Chapter 12

Hey my loyal followers! As promised, a much longer chapter! Life got in the way the past year (holy…its been a year?) I got married, going back to school, my son started Kindergarten…Well, I could keep going on and on and on and…well you get the point. J So here it is, chapter 12!

The months passed. Anne moved on from her depression after the miscarriage. Henry was starting to think his marriage was cursed. Why wont God permit me any sons? What have I done wrong? Henry was determined to get Jane into his bed. But her words kept resonating in his mind.

"I will not. You have a wife. I hold my virginity and virtue for my future husband."

Henry sighed and took a drink. He felt Anne's presence and looked up.

"Henry. Would you come to bed?" Anne looked at him and smiled. Henry put his drink down and followed her.

Jane was visiting her father and brother at Wulfhall for a few days.

"Henry has asked me to be his mistress." Thomas and Edward Seymour looked up. Thomas set his drink down and stood, taking Jane's hands in his.

"Daughter, remember. You must remain virtuous if you are ever to find a good husband." He gave her a kiss before heading to bed. Once Edward was sure his father was out of earshot, he scooted closer to Jane.

"Jane, dear sister. Have you thought this through? If you become his mistress it would ruin you. Let me finish." Jane opened her mouth to speak but quickly shut it. "Jane, you know our entire family believes that his marriage to Catherine was a true one. And that we believe Anne is not his true wife. But now, that Catherine is dead., he is technically a widower. He is not married and his daughter, Elizabeth is a bastard. If you were to make him see the truth, he would take you as his true wife. It would be a good marriage for you. You could give him sons. Why do you think God has punished him with another daughter?" Edward sat back and let Jane think. Jane sat in silence for a few minutes then leaned back towards her brother.

"Edward, I do not believe Henry knows that. He will never leave Anne. Although, I do wish he would see that Anne is poisoning his mind against Mary. I would like to see Mary restored as his rightful heir. Anne has kept that poor girl away from her father and in a nunnery!" Jane started to smile at her brothers next comment.

"Then maybe, just maybe, we should make that decision for him. Anne should be taken care of."

Anne and Henry were back to normal. At least, she thought so. They hadn't quarreled and they seemed happy. Jane had been back but seemed distracted at most times. Especially around meals and when alone with Anne. It had been 6 months since the miscarriage and Anne had missed her courses again. She did not want to get Henry's hopes up until she knew for sure if she was pregnant again or not. But Jane knew. She always kept track of Anne's courses. After all, she was the one who had to provide Anne with the cloths. Anne and Henry were sitting down to supper one night when Anne felt a moment of kindness towards Jane.

"Jane, please, come and join us." Anne motioned towards an empty chair. Jane meekly took a seat and took slow, deliberate bites of her food. Anne and Henry were speaking about Elizabeth when they turned to her.

"Jane," began Henry. "Jane, what do you think about Elizabeth getting a hobby horse for Christmastide?" Jane looked up and nodded.

"That would be wonderful. I'm sure she would love it. And what about Mary? Will she be joining us for the festivities?" Jane realized she spoke of something she should not have when she saw the look upon Anne's face. "I am sorry." She apologized. Henry was quick to jump before Anne could speak.

"Jane, you may not speak of her in this home. She has disrespected my wife, and in turn disrespected me. She continues to hold that my so called marriage to her mother was valid." Henry got up from the table. "You may go for the night." Henry left the room. Jane got up and started to clear the table. Anne grabbed her arm.

"Now listen here. You ever mention that bastard in my home again, You will be dismissed and shamed. I will see to it. I don't trust you." Anne got up to leave, but paused in the doorway when she hear Jane whisper "Bitch" under her breath. She ignored her and kept walking, going to her husband.

Anne could not help but feel elated at the news that she was indeed expecting again. While she waited for Henry to return from his hunt, she could not help but let her mind wander, thinking of her father's last visit.

"What did you do?" Thomas Boleyn walked around the side of the bed towards her. "What did you do to lose the child?" He half yelled.

