[(A Sound Soul dwells within a Sound Mind and a Sound Body.)]

"I don't mind all the digging, but what could Medusa be hiding here. . .?"

'Nghh. . .What's that sound? Did someone say. . .Medusa?'

For the first time in years I was vaguely aware of my surroundings.

My body struggled with regaining consciousness after so long, thus my eyes seemed as if they were blatantly refusing to open, un-eager to catch a glimpse of the overwhelming darkness that surely engulfed my fragile form.

"I haven't even seen anything down here so far. . .but I can't give up, that's not the kind of man I was, after all - whoa!" Thunk!

My ears, however, were much more compliant as I quickly picked up on the sounds of something distinctly metal making contact with my wooden prison.

"This - This is huge," The same male voice I'd overheard before pressed onward, immediately followed by the sound of sand as it slid off a tarnished lid. "It's almost like. . .a coffin!"

If such a realization had dawned upon any normal man, they would've become frozen with fear. They would have abandoned all pursuits and more importantly, abandoned me.

Yet, this particular one seemed to possess no fear of what he probably presumed to be death.

I could only pray to God - one that I don't believe in, by the way - that this fellow was not a necrophylliac of any kind.

"Did Medusa wish to show us the body of someone she's killed? No, it couldn't be. . .that would be-" The male muttered, trailing off as he prepared for the worst.

Nevertheless though, in one fluid motion the serpent-shaped lock was broken.

Just what he used? Well, I don't give a damn. . .because you see, thanks to my mystery man:

I was free. ~