I'm trying to work on writing in the first person so sorry if it doesn't flow too well - it doesn't come naturally to me!

Sorry for the T-rating, not sure what I want to include in part two so wanted to be safe in case. Nothing above a K in here!

Scully's long suffering mother finally decides to intervene in her daughter's love life!



I answered the phone not even wondering who it might be; Scully was pretty much the only person who ever called my apartment anymore. As such I was taken completely off guard when I heard the voice of Scully's mother Maggie at the other end of the line.

"Hey Scully"

"Fox? It's Maggie"

"Maggie?" I paused in confusion, and then panic started to rise, why was Scully's mother calling me on a Saturday afternoon? "What's wrong, are you ok? Is Dana ok?"

"Yes, yes everything's fine" she replied, laughing slightly, "I just needed to speak to you."

"Oh, erm, ok" I sounded like an idiot.

"Are you busy today?"

"No, not at all"

"Good, do you think you could come over to my house for me?"

"Your house? Erm, ok, sure, why?" I still sounded like an idiot.

"I just need you here for a few hours, but I need you to do me a favour ok?"


"Dana's here but I don't want her knowing you're coming or that you've even arrived. Park down the street, the Smith's at 2097 are away so you can park in front of their house, it's the blue one with the unpainted garage door. Call me when you're outside, I'll shoo Dana off for long enough to get you in. She's over to help me out, I've twinged my back again."

"I'm really sorry Maggie, I've had back problems, and they're nasty. Can I ask what's going on?"

"No, you'll understand soon. Trust me Fox, I need you on this ok?"

"OK Maggie, I trust you. I'll be there soon. Bye"

"Bye Fox"



"Mom, where do you want these towels putting?" Dana's head appeared around the living room door.

"Linen closet, same place I've kept them for the past eight years Dana." I replied, giving my daughter a big smile as she muttered something I probably didn't want to hear and wandered off. I had the slightest sense that she didn't want to be helping her mother out with chores on a Saturday, I didn't blame her. She was going to be a lot angrier once she understood what was really going on though. I was finally sick of listening to her go on and on about how she felt about Fox but refusing to do anything about it. It was clear to anyone with a brain that he felt the same way back but my stubborn as a mule child simply refused to pull her head out of the sand about it. Fox was no better, simply replace Dana's stubbornness with his self-deprecation and you had him sussed. No way would he make a first move, far too much fear of rejection behind those eyes. I couldn't do anything about Fox but Dana was my daughter and it was far too long since I'd done some serious meddling in my children's lives.

I'd put the house phone on mute so Dana wouldn't hear it ring when he called. Finally the screen lit up, flashing "Fox – Cell". I picked it up.

"I'm outside, by the front door" he announced simply.

"Great, it's unlocked, just wait a moment" I replied quietly. I partly covered the mouthpiece so as not to deafen him and called up the stairs.

"Dana honey? Once you're done putting those away could you tidy up the master bedroom for me please, just check everything's in the laundry basket that needs to be and bring it down to the laundry room ok?"

"Ok mom" I heard her call back.

"Come inside quietly, come straight into the living room, don't take off your coat or leave anything out there that will give you away." I told Fox, immediately putting the phone down in case Dana spotted the telltale green "in-use" light flashing on the upstairs satellite phone. I heard the front door open very gently, then close again after a few seconds. Fox appeared around my living room door after a moment and smiled at me, about to speak. I immediately put my fingers to my lips to silence him, and beckoned him over so I could whisper.

"This will sound very strange I know but please trust me?" He nodded, but looked very confused. "I need you to go and sit behind that huge beast of a houseplant in the corner. Sit, and listen but don't say anything or make any movement, I don't want Dana having any idea you're there. There's a big space, make yourself comfortable. You'll know if and when I want you to reveal yourself. Ok?"

"Erm… yeah ok" Fox whispered back. The confusion on his face had reached unknown levels. He walked to the corner where the plant sat, kicked off his shoes and shrugged off his coat, depositing them behind the sofa nearby and vanished from my sight.

"You comfortable?" I asked quietly. He grunted in agreement, keeping quiet.

"Dana? Can you come in here; I need to talk to you?" I called out again, hearing Dana on the stairs.

"Coming mom, I'll just dump this basket off." I heard the laundry room door open, the sound of the basket hitting the floor, then the door closing. Finally Dana appeared at the living room door, she looked slightly worn.

"Close the door honey." She obeyed, and then stood looking at me. "Come here" I said, patting the sofa. She sat down beside me and I pulled her in so she was cuddled up beside me. "Now Dana honey, we need to have a little talk ok?"

"What about?" she mumbled at me.

"About Fox."