Part three and we've switched perspectives again, this is obviously narrated by Scully. Sorry for the terrible psycho-analysis and over use of the F-word. First real attempt at writing angry Scully, she's tricky.

I screamed and spun on the sofa as I heard Mulder's voice behind me. He was stood behind my mother's plant, shaking slightly with tears on his cheeks; he was staring at me intently. I began furiously wiping the tears from my eyes, feeling anger building inside me; I didn't know who to scream at first.

"What the hell are you doing here?" I snapped at him.

"Your mom called me and asked me to come, I didn't know why." Mulder choked out quietly "She just told me to sit here and listen." He looked confused and I felt less angry at him, clearly he'd been used as a pawn in this little charade too. Instead I spun and glared at my mom who was still sat on the sofa looking infuriatingly collected.

"Why?" I shrieked at her, losing all semblance of calm. "Why did you bring him here and embarrass me like this in front of him? I'm old enough to handle my own life mom, why would you do this to me?" Tears were streaking down my face rapidly now, I was shaking with pure rage at my own mother. "I hate you!" I added before storming into the hallway, slamming the door and running upstairs. I felt like a teenager again, embarrassed by my parents in front of a boy, now a man I liked. Not caring I threw myself into my old bedroom, now a guest room and collapsed, sobbing onto the bed. I felt stupid, humiliated, reduced to crying in my bedroom again but I couldn't face anything else. A few minutes passed before I heard a faint tap on the door.

"Scully?" Mulder's voice murmured.

"Go away!" I yelled, choking on sobs, "I don't want to see you." He ignored me and opened the door, stepping just inside before closing it again. I rolled over to face away from him. "Are you deaf?" I snapped, "I said go away."

"I know" Mulder replied as I felt him sit on the bed beside me, to his credit he didn't even try and touch me. "Your mom says she's sorry for hurting you, she wants you to know she only did what she thought was best for us." I made a huffing noise.

"Please go away Mulder" I asked, trying to keep my voice calm, "I can't handle seeing you right now."

"Scully I, I need to be with you just now. I feel so lost, so confused, my world just got turned upside down" he told me, I heard the shake in his voice. "I'm trying to wrap my head around the things I heard and I can't."

"I don't want anyone near me." I muttered.

"Why?" he asked.

"Because I don't" I snapped back, "go away!"

"I'll tell you why" he began but I cut him off.

"Don't try and fucking psycho-analyse me Mulder, I don't want that shit right now, I just want to be left alone by everybody so I can get my head back together." I shouted and was surprised at myself for swearing at him, it was something I very rarely did.

"No" he said quietly, "I'm going to psycho-anaylyse you because you need it." I rolled over and tried to ignore him. "You're feeling incredibly vulnerable right now, humiliated. You've spent years building up walls around you, only allowing certain things and people to pass through them, keeping your thoughts and your emotions firmly in check. What your mother just did, she took a sledgehammer to those walls, brought them crashing down around you. You'd let her inside, you'd trusted her with everything you are and you feel violated by her betrayal. You trusted your mother with every last facet of your being and you feel she took advantage. She got you to open up and reveal everything out to the world, to take down the walls for her alone and then, when you were on display she let you see that I was there. You may as well have been naked in front of me; everything was on display, there for me to laugh at, there for me to reject. She stripped you naked in front of the one person you least wanted to be naked before. Am I close?" I was shaking worse than ever now. He'd hit every last nail right on the head the bastard, sometimes I hated how good he was at doing that. I managed to nod but couldn't form words. He didn't push me. Eventually I regained some composure and managed to find my voice.

"So..." I whispered, "give it to me then."

"What do you mean?" he asked.

"Get it over with, reject me. I don't want to lie here feeling your pity any more. Just tell me you don't feel the same way and get out." The room went silent. I felt my muscles clenching all over as my body tensed for the impact of hearing his rejection, felt the tears welling up in my eyes, ready to fall.

