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A/N: I was bored and randomly came up with this. Gaara's kinda OCC. Naruto... Facebook style!

Sasuke Uchiha - Sakura Haruno

Do you want to go out with me again?

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Gaara Sabaku over my fuckin dead body fag! shes MINE

Sakura Haruno errrr... yeah, sorry. im dating him.

Sasuke Uchiha who the fuck is he?

Gaara Sabaku her boyfriend, bitch!

Naruto Uzumaki lol this is phunny ;)

Tenten Kunai omg ur so luckee! you got guys fighting over you! XD

Sakura Haruno haha i guess?

Ino Yamanaka don't question it forehead!

Gaara Sabaku anyone else like my girl? ill beat the shit out of you bastards

Naruto Uzumaki lee likes sakura, but you already beat the shit out of him and nearly ended his career as a ninja. sakura, your bf is very violent

Ino Yamanaka just like you! jk, jk! XP

Sasuke Uchiha haha i doubt it! i got a six- pack and youre probably just a weak stick!

Gaara Sabaku theres something called modesty, ugly. i play football, volleyball, soccer, baseball, basketball, tennis, golf, swimming, tae kwon do, karate, hockey and even pickle ball

Sakura Haruno youre a hypocrite babe.

Gaara Sabaku i love you too

Sasuke Uchiha someone get me a barf bag, im about to puke.

Naruto Uzumaki no! i don't like ur sex jokes about girls!

Gaara Sabaku i dont like u overall.

Sasuke Uchiha shut up douche

Gaara Sabaku watcha call me u whore?

Sasuke Uchiha a douchebag mangina! ill have you know that ur precious girlfriend and i MADE OUT with each other on the BED when we were DATING!

Gaara Sabaku ill have you know that ill fucking kick you in the balls until youre on the ground crying when i transfer to konoha next week.

Suigetsu whoa. watch ur back sasuke!

Sakura Haruno wow guys, chill!

Sasuke Uchiha stay outa this stupid fangirl! i was only gonna use you for ur apprentice status and chakra control to give me kids. ur still the weak useless girl you were when we were genin.

Gaara Sabaku im going to kill you slowly

Sakura Haruno thanks babe, but i can fight my own fights. ass- gay, youre a cheating son of a bitch! i still cant believe you chose ami- bitch over me! but im SOOO over it. you can stay the hell away from my life. i got someone else now whos hotter than you can ever hope to be now. :)

Naruto Uzumaki oooooo BUUURRNN! you go girl!

Suigetsu ouch, boss got dissed.

Gaara Sabaku that was kinda hot.

Sakura Haruno shut up babe

Gaara Sabaku ok.

Kiba Inuzuka youre totally whipped dude

Chouji Akamichi i agree

Shikamaru Nara troublesome... i second that

Shino Aburame bugsss...

Naruto Uzumaki wtf shino?

Suigetsu anything else to add boss?

Gaara Sabaku hes too much of a coward to say anything else. i totally owned him

Sasuke Uchiha fuck you

Gaara Sabaku ew no thanks. i got sakura to do that for me

Naruto Uzumaki O.o"

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