"You two are enjoying yourselves immensely, aren't you? Because of you, the world is on the brink of disaster. . .~"

At the Reaper's accusation, I blinked.

"Uh, sir, did you not see that I was in the middle of a crisis?" I scoffed, releasing my sister from a half-hearted embrace in order to put my hands on my hips.

"Oh ~ What would that be?" The reaper inquired, fixating his gaze upon me.

Was he stupid. . .? "My sister is now Chibi-Meddy, Grimmy." I explained bluntly.

To hell with honorifics, if I wasn't already dead for talking back to him, well - I was safe for now.

"Oh do you like it? I had to get a makeover, teehee. You should really meet my stylist, Rachel-"

"MEDUSA! You came here to talk to me, didn't you? Not Nyx "The Trix" Gorgon." The Reaper roared, losing his composure once more.

I tend to have that effect on people, you see.

But at the familiar nickname I was touched.

"GRIMMY REMEMBERS ME~!" I beamed, revealing my fangs to Spirit and Sid.

"T-There are three Gorgon sisters. . .?" Sid questioned, trembling slightly.

"Yes, after all. Three's a crowd, right? The cool crowd. ~" GrinGrin.

"Yeah, right." Spirit agreed, although I found his tone slightly sarcastic.

"Oi! I'll have you know that I-"

"Nyx, it seems your years in hibernation have left you a bit rambunctious. . .however, right now I need you to hush up for me." Medusa murmured, narrowing her yellow orbs at me threateningly.

If that wasn't enough to make me second-guess my hyperactivity, the snake-tattoo coiling around her arm certainly was.

". . .Whatever." I scoffed, crossing my shackled arms over my chest rather uncomfortably.

"Now, Shinigami, what you said may be true. . .but I'd still like to show you my gratitude for speaking with me." Medusa stated, her tone very proper and polite.

"Hmm. . ." The Reaper murmured, deep in thought.

"Let's get to the point. . ." Medusa stated, not really giving him much time to think.

"First, there's the matter of the restraints upon my sister and I. . .perhaps you could remove them?" Medusa ventured, flailing about in her iron shackles and such.

Before anything else could be said, I smirked.

"OOH! I WANT SPIRIT TO REMOVE MINE~!" I declared, batting my eyelashes rather cutely at the red head in question.

"NYX!" Medusa scowled at me.

I sighed. "Oh, woe is me, these are so uncomfortable!" I complained blandly.

I didn't see it, but I'm sure she nodded in approval.

"Yes, with you standing there, it's not like we need them." Medusa pointed out.

I'm really not sure why we're pretending to need someone else's help, though.

I mean, I could take mine off easily with all the strength I "borrowed" from Sid.

"Don't play with me! If either of you wanted those restraints off, you could have removed them a long time ago." The Reaper pointed out, pointing an accusatory finger at my sister.

"Well, my sister couldn't. She has been sleeping for several years, after all. . ." Medusa pointed out.

Although she seemed slightly disappointed upon discovering that I was lively rather than lifeless.

"Sid and I went out to eat before we came here ~" I assured her, winking at the crusty zombie.

"Well, either way, it would be meaningless to take off our own shackles of oppression." Madusa pointed out coyly, hopping around rather cutely in her chained up six year old form.

"Hmph." The Reaper huffed although he nodded to Spirit.

"Alright, don't try anything. . .or I won't think twice about ripping you apart." Spirit threatened.

I was rather shocked that he went to free my sister first.

"SPIRIT! DO ME FIRST! ME! ME!" I pleaded, stomping my foot childishly.

"Sorry, Nyx. It seems like it will always be oldest first." Medusa smirked triumphantly the moment she was free.

At this I could only purse my lips. "Old hag. . .~"

Spirit laughed as he approached me, but it's a good thing that snakes can't hear well.

"Don't you try anything either - and you know what I mean by that." He added, laughter subsiding.

I nearly teared up on the spot at that.

"Oh, Spirit ~ Our first innuendo!" I blubbered, grinning the moment I was released.

My coal black wings that had previously been pinned to my sides rather forcibly unfurled as I grinned.

"Damn, that feels good!" I exclaimed quite chipperly, stretching out.

"Are those. . .real? Do they work?" Spirit questioned tentatively.

I was quite excited by this question.

"I can show you~! Ooh, Grimmy! Can I fly? Can I?" I pleaded, whirling around to face the Reaper.

"Do whatever you want, Nyx. You're not getting out of here unless I grant you permission." He informed me with a careless wave of his over-sized right hand.

"COOL!" I exclaimed, taking flight for the first time in well, forever.

[Welcome to Air 3rd P.O.V.! This is your captain speaking, please fasten your seat-belts and prepare for a shit-tastic ride~!]


At the sight of a naive, bat-themed witch zooming around the Death Room like it was Recess time for Kindergartners everyone else could only sweat-drop.

"I've said it before and I'll say it again. . .that definitely is one peculiar witch." Sid noted.

"Just who is she, anyway? Who does she think she is?" Spirit scoffed, flicking a few strands of crimson hair out of his face.

"Well you see, gentlemen. . ." Medusa began, eager to explain like the little know-it-all she was.

"Obviously, Spirit, she's the youngest of the Gorgon sisters - Nyx." Lord Death pointed out, deciding to beat Medusa to her elaboration if only to tick her off a bit.

