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Olivia pulled back from underneath the hood as steam billowed out.

"Shit" she swore and if she didn't love her baby so much she would have kicked it. It was herself she should be kicking. What was she thinking? The most her car had travelled before now was an occasional trip to Elliott's or a weekend drive with Alex to her estate for a girl's get away. What had she been thinking trying to drive around the states?

She sighed, just when she had started to relax, started to enjoy herself. She should have known better. Her life had been hell in a hand basket all her life. Why would she get a break now? Recent events in her life had had her at breaking point. Alex leaving again had stunned her and although they kept in contact this time Olivia couldn't deny she was hurt.

Then there had been Calvin, she had started to love the boy in such a short time and he too was cruelly swept away, after being declined for adoption years before it was a real kick in the teeth. So when this last harrowing child abuse case was over and Olivia had been at her wits end she had come to a snap decision. She had waited until everyone but Cragen had left and then walked into his office and shut the door.

He had taken one look at her and nodded. He had been waiting for her to crack for a while, knowing she had been bottling everything up for too long. She had handed over her weapon but he refused her shield, told her to take extended leave and think about it. She told him she'd contact him when she made her decision.

She went home, packed a bag, called her super and organised for him to sublet her apartment for 6 months and had jumped in her car and left New York. Just like that, no indecision, no procrastinating. Right now she hated New York and everything in it.

She drove south to Washington, knocking on an apartment door in the early hours of the morning. A very groggy looking Abbie Carmichael answered the door took one look at her, her bags and hauled her inside.

Olivia was settled in to the spare room, told to take care of herself the following day and when Abbie got home from work they'd talk. It was the first time in years she had slept past 6am. In fact she slept until 10am then spent the day lounging and doing everything she could to prevent from thinking.

By lunch she had multiple calls from Elliott who sounded angry and hurt and disbelieving. She didn't blame him but had no intentions of talking to him other than to send a quick text saying she was fine, was not in New York and was staying with a friend.

When Abbie got home she had raided the fridge and cooked up a casserole. Abbie had smirked and told her she would make a good little wife and may keep her around. Olivia rolled her eyes and over a lovely dinner had spilled her guts to Abbie. Abbie listened but offered no comment, entrusting she knew what she was doing, then offered her spare room for a while.

Olivia had stayed for two weeks, eventually calling Elliott and being firm with him saying at this point she wasn't coming back anytime soon and she would keep in touch. He grumbled but in the end told her to do what she needed to do to get her mind right and return.

Alex had called her too, concerned that she was losing it. Olivia's comment about no more than Alex and at least she wasn't looking at getting herself killed in a foreign land hadn't helped things. They'd made up some by the end of the phone call but Alex knew how pissed she was with her at least now.

Eventually after two weeks were up she informed Abbie she was going on a driving holiday. Abbie's brows had shot up but she had told her to be safe, gave her a hug goodbye and watched her drive away.

So for the last two months she had driven West through the Northern states, starting with Virginia, West Virginia, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska, South Dakota, Wyoming and finally into Montana.

She had stayed away from major cities and taken back roads, choosing whether she went left or right at random. She saw more of her country in the last two months of spring than she had in all her 43 years. It was quite nice country too. Why had she thought that everything began and ended in New York?

So far what she had seen of Montana had been delightful. That was until she found herself on a back road with a cooked engine and not a single car in sight. It wasn't a gravel road so she guessed it wouldn't totally be deserted, she just had to wait for someone to come by. Well at least she had nice scenery with pastures all around her and a Mountain range in the distance. Oh to wake up to that every morning.

She sighed, she should have stopped in the last town and had a mechanic check the car but instead she'd made it 15 miles and the needle hit the red and that was it. Fool. She should know better, she was an idiot but she hadn't wanted some backwater hack take a look at her baby. She'd wanted to take it to a dealership at least. Not that they would know too much about a 68 Mustang either. Now she was screwed.

She would just have to wait for the engine to cool down before seeing if she could get some water into the radiator and coax the car back to the small town. She'd call for assistance but she'd stupidly allowed her phone to go flat and doubted there would be reception in the backwater here.

She was glad the temperature was mild and she wasn't either roasting or freezing her ass off. Her old jeans and leather jacket were keeping her cosy. She would just stand here and enjoy the view of her surroundings.

It was about 5 minutes later that she heard the undeniable sound of a vehicle in the distance coming towards her. She looked back the way she had come and sighed in relief when she saw a large SUV heading towards her. As it got closer she saw the familiar indications of a law vehicle. Lights on top of the vehicle, large star on the side body as it slowed and came to a stop.

It was occupied by only one officer but with tinted windows and a Stetson pulled low on the driver's head it was hard to tell if it was male or female. She had to think male though by the size of the driver as the SUV came to a halt behind her and the engine was cut. Olivia pushed off her car and reached in her back pocket for her Police ID. She had to admit she was grateful for the fact the Captain had decided not to take her badge.

The driver slid out of the vehicle and slammed the door before walking towards her with a decided swagger that oozed confidence. The driver was tall, maybe 6 foot, lean and long limbed and decidedly female. That was a surprise. She wore wrangler jeans, cowboy boots, a long sleeved dark green cotton shirt with a star pinned to it, oh and her black Stetson.

The officer paused about three yards in front of her and used a couple of fingers to push her Stetson higher on her forehead so that Olivia could see a strong square face, high cheekbones, tanned skin, sky blue eyes and a slightly crooked nose. She could see a hint of black hair under the black Stetson.

"Hi, thanks for stopping. Was hoping you could help a fellow officer" she grinned and held up her badge "Even though I'm way outside my jurisdiction"

She looked at the straight faced officer in front of her and waited for a reply.