Just a short something I wrote. Not sure I can call it a one shot, since it doesn't really have a story or anything. I just wanted to try and write something in English for a change. Writing in John's POV is pretty fun. Of course, English isn't my first language, and I didn't have any person to beta-read, so any mistake would be entirely my fault. Still, I hope it's not too bad!

John took a long deep breath, sighed and took a cigar from the front pocket of his coat. As he was lighting it, he looked at the CHAANK building and began to walk toward the doors. "This is gonna be a long day..." he thought as he took his ID and swiped the card, opening the automatic door. He walked inside and felt a bit better; at least it wasn't cold in here.

No one was there yet; he always was one of the first to arrive in the building. John liked being alone in here; he always had a lot of work to do, mostly paperwork that Dante had neglected to fill (someone had to do it, and dealing with Dante and his projects wasn't the kind of things that could be delegated to some random employee), and while doing it here all alone was somewhat boring, it allowed him to relax a little, and soothed his nerves. But, best of all, filling that boring paperwork gave him something to concentrate on; preventing his mind to think about unpleasant things, like what had happened to Nicholson just a few days ago...

To only think about it made John shudder as he walked toward his office. He had seen the surveillance tape from that night; he had seen how his colleague had fled. The monster had somehow managed to stay unseen, but that wasn't important; there certainly was no need to see it to know that it had claws and huge teeth strong enough to rip through flesh. It was fast and deadly, like all the things Dante had created before it.

But anyway, no need to worry about Dante's monster. John would just keep doing as usual: mind his own business, and too bad for those who thought that sticking their nose in Dante's personal files and telling everything to the press was a good idea. Their problem.

It was a good thing he had arrived so soon at work, especially today; it wouldn't be long before an angry crowd gather around the building's doors, brandishing pictures of dead babies and demanding explanations for that bloodbath from last week, when the Hardman soldier had malfunctioned. As if it was his fault if Dante's project was too flawed. John had tried to explain it to him, but silly things like logistic and practical mind weren't part of Dante's thought process; he had replaced them by other (sadly much less useful) concepts like "awesomeness" and "badassery" and God knew what else.

Oh well. John was used to it by now; there was not much he could do. And at least he wouldn't have to deal with the crowd outside today. Ridley would do it; he would talk to the press. And hopefully the new CEO would prove herself useful, too. Her name was Hayden Cale, John remembered, and he had heard her name before, though he didn't know where. Ridley did seem worried about her, though, so maybe her arrival at the CHAANK would cause a few conflicts... Of course, supposing Cale was thinking of causing problems, she would certainly change her mind after a short meeting with Dante; he would scare her alright, and then she would be more than happy to do her part to help the CHAANK.

At least she couldn't make things worse than they already were.