"Why haven't we heard of her before. . .?" Sid inquired, his blue brow furrowing.

"Because she's been severely inactive as of now, however, there was a time when she was as well known and as well feared as her siblings." Lord Death stated, lifting an index finger up pointedly.

"Or maybe because she was locked in a box underground. . ." Medusa sweat-dropped.

"Yes, well. Spirit, Sid, don't let her naive nature fool you, she's a strong adversary when the need presents itself." Lord Death warned cheerfully.


As Nyx zoomed by once more, Spirit awkwardly decided to wave at her.

"Uh. . .sure?" He offered, thus causing Medusa to smile eeirly.

"Yes, she's strong for a runt. She's also quite annoying, but she grows on you. . .after all, everyone loves her. Even I. But, especially Arachne ~" Medusa hinted, the smile still etched across her face.

"She and Arachne are close?" Spirit inquired, eyes widening.

Medusa merely giggled. "Aren't all siblings. . .?"

She was quite content with herself, until Lord Death saw fit to intervene.


A huge white hand made painful contact with Medusa's itty bitty forehead.

"Sir. . ." Spirit began chidingly as Medusa cradled her aching cranium.

"What? After all she's done, I think she deserves at least one Reaper Chop!" Protested Lord Death feebly.

"Chop! Chop!" Lord Death exclaimed, pretending to Reaper Chop his very own Death Scythe.

Meanwhile, Medusa was inwardly cursing the Reaper and his chop.

"Come here, now, what deal were you talking about?" Suddenly Medusa found herself being picked up by the hood of her hoodie.

"M-My bloomers are showing!" Medusa shrieked, trying desperately to hide her choice in underwear from the world.

"Excuse me, Reaper, but could you put me down?" She questioned, right eye twitching.

"BLOOMERS? Adorable ~ My Maka wore those when she was little ~ Sweet, sweet little baby bloomers. . ." Spirit exclaimed, beginning to ramble off to himself fondly.

It took her several moments of women's underwear discussions to regain focus in the conversation.

"Now, about this deal of yours. . ." Lord Death muttered and once again, Medusa was man-handled.

Cue more idle bloomer chit-chat.

And then finally. . .

"So, what do you say? The conditions of the deal are fair. . .and if anything, I think you're getting the better end of the bargain. What I'm offering is the answer to the question that's weighing heaviest on your mind now." Medusa smirked.

"We won't agree to a thing until we hear your conditions." Spirit stated stubbornly.

"Hmm. . .if you don't tell me, I'll pick you up by the hood again!" Lord Death warned before doing just that.

Spirit rambled on about "cute liddo baby bloomers" before Medusa eventually agreed to tell them everything.

"You honestly call yourselves adults. . .? Now, as for what I have to offer. . ."

I don't understand why she's walking away. . .

I don't understand why I'm still here.

I don't understand why the Reapers minions have enslaved me once more.

I don't understand why my sister walks away with sweet, sweet freedom.

"What - What's going on here. . .?" I sputtered, shooting Spirit a pleading glance.

"Well you see, Nyx, we of the DWMA have made a bargain with your sister." He explained ever so carefully.

I can understand that, but. . .what was it?

Why'd they make a deal?

What's the DWMA?

Where am I?

Why am I still here?


Although I remained in Spirit's temporary custody, I was surrounded by tons of tweenies.

They all inquired as to why Medusa was free, but surely they didn't seek the answer as much as I.

"Hello, Nyx! I see you up there ~"

It was rather irritating that out of the sea of faces she turned to look at, she picked me out of the crowd.

"I know you might be angry right now, but I left you behind to look after my child. ~"

There was gasps, echoing throughout the tweenies as my mouth went agape.

. . .She has a child now? NO WAY!

"So, please, be a good auntie, and look after my darling little Chrona!"

That was the last thing she said to me - to anyone before she made her leave, her maniacal laughter traveling on the breeze.

". . .Mother. . ."

Suddenly, I caught the eye of a kid with hair the color of cotton candy.

Well, I guess that's a good reason to forsake me. . .right?

To play goddamn babysitter.

I growled under my breath just as a hand brushed gently against my shoulder.

"You may be a witch, Nyx, but I think that even you deserve to know the truth. . ."

"Now, not only will I provide for you the location of the Kishin, but I will also endow upon you your very own little bargaining chip. . ." Medusa smirked.

"Just what do you mean by that?" Spirit queried.

"Why, I shall simply allow you to hold my little sister captive, of course." She continued.

Immediately Spirit's face took on a look of horror as he recalled the little girl in his own life.

Medusa selling her sister out? That was like Spirit betraying Maka. . .it wasn't right.

"Rather then questioning your morals for selling your sister out, Medusa, I simply wish to inquire upon what use she would have for us. After all, if she's just recently woken up she knows nothing of what's going on. . .she has no useful information, and as of now I'm guessing her powers aren't at their peak." Lord Death reasoned, clasping his hands together.

"I thought you would have picked up on it before, but Arachne cares for young Nyx deeply. . ." Medusa trailed off, hoping someone else would catch on.

"So, if push comes to shove we could use her as a hostage. . .?" Spirit gasped.

"Yes, why not sacrifice her life for the greater good? She's just a witch, after all. ~"