A/N: I've had the idea for this story for YEARS and was never able to write it...I still don't write as good as I want to, but I'm getting tired of having all these ideas and not putting them out for the world to see. As far as I know, this idea hasn't been used for Yugioh yet. (Believe me, I've read hundreds of Yugioh fanfiction). I want to apologize because it's so fast, but I'm not very good with details. Hopefully, you all can use your imaginations for that. :)


Lavender eyes snapped open when a scream met her ears. Sitting up in bed, she nearly screamed herself. In front of her, on the floor, was her mother's bloody body. The Intruders hadn't noticed that she had awakened and were still beating her mother.

The girl, known as Kisaki, quietly lay back down on her bed and pulled the blanket over her face. "Kisaki." Kisaki blinked and peeked under the blanket to see her mother looking at her.

"Mama?" She thought back to her, "How can you talk to me with your mind?"

"I can't explain that now," Her mother let out another scream when one of the men stabbed her.

"Mama!" Tears rolled from Kisaki's eyes as she watched her mother fall to the ground.

"Kisaki…" Her mother's weak voice echoed in Kisaki's mind. "Find your father; Thief King Bakura. You look just like him." Her mother's body went limp and Kisaki knew her mother was no longer on the earth. A strange ball of light emitted from her mother's body and flew over to Kisaki, and, in a flash of light, she was gone.

Kisaki sat up and realized that she was in the desert. Sand was literally everywhere; including in her mouth. Kisaki brushed her white hair out of her eyes and scanned the area.

In the distance, a tall wall surrounded a burning city. Not knowing what was causing it, Kisaki felt a sudden urge to go to the city. She stood up and began walking.

Still a few yards away from the city, she heard a man call out, "Alright, Pharaoh! If you want to save your precious city, FIGHT ME!" The man whose voice belonged to ran out of the city on a brown horse.

Time seemed to slow for Kisaki. The man on the horse had tanned skin, stark white hair, and lavender eyes. Just like her. "DADDY!" The man glanced back at her, then back to the direction he was heading.

A few seconds later, another man on a horse ran out of the city, chasing after Bakura. He was shorter than the average man, but looked confident about himself. An upside down puzzle hung around his neck, and began to glow. "Bakura! Using my name, I will seal our souls into our Millennium Items! And continue this fight when the time is right!" The light from the Millennium Puzzle grew brighter and it shot a beam to Bakura, immediately causing him to fall off his horse. Another beam of light shot into the sky and ripped the Pharaoh's soul from his body.

The night was deadly quiet now; save for the burning city. Kisaki tripped over her foot as she scurried to her father's body. As she approached him, she could see that he was no longer in the world of the living. Kisaki kneeled beside him and gasped as tears ran down her face. Not only did she lose her mother, but now she lost her father! She was all alone now…

She struggled with his body; dragging it to the nearest rock. It had a big hold in it and she hoped that Bakura could rest well in it.

Not even half-way there, Kisaki collapsed from the heaviness. She was only six years old and her little body just wasn't strong enough. But, nonetheless, she struggled to get him into his tomb.

Once there, Kisaki placed him in it comfortably before taking notice of a gold ring hanging from his neck. She remembered that the Pharaoh had said that he was sealing their souls; maybe he meant that they would be sealed into the Millennium items? She remembered how the light shot from the Millennium Puzzle and hit Bakura; both the Millennium Puzzle and the Millennium Ring had the Horus eye on them. Kisaki pulled the Millennium Ring off from Bakura and put it around her own neck.

Kisaki kissed her father on the forehead and wrapped his cloak tighter around him before leaving the hole and turning toward the city. The fires had all been doused by the time she was finished and now, smoke rose from what was left of the people's homes.

By the time she got to the city, the sun had begun to rise. She stepped inside the gates and looked around. There were dead bodies scattered on the ground. She passed by house after house, bodies after bodies and felt her heart drop. When she looked up, she noticed she was at a palace; the doors were broken, almost as if someone beat through them with an axe or something.

Once she entered, she noticed that the room was empty; save for the dead guards near the entrance. The pointers on the Millennium Ring began pointing to her left. She raised it to look at it, because she didn't know that it could do that. The Millennium Ring eventually lead her to a room with a single bed in it. On the bed, lay a gold necklace. It had an Eye of Horus on it as well.

She reached out to pick it up and, as soon as she touched it, the item glowed so brightly that she had to shield her eyes. The last thing she felt was a tug on her body and the feeling of traveling somewhere at an extremely high speed.