"Scully I'm not going to reject you" he stated. "I'm here with you now because I want to be here. I always want to be close to you, nothing you said today changed any of that. In fact it made me want to be closer to you. I want you too Scully, I love you." I froze, not believing what I'd heard. Never for a second had I believed that Mulder would ever love me back. How could he? Mulder loved the X-Files, they were his life. He'd been rejected and hurt too much in his past to risk that again. I shook my head.

"No." I said "I don't want your pity Mulder, don't lie to me." He grabbed me then and rolled me onto my back so I was looking up at him. His eyes were red and wet.

"I'm not lying Scully. I love you."

"How could you?" I asked, "Why would you ever love me? I infuriate you Mulder, I have a terrible temper, I'm stubborn and I'm not attractive."

"Firstly, you are attractive, you're more than that, you're beautiful and sexy, I've always thought that right from the moment I first saw you. And as for that temper, you have no idea how gorgeous you are when you're angry. Your eyes light up and sparkle, you can terrify men three times your size! You're adorable when you're being stubborn too." I couldn't help smiling slightly as he dropped compliment after compliment onto me, even if I didn't really believe them. "What I can't wrap my head around Scully is why you could ever want to be with me? I'd never even given it a thought; it was so ridiculous an idea that whenever it popped into my head I crushed it instantly. Why would an intelligent, attractive woman like you ever want to be with me? I fuck up everything that I touch."

"You've never fucked me up" I began but he laughed harshly, cutting me off.

"Your sister died because of me Scully. You were abducted and experimented on, you ended up with cancer, and you're infertile, all because of me. How the hell can you say I didn't fuck you up?"

"I could have walked away. Nothing made me stay Mulder, nothing but me. I could have left any time but I didn't. And anyway, who's to say my life would be any better now if I had? I could have transferred to another department and been shot on my first case. Even if I'd stayed away from the front lines, I might have found the time to meet a guy and ended up in an abusive relationship. Besides, I am perfectly capable of fucking my own life up Mulder; I don't need your help with that." That at least got a smile out of him.

"I still don't understand why you want me" he started again, I sighed heavily.

"Mulder, you're a good looking guy. You dress well if we ignore your taste in ties, you're intelligent to a point where it's actually a little alarming and you're incredibly sensitive to my feelings. What woman wouldn't want that?"

"A sane one?" he questioned, raising an eyebrow at me.

"Well then maybe I'm not sane?" I countered.

"That's a certainty; no one who works the X-Files could ever be sane! Come on Scully, let's get out of here. I don't particularly want to spend my Saturday hiding out in your mother's spare bedroom."

"Where to? " I asked.

"Somewhere fun, somewhere we're unlikely to have our day disturbed by aliens, monsters, mutants or serial killers." He decided aloud.

"And that is?"

"I'm not telling. Come on; get your butt moving you." He poked me in the side just above my hip and I squealed.

"Don't touch me there, it tickles!"

"Then get up fast or I'll do it again," he waggled his fingers towards me in a gesture that was both hilarious and vaguely threatening so I rolled away from him as fast as possible and stood up on the far side of the bed.

"I don't know what to say to mom" I began "I'm still so mad at her."

"Leave it to me. Go find your coat, I'll tell your mom you're ok, just very shaken and upset with her so I'm taking you out to calm down. I'm sure she'll understand." I nodded.

"Tell her I'll call in a few hours."

"I will" he said, vanishing out of the room. I followed him down the stairs and retrieved my coat, boots and handbag from the storage area. Mulder emerged from the living room and we headed out of the front door. I turned back to see my mother looking rather sheepish, leaning against the door frame. She smiled at me and waved, I managed a tiny smirk and a half hearted wave back, it was going to be a while before I could fully open up to her again. Mulder guided me past my own car and down the street a little to his, he sensed my thoughts instantly, "we'll come back and get it later ok?" he said, gesturing towards my car. I nodded and quietly got into the passenger seat beside him.

"Seriously Mulder, where are we going?" I prodded. He grinned that irritating little grin and I knew I wasn't getting an answer.

"Patience Scully, you'll see" he told me firmly, keying the ignition and pulling out into the street.