"Father, I was so careful." Anne couldn't help but whisper.

"Not careful enough! From now on, you should not do anything to excite yourself. If Henry sees it in his heart to lay with you again, do not do anything to lose the next one. Do you understand me? DO YOU?" Thomas did not care that she flinchd at his yelling. He needed to make his daughter understand. If she lost Henry's love, she would be disgraced and replaced. Replaced no doubt by that Seymour bitch.

Anne returned to reality when she heard the door close. "Henry?" She jumped up and ran to the front room. Henry had just come in, and upon seeing his wifes face, he ran to her.

"Anne, what is it? What's wrong?" Henry stopped talking when he saw the happiness in her eyes. "Are, are you…?" Anne nodded, her smile getting bigger.

"Doctor Linacre confirmed it this morning. Oh Henry! Isnt it wonderful?" She threw her arms around his neck. Henry hugged her back, hoping she did not see the look in his eyes. "I can take Jane as my mistress now" he thought. "Anne is having my son and Jane isas good as mine."

Edward Seymour made it a habit to go and visit Mary. Whenever he did, he made sure she knew the entire Seymour family was on her side. "Mary, we have come up with a plan. That woman will be out of the way in no time and you will take your rightful place back, besides your father." Mary could not believe what she was hearing. She finally has someone one her side. A powerful family, no doubt. But she was worried about two things.

"Edward, What of Elizabeth? I know she is a bastard, but she is an innocent child. She cannot help who her mother is. And also, the Boleyns. You know they have the harlot protected." Edward put a reassuring hand on Mary.

"The child will not be harmed. Even I am not cruel enough for that. And the Boleyns? Well, They will soon see reason." Mary was glad she would finally see justice. She could not wait to get back in her fathers good graces. Edward continued. "But mary, there is a slight problem. Anne is pregnant again. We are hoping it is another girl, or she will lose it." Mary looked taken back.

"Im sorry Edward. But I am only hoping the child is a girl. I cannot wish harm or death to any living or unborn child. I would not risk my soul for that of sin." Edward quickly apologized. They finished up the visit, and when the sisters called Mary to prayer, Edward left and headed for home. After she was done praying, she continued to hold her rosary beads and prayed for her father. She prayed he would see the error of his ways. She prayed he would welcome her home. She also prayed for her mothers soul. A few tears fell down her cheeks before she got back up.

Henry invited Jane to walk with him through the garden. They were quiet, until Jane started to speak.

"Henry, may I ask a question?" Henry looked down at her.

"Of course, Jane,"

"Henry, I only ask this out of curiosity. I mean no harm." Hnry beckoned for her to continue. "I am asking, why is Mary not a part of your household? She is your daughter." Henry flinched at the name of his daughter.

"Jane. Sweet Jane. You should not trouble yourself of these trivial matters." he slowly brushed his hand against her cheek. "Mary is a bastard. Catherine was not my wife. Now, people think I left Catherine for Anne. That is not true. It was over between Catherine and I long before I even met Anne. In fact, It was never true between us. Now, yes. I loved Catherine. But she did not love me. She was faithful to me, but if she truly loved me she would have let me go, to be with someone with whom I could have a true marriage." Henry continued walking before pulling her behind a topiary. "Jane. May I kiss you? You are just so beautiful. I cannot help myself. May I serve and worship you as Lancelot served Guinevere?" He kissed her hand.

"Yes, Henry. You may kiss me" Henry used his hands to support her chin as he lifted it up to kiss her. He felt her soft lips on his, and felt the fireworks in his belly. Oh, how he loved her. He thought of nothing else that day, until he got home and saw Anne playing with Elizabeth.

Anne knew something was wrong. He did look at her, but seemed distant. He did not bend down to play with Elizabeth as he usually did. She watched him go into the bedroom, and when Jane walked in the house, Anne could not even look at her, except to give her an icy stare. Anne knew something would need to be done, or she would lose Henry.