out the red set and clicked it open. A screen flashed a number…

Incoming call:: 666-9*4-LIEX

"Wha… that's not even a number. 666? That's creepy. What the heck is Liex?" I sweatdropped and stared blankly at the screen. "Well, at least it's not the cops." I pressed the "send" button on the gear and held it up to my ear. "Who are you and how do you know my number?"

"Hello, Miss. Blue." A voice said at the other end. "I would like to congratulate you on your most intriguing performance tonight."

Crap. Busted. I cringed, "What do you want? It's ten at night and I have some important business to take care of tomorrow. What are you going to do now? Rat me out? Turn me in? I suggest that wouldn't be a good idea. Go do stuff that other late night stalkers do, like get some ramen, or get eaten by an arcanine, or something. Goodbye."

My thumb reached for the "End" button, but was stopped short, interrupted by the voice on the other end.

I tensed, this man was a becoming a nuisance. In my mind, she began to list through the ways to "rid" of him, if I could just know where he was...

"I would like to take this chance to offer you a scholarship. You are a very quick target, hard to catch, silent, stealthy, and at very most, a very persuasive girl. You are also got a with your pokemon, are you not? Very talented indeed… How would you like to accept our offer? This will offer to a free enrollment to a school where you can balance those skills of yours."

I thought, the word "free" echoed through my mind, over and over again. But I thought about it more, a school. Blue and school… Blue and school do not fit.

"Sorry, mister, no deals. I'm cutting you short. No."

"That's quite alright, Miss. Blue. Sweet Dreams." Then there was a beeping sound on the other end of the line.

"Weird." I shut off the gear, clicking it shut and placing it back into my bag. I lay back on the tree, Ditty, on my head, drowsily made a small "Dittt…" sound. I smirked, a devious smirk.

"Night, Ditty."

Crystal's POV

"Bye, Crys!"

I waved to Yuki and Takegaya as they left the school. I swept the front grounds neatly, being thorough in my work. It was hard to work in a school uniform, but I didn't feel like running back to my house to get changed. Everyone had already left for the day, didn't mind sweeping the entrance grounds.

Crystal Miyuhara, but everyone just calls me Crys. I'm fifteen, a senior at my middle school. I do all the jobs that no one else wants to, I don't mind doing it, it pleases me. I have had a straight-100 average ever since grade school. I always look ahead, and know what's coming. I know information on almost every single pokemon discovered, and every item, equation, strategy, and attack there is to know. I am not much of a battler, just a researcher, or a strategist. I'm a not very rich, I like to volunteer at my local daycare center, but I don't have a real job.

Sweeping the grounds was done and over, but I didn't leave until it was already dark out. I picked up my bag and headed down the lit streets. I never did walk home with anyone, I was usually stuck at school, and I didn't know many people that lived near me, I was usually studying. Yuki and Takegaya were my two closest friends, but even they didn't spend very much time with me, only in school. It was very… lonely, as you could say.

I stopped by the convenience store, and picked up some milk and snacks to take home. After paying, I headed back home to study. I locked myself in my room and began to read the text book. Mega, my chikorita snored on my bed, while the rest of my pokemon slept soundly in their pokeballs. At ten, I went to bed.

Yep, just another day in the life of Crystal.

The next day, I woke up to the sound of my alarm clock.

"GROWL-GROWL-GROWL-GROWL-GROWL!" It yapped, until I finally clicked it off. "GROWL-GROWL-GROOOWWWLLITHE!" and it quieted.

I sat up and yawned, stretching. I rubbed my eyes and saw Mega at my feet. Then I looked at the clock.

7:51am, September 29th

"AHH! I'm going to be late!" I sprinted across the house, being careful not to wake my mom. I hurried past the kitchen, shoving a piece of bread into the toaster. I ran into the wash room and picked up my uniform, tying the blue tie around my collar with a matching plaid, pleated skirt. I shoved my books into my bag quickly, and ran down into the kitchen just in time to grab the toast out of the toaster.

"Ah! H-H-H-Hot! Hot! Hot!" I bounced in my hands before I placed it in my mouth, having it hang there before rushing out the door. "Bye Mom!" I called on my way out the door.

