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The bolt clicking shut sounded in my ears like death. I remember when six months ago my life had been a normal one, not filled guns, mafia, drugs, and drive-by's. I could only pray that Edward got here in time for not only my sake but our child's as well. It was hard to believe that I was two months pregnant and still haven't told Edward yet. This was going to be our first child made from our love, a hot and steamy love but still love. According to my doctor the fetus was conceived around the last week in December, first week in January. Here I was trapped in some god forsaken warehouse probably on the other side of the country and I was musing over my baby and when it was conceived. The sound of shots ringing outside the door had me sitting frozen in fear, then the door swung open and in stepped…..


I stood pacing my office, every so often pulling the roots of my bronze hair. How could I have let this happen? Bella, my sweet, sweet Bella had been taken right out from under my nose, and there was not much time left. How could I have let her go wander off to the mall while I was sitting here with my younger brother Emmett and brother-in-law Jasper discussing the best way to go a shipment of guns to my father for safe keeping. I was going to ask her to marry me tonight and now that night is gone. I was pulled out of my self wallowing by the shrill ring of the phone at my desk. Rushing to it I picked it up and braced myself for the worst. "Edward…."

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