A Moment with Reviews

Hey guys! Sorry about this false alarm, no update right now, but definitely in the future. School's starting soon so I'm going to have to be working with that as well. I wanted to put in this little mini-chapter right now.

If you've been following up lately on my blog, then you probably already know, but here's a nice little PSA.

So apparently there's some guy who doesn't like me or the story, right? He flamed about it, I got a little upset, but got over it quickly.

Apparently this guy hates me so much he sent other people to flame.

Yeah it really sucks but it's gotten really old.

Okay, you hate it, you're part of some stupid forum, delete.

I really have no idea why people do this, I know Amotodan's not some freaking masterpiece, it's really not. It's not supposed to be that way, it's not supposed to be taken seriously, it's just for fun. It's supposed to make people laugh and think and just have a good time reading a comedic story. If you don't like it, that's fine, don't read it. Just leave it alone, we won't miss you.

That goes for any story actually, not just Amotodan.

It's really not that hard, there is like pretty much no effort involved whatsoever.

Please be internet courteous.

Now CRITIQUE is different.

Please know the difference between critique and flaming.

Critique is needed. Critique is helpful, and sometimes even wanted. It's really hard to write good critique without sounding mean, though there are some times when they point out your good points too. Critics are usually meaning to tell you what you should stop, change, or keep doing. They want to help you make your story better, even if you don't like to know that you're doing stuff wrong. I remember I was a little like that when I first started. My deepest apologies to Farla.

But moving back onto flaming.

I'm just going to put this straight and simply.




Don't they have any courtesy at all? Flamers are completely different from critics. They pretty much are AIMING TO HURT YOU. It is DISRESPECTFUL, it is RUDE, it is just plain MEAN. This kind of thing should NOT be going on in the internet, ESPECIALLY to a face you can't even see.

Fanfiction is a place for people to let their imaginations and loves out to share with a large audience, they're aiming for people who would love to see their work. They're NOT asking for people to tear them down and stomp on their bones. Sure, I'm sure everybody here knows that nothing on fanfiction is perfect. Critics help out, as do supporters, fans, and friends, but knowing that there are people that make GROUPS to HURT people, that's not something that's safe for this environment.

Please also note that the people on here are young adults, teenagers, preteens… some of them are still in middle school.

These people are usually just wanting to have fun, let their imagination and fantasies out, and a lot of people here are aspiring authors. Not everybody's going to be an amazing author, hell, not everybody's SUPPOSED to be an amazing author.

Please don't make Fanfiction an unsafe place. It's not the best place in the world, but don't ruin it by being an asshole and bullying people. It's WRONG.

I'm really lucky to have amazing fans like you guys, you're pretty much the main reason this story keeps driving forward.

I write Amotodan because 1) I love writing, 2) It's helping me learn, and 3) PEOPLE LOVE MY STORY. NOBODY CARES IF YOU DON'T.

I'm writing this for the good of the fans, so that people can have a good time. It is SPECIFICALLY FORMATTED that way! So that it's got the right FLOW to give people the right FEEL. If I wanted something that was more of like an actual book I would have written it that way! THIS IS FOR FUN.


I'm not stopping until this story is done. People want to see what happens, people want to READ. MY. STORY.

If you're going to make a freaking GROUP about flaming, then there is seriously something wrong with you guys.

I'm not going to stop writing Amotodan, and I'm not going to stop writing at all.

Now get out.

If you have a problem, log on and face me. PM me, message me, whatever. Don't just put on a mask and run.

And don't bash my fans. Don't call them liars just because they tell me that they like my fanfiction, they can do it however they want. I'm lucky to have them, I'm doing this for them. You guys have stooped real low.

So stay away from me, stay away from my fans, stay away from Fanfiction, stay away from people. Nobody like it. Nobody likes you for it.

This has been a PSA.

On the bright side, even with the flames deleted, we've hit 700 reviews, guys! WOO HOO! YEAH!

You positive feedback is really what keeps me going, I really couldn't have ever gotten this far without you guys. Thanks to everyone who puts up with my procrastination and nonsense, ahaha. I know it's pretty mindscrewy right now, but hey, that's kinda the point. It's not all gonna make sense right now, but it's not like I'm gonna explain everything right away, am I? Ahaha, don't ever expect that. But hopefully things will be pretty cleared up by the end. I might be having a nice Q&A session as well.

Well, thanks for your time. Sorry about the false alarm, but don't think I'm down! Like hell I'm going to be leaving you guys hanging after all that!

Ahaha, well, until next time!