I ran hard the New Bark uphill climb, eating my toast at the same time. By the time I was at the front gate, I had exactly three minutes to go in, run up three flights of stairs and enter my class before the bell rang. No problem… no problem…

I sprinted, I had a strong point in my legs, I just rarely used them because I focused more on my grades than sports. I turned a corner, almost ramming into another student. "Sorry!" I yelled to them as I rose up the first flight of stairs, two minutes. Next flight, and the last flight of stairs, one minute to go. My class was just down the hall way, 3-A. I quickened my pace, turning a sharp corner into the hallway. I checked my watch, thirty seconds in counting. I counted down in my head, 3-D… 3-C… 3-B… ten seconds.

Finally I reached my classroom, 3-A, and leapt onto my desk, third to the back, right next to the window. "SAFE!" I screamed, panting my lungs out as the bell rang. I looked around, so many people stared at me. I flustered, and quickly sat in my desk, hiding my face behind one of my notebooks. No one came to greet me, no one gave me a high five for making it on time. I sat and read my notes.

I aced the test in math, I could call myself fluent in English, I got an A on my report in Poke-biology, I ate by myself in lunch while coping down some notes from the textbook, and I got number one on the test scores in history. At the end of the day, I tended the flowers and cleaned the classroom when everyone left.

I was alone.

I went downstairs to the footlockers and opened mine. I took off my shoes and looked inside. There was a letter, in formal handwriting, "Crystal". It was plain white, a red wax seal on the back. Was it from Yuki or Takegaya? No, they wouldn't send me anything, no one else would. Was it a teacher, or the principal? No, they would just call me to the office, or the teacher's lounge. The letter was neat, not a crease or imperfection in sight. It was so perfect I lifted the seal as carefully so I wouldn't tear it. I then pulled out the typed letter inside.

Miss. Crystal Miyuhara,

We would like to congratulate you for being one of few accepted this year to Pokemon Special Talents Academy, or PSTA.
Your talents have been recognized by our staff, and we would like to take this chance to offer you a part in our studies.
You're skills as a researcher have pleased us here at PSTA, very much. You are a very handy factor to our facilities.
You can balance your talents with other students like you, and have special training with your pokemon.
This is a full scholarship with no cost
. We would like you to acknowledge our offer and hopefully, accept.

-Sincerely, PSTA Head

"You would think the head would have a name…" I said to myself. I knew it wasn't a form letter, it was written especially to me. But this isn't what I was hoping for, I was hoping to get into a prestigious high school and head over to Tokyo U. A successful life, I haven't heard of PSTA before, must not be very good.

"Sorry, rejected." I tossed the letter in the trash, and walked home again.


Yellow's POV

"Ta" Nudge

"Ngh… two more hours…"

"Ra" Push

"No more berries for me… I'll take the pie, Capitan Star… No… the ship is going to crash… ahh… at least I have pie…"

"RATTA!" Leap

"GAH! Ratty!" I woke up with a start, a purple rattata on my face. "That was a good dream, too." I sighed, at least he woke me up before the Starlight Dalgia crashed into Planet of a Thousand Pikachu. I looked at Ratty, "Have you seen ChuChu anywhere?" I asked, looking for the flower-headed pikachu.

Try near the Viridian lake. Ratty said, tilting his head towards the glimmering waters ahead.

"Thanks Ratty, would you like to go into your pokeball?" I asked the rattata, holding up a bright red pokeball.

Ratty gave me a look, before acknowledging my suggestion and went into his pokeball willingly. I stuck him into my pocket safely.

Amarillo del Bosque Verde, Yellow, if you may. I'm sixteen, female, and love pokemon. I was born in the Viridian forest, and given the special ability to talk and heal pokemon. This help my bond with my pokemon grow, linking out minds and feelings. Ratty was my first pokemon, he's special to me, in more ways than one, considering how I got him. But that's a secret, if I told you, my face would go red, it's embarrassing.

I found ChuChu at the gate, that pink flower in her hair and all. She gave me a smile and hopped onto my shoulder. I scratched her head, rubbing my hand through her fur. I caught her last, but she's very important to me. The pikachu would have purred, if pikachus purred.

I looked into the clear lake, deep and clear. The water pokemon swam everywhere, splashing about. I listened to what they and to say, secretly from above. One golden looked up at me with a confused face. I flinched, nobody liked people eavesdropping, so ChuChu and I ran back into the forest.

I knew this forest as well as anyone that has walked through, it was my home. I occasionally found lost items on the floor, if I didn't know who it belonged to and it had no sentimental value, I kept it. I helped people that got lost, and pokemon that accidentally went astray from their trainers. I healed hurt wild pokemon, and helped trainers in need of assistance. People called me that Maiden of the Viridian Forest, but I still preferred just "Yellow".

