Okay everyone who watched and follows this story, if your still there Im still working on this story but I slightly lost my muse for this so im writing it in small segments and putting it together.

To tide you guys over here is a part of the next chapter . enjoy :D

FLASHBACK: I stood there, blood running down my face and arm. My aunt, uncle, and parents lay dead on the floor execution style blood splattered everywhere. A masked figure stood over them his gun still dripping with their blood and bits and pieces of their insides. "Knock 'em out." And with that my vision faded to black.

When I woke up I was lying in a white room I later recognized as a hospital room with its sterile smell of death, blood, old people, and sick people as well. Looking to my right I saw an IV drip hooked into the crease of my right arm, also a throbbing pain on the base of my skull caught my attention. Gingerly I probed the base of my skull and recoiled when a head cleaving pain shot through my forehead. "GAHHHHHH!" I screamed holding my head doubling over on my bed. The pain slowly subsided and I relaxed slowly back on the bed . A knock sounded on my door then the handle turned and the door opened a male doctor seemingly in his early thirties or late twenties with pale blonde hair stepped into the room. "Ah I see you're up now." He commented with a smile then looked down at the clipboard in his hands. "Mow-" he consulted his clipboard once again "Edward. How are you feeling?" He finished looking back up at me with his clear blue eyes, they were the color of the sky mixed with a neon electricity. "Son, can you tell me how you feel?" he asked again.

Startled out of my staring I shrugged my shoulders and quietly not trusting my voice enough to be loud fearing another agonizing round of pain I whispered. "I feel like a horse danced on my head." Wincing as I finished my sentence feeling my skull slightly throbbing. The blonde looked concerned for a moment jotting something down on his clipboard then tucking the pen back into his breast pocket he made his way over to the hospital bed and made a small gesture to examine my head then proceeded to do so after I gave him a small nod wincing and whimpering when he grazed over the tender places. Feeling the cool hands retract I looked up and watched his face, "Okay son, from what I've gathered you were hit pretty hard with a blunt object and that is what gave you that tender spot on the back of your head. Now you were out for about three days, two was medically induced which means we had to put you to sleep to keep you from harming yourself." I remember his lively blue eyes were so honest that it shocked me.

"Three days!" I shouted but immediately regretted it as gut wrenching pain shot my skull to bits and my torso automatically doubled over to my legs, my throat releasing an ear shattering hoarse yell. The blinding white light I saw behind my eyelids flared then died down, my hearing returned as well, the soft soothing words to calm my head down working wonders to my skull.