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5 years later

Tate was whistling and preparing vegetables for the roast dinner she had planned for the night. The smell of the roasting meat was wafting in from the outdoor kitchen and had her stomach rumbling. Callum, Olivia and Beau were sitting having a cup of coffee and taking a well deserved break from the searing heat outside. Not the best day to cook a roast on she had to admit. Due to the extra hot Summer she had cooked them infrequently and the hands had been begging her for one recently and she finally gave in.

The door to the Mess burst open behind her and two voices rang out.

"Daddy daddy" was the first who she recognised as Rafe, racing towards Beau.

"Mum mum mum" came the second and had her dropping her knife and spinning around to catch the little blonde terror before she could latch onto her legs. As usual her heart skipped a beat as she scooped her daughter up and looked into a little Alex mini me. She chuckled as Taylor let out a huge yawn and snuggled into her shoulder.

"Hello baby girl, you fall asleep in the car again?"

"Nah ah" the three year old denied while yawning widely again, causing Tate to chuckle and she looked over to where her gorgeous wife was expertly manoeuvring the pram into the Mess. Sofia, who was holding 2 year old Jayde her daughter with Beau, held the door open for her.

Tate hurried over to assist, grinning at the shy young girl that dashed past her as she handed over Taylor to her mother with a kiss, humming in delight. Alex still got her engines going. She took over the pram, pushing it towards the kitchen while Taylor chirped "Baby, baby, my baby" behind her. Tate chuckled, she'd been saying that since little Nate had arrived. Nate wiggled in the pram, getting comfortable but didn't otherwise stir.

"How did your appointment go?" she asked her wife who smiled warmly and cuddled close causing her to groan.

"Our celibacy is a thing of the past" Alex husked in her ear and Tate looked around as she flushed, darn blood capillaries, she didn't need any more teasing.

"Thank God" she groaned "Kid's in bed early tonight"

"I agree, if I can last that long" Alex chuckled "Maybe we can get Olivia to do some afternoon babysitting"

"Alex, baby no fair, stop teasing" Tate whined and Alex waggled her eyebrows, holding her half asleep daughter close.

"Who said I am teasing" she stated and headed for Olivia. Oh boy!

Olivia was so caught up in watching Beau laughing and tickling his son that she was blindsided when a mini tornado struck her from her left.

"Whoa Kerri!" she chuckled then scooped the 10 year old onto her lap, hugging her close and kissing her cheek. 3 years ago there had been a nasty accident in the district. Parents dead, two children with serious injuries. Subsequent searches had found out the parents had been sweethearts in the foster care system and had no family. This meant the children had no family. Olivia had been heartbroken for the children, had spoken to Tyler and they had approached local welfare.

Kerri and her brother Brandon had come to stay with them after a lot of haggling and some interference from Alex. Last year Tyler and Olivia had requested they adopt the kids. The adoption came through a few weeks ago.

"Where's your brother?" she looked over her daughter's dark head for the black haired boy

"He's with ma of course. You're so silly mummy" Kerri giggled

"Of course, how could I forget" their 12 year old loved hanging around the station with Tyler and Ruthanne and Elliot. Yep Elliot. Kathy and the kids had won after all. So had Judy, absolutely cleaned up with the bets.

"It's Friday so he knows he doesn't have to do his homework until Sunday" Kerri chuckled as she tickled her.

"Is that right? Well maybe I'll change the rules then" Olivia laughed "How about you missy, you got homework?"

"Just some reading and some stupid math" Kerri grumbled and Olivia chuckled, her daughter hated Math.

"Hey Liv?" Olivia looked up to find Alex standing above her.

"Hey Lex, what's up?"

"Can you look after the kids for a while?" Alex asked her and Olivia looked into her sisters slightly flushed face then turned to Tate who was as red as a beetroot as she pushed the pram over and laughed.

"Doctors appointment go well I take it" she chuckled as she accepted her sleeping niece and received a blush in return. "Go, I've got you covered, you've got an hour"

"Thanks" Alex leant down and kissed her cheek. Tate pushed the pram in closer so she could watch little Nate sleeping and turned to Sofia.

"Go get some loving cowgirl, I'll look after dinner" Sofia laughed and then turned to wink at Kerri "I'll get my assistant to help"

Kerri's chest puffed out with self importance and she beamed as Tate grabbed Alex's hand and literally dragged Alex out of the Mess, barely stopping when they nearly bowled over Sarah and her kids coming in the door. Callum's 5 year old twin girls ran for him while their 18 month old brother toddled along the best he could after them.

Sarah looked at the running couple heading for their cabin, turned back to a grinning group trying to contain their laughter and chuckled.

"Alex got a clean bill of health didn't she?" she asked and was answered by raucous laughter.

The couple themselves didn't care at the moment as passion overtook them, maybe later when their friends were all teasing them but they had been celibate far too long.

It had been an interesting 5 years for sure. Tyler and Olivia had been offered land and built their own house with sweeping views of the plains and Mountains. Olivia got her car back finally, she was sure Bob just loved delaying her so he had her car to perv at. She took it for a drive at least once a fortnight, driving Tyler and the kids mad reminiscing.

Alex's ranch had taken about 8 months to get off the ground but once it was raring to go they had an influx of workers and kids and it was turning out to be a great success. Especially the rodeo's that drew in massive crowds.

After a very scary incident which involved one of the workers on the ranch getting seriously hurt by a bull, and there being no doctor in town, Alex had stepped forward again. She had donated money to create a state of the art medical centre equipped with an emergency room that could treat patients better until a helivac could arrive.

Working with the Town Council, who she gave generously to, they were able to put together enough of a package to offer incentive to get a doctor to town. They ended up getting two for the price of one, a husband and wife wanting the quieter life along with three young children. All had settled in well to the community.

Hank and Judy had semi retired, they took off every summer for a month on holidays. Hank still kept an eye on the farm but Callum and Beau were running it more and more. With the help of Olivia of course. She was loving it, the winters sucked but she loved it too much.

Later that night Olivia and Tyler were lying in bed cuddling. Olivia sighed

"I love you Tyler"

"Love you too babe" Tyler kissed her brow pulling her in tighter "I thank the day you decided to push that damn car to the limits and ended up breaking down"

"Me too" Olivia smiled "Best dumb idea I've ever had"

Tyler chuckled and rolling onto her lover went about showing her exactly how much she still loved that dumb idea.