I sat on the branch of a tree, watching trainers and pokemon pass by. Sometimes if they looked worried, I would throw one of my findings on the ground near them, usually a full restore, or a potion or something like that.

I didn't battle with any of my pokemon, it wasn't something I would do. ChuChu, Ratty, and the others were more like companions, or friends. The pokemon in the forest weren't aggressive, only when challenged or angered.

The day flew by, I grew tired, running around all day. The sun set, and the day turned to night. I patrolled around the forest, keeping an eye out for strange happenings. All seemed peaceful, so I began to run back to my tree, until I heard a ringtone.

I turned around, and saw a flashing light in the middle of a patch of grass. It was someone's pokegear, singing a tune. I walked over to it, wondering whose it was. I had been watching the forest all day and hadn't seen anyone drop it. I picked it up, it was some normal pokegear, red, not cheap, not expensive. I looked around, no one. I thought, if I answered it, I could figure out whose it was.

I flipped it open.


"Hello, Miss. Amarillo."

"What?" Wait, this man knew my name? This is just someone's pokegear! Is this a joke? "C-Can I help you?" I stuttered.

"You've already helped quite enough, Miss. Amarillo."

"Wh-What do you want?" My body began to shake, I was trembling. Was I getting scared?


I dropped the pokegear and scooted back, ChuChu ran up to me, and hissed at the pokegear, her fur standing up.

"No worries Miss. Yellow." The man said through the speaker. "We are offering you a chance. Your healing and communicative powers would be a big contribution to our "community", don't you think?"

"I… I…" I couldn't put the words together. This man was scaring me, not like when a rhyhorn attacks you scary, or gangar in your dreams scary, but spine shivering, body freezing, mind scrambling scary.

"Your fear is understandable, Miss. Yellow. We would like you to accept our offer, though. It makes it easier. We are offering a full scholarship for you, to a place where you can train your abilities, accustom to them."

"But… But…" I shivered, what do I say? I don't want this! This is too sudden! What do I do?

"I'm sorry, mister. I-I can't accept. Goodbye."

"That is quite alright Miss. Yellow. We wish you a good night."

The call ended, and the world was silent again. ChuChu stopped hissing, and the pokegear only made the faint beeping of no service. I left the pokegear where I originally found it, picked up ChuChu, and ran.

Back in my usually tree, in the dim light of the moon, I drew my feelings out. ChuChu had fallen asleep, snoring away. I was a little too wound up to stop, like a windup toy. I drew a gangar, for eat away the nightmares, I drew ChuChu, who would protect me, I drew jirachi, who would make my fondest wish come true. I didn't consider myself an artist, maybe some would, but it was just something to let me let out all my feelings.

Finally, when I was calm, I slept.

Sapphire's POV

"Say your prayers!"



I felt like tearing the guy's legs off, I sat on his back as I pulled back on his legs. How dare he hit that electrite!

"Apologize to it!"

"I'm sorry!"


"I'm sorry!"




All eyes were on us. In the middle of a park in front of an ice cream stand. The baby electrite got interested and walked up to the ice cream stand, this "biker" decided to have "a little fun" and kick it. I immediately tackled the guy, ten times bigger than me, ten times more muscular than me, ten times less strong than me. I, Sapphire Birch, would never tolerate such!

"Whoa, whoa, break it up." A guy walked up to us waving his arms. I looked at him, my expression still angry, my arms still threatening to dislocate bones, the guy still screaming.

"Someone like this can never be taught by words!" I said, pulling back harder on his legs.

"Yea, but violence can't solve anything." The guy said as if he knew it all.

I lost my patience with this guy. "Che!" I released the guy's legs, who scrambled to crawl away, for his legs were partially bruised. I looked back up at the peacemaker, "Happy?" I asked, but before I could hear his answer, I stormed off.

The nerve! I didn't know who I was talking about, the biker or the guy who broke us up. That was a dispute between him and I! you don't run in the middle of a pokemon battle just to stop them and tell them that they can't, right? I walked over to the electrite, and examined it. It seemed to have a bruise on its side. I took out some sitrus berries from my bag and mashed them up, for a baby, it shouldn't be able to chew well. I fed the electrite, who ate. The wound began to heal and the pain went away. "Good." I said. It licked my face and ran off, I saw the shady figure of two more electrite in the bushes, and the three of them ran off together. I waved to them, and smiled. People stared at me as they walked by, as I wasn't very far from my "performance".

Sapphire Birch, fourteen years old. As you can see, I am not a very tolerant person, short-tempered, as you might say. I'm the daughter of a famous professor, Professor Birch, obviously. I don't tell just anyone this, though. It attracts unwanted attention.

I haven't always been wild, I actually used to be… a girl. Not like that! I am 1000% percent female! You know, I used to be girly, alright? Girl-y, dresses, neatness, "pokemon battling is not neat", ect. I hate my past self. There are better people in my past other than myself, but not better moments, I tell you.

I looked back at the ice cream counter, not many in Stoopilis. My mouth watered, I never did get that ice cream, did I? I strolled over to the stand and brought my ice cream. The vendor was shaking when I was speaking with him, I wonder why? Maybe it had something to do with a scrawny girl bringing down a six foot man in the middle of his counter. I ignored it and licked the glorious sensation of chocolate ice cream. I had loved this stuff, that part of me would never change. I was born with the taste buds I have now.

I walked over to a railing, a bright orange torchic peeped. "Toro!" I called, and ran up next to it, sitting on the railing with perfect balance. Toro and I watched as cars fled by, and my face became sticky with the cold treat. I waved to random people that walked by, they waved back and smiled. I was only violent to people who ticked me off. I finished off the cone, the only thing remaining was the chocolate on my face. I licked half of it off, as far as my tongue could reach, but I was no lickitung. I wiped it on the shoulder of my sleeveless shirt, smothering my face into it. Toro gave out a small "Tor!" and pecked at my shoulder.

"Hm? What is it?" I turned to Toro, who nudged to my back. "What?" I tried to turn around and see what was with my back, but I felt stupid trying to twist around and reached up my back, and grabbed something papery. I popped a vein.

"Wha… HEY! Someone taped something to my back! I swear, when I get the person who tries to prank me, I—" Then I looked at it, a letter. "Huh?"

It was pure white, perfectly neat, it made me cringe on how clean it was, despite being taped to my back. A red wax seal on the back, I made a disgusted face. I tore it open and pulled out the letter inside. I hated from the first word.

Miss. Sapphire Birch,

We would like to congratulate you for being one of few accepted this year to Pokemon Special Talents Academy, or PSTA.
Your exceptional talents have been recognized by our staff, and we would like to take this chance to offer you a part in our training.
Your strength and skill would be a great addition to our student body. We would like you to acknowledge accepting our full scholarship.
You can balance your skills with other students like you, and have special training with your pokemon.
This is a full scholarship with no cost. We would like you to acknowledge our offer and hopefully, accept.

-Sincerely, PSTA Head

"Miss", seriously, did they just call me… "miss"? School, academy, the training sounded good, though. But I am not a tie-down person, that's just what school does to you. Ties. You. Down. No way, no "academy" for me.

"Re-jected." I tore the letter into pieces. I turned to Toro, who hopped onto my shoulder and chirped, I stood atop the railing, and ran across it with absolute balance. I saw the sun beginning to set in the distance.

"Whadda ya say, Toro? Wanna go find a place to camp? Dad needs some research done tomorrow."

I ran off to prepare for the night.

September 30th

Normal POV

Blue's eyes fluttered open, she clutched the sheets of the bed under her. A bed? Why was she sleeping in a bed?

Crystal woke up for a start, her room was dark. She reached for her alarm clock, but her arm swung through the air, hitting nothing.

Yellow curled up, clutching the covers closer to her. She mumbled in her sleep, she didn't feel the breeze of the Viridian air.

Sapphire sprawled across the bed, pushing the comforter off. She sniffed, there was the smell of freshly cleaned sheets, not a pokemon infested forest.

They opened their eyes, and their eyes drew upon the room, all the same. It was a large, red-painted bedroom, a normal canopy bed with a fluffy white comforter, a desk with a lamp and a pencil case. A silver laptop rested on the desk, a small chair propped up against it. There were a dark, maroon curtains in front of a large window, probably leading out to a balcony. There was also a small window in front of the desk, looking out into the forest below.

Blue was interested.

Crystal was alone.

Yellow was scared.

Sapphire was confused.

"W-Where am I?"

The intercom suddenly rang, and a speaker up on the ceiling sounded. Blue and Yellow recognized the voice immediately, it was the same voice on the pokegear.

"Welcome, freshmen. We are sorry to surprise you like this, but we would all like to bid you a fair welcome to PSTA, or the Pokemon Special Talents Academy. Your full scholarship has brought you here, thanks to your special "talents". We hope your fellow students will fill you in."

They all were shocked.


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