In Rapid Succession

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It was Monday. In the Warner household, that meant Laundry Day. Laundry Day was when Yakko unloaded the dirty clothes basket, went through everyone's pockets, tried not to choke on Wakko's socks (How did they get so nasty, anyway? He never even wore them) ran it all through the washer and dryer, folded it up nice and neat, and put it all back in the dresser while Wakko and Dot watched old Buffy the Vampire Slayer reruns. Monday was also Buffy day. What a coincidence.

It wasn't that Yakko minded or anything. Okay, maybe a little, but not enough to complain about it. He just wished his sibs would pitch in once in awhile. Wakko should at least have to wash those repulsive socks of his himself. Oh well, he thought as he folded yet another load of little pink skirts and 'days of the week' underwear. This isn't so bad. I could have to clean the bathroom instead. He grimaced at the thought. That had thankfully become Wakko's job after the little room had gotten so bad that the only way to clean it was to flood the whole tower. Wakko, immune to all manner of toilet nastiness (unless you counted roaches, but they weren't a problem) had no issues with going in there wielding a scrub brush and tile disinfectant. Yakko wasn't quite up for the challenge.

He finished folding Dot's clothes and took the basket through the living room. "What's going on?" He called to the figures slumped on the couch.

"Buffy died." Dot replied. So she had. There she was on the screen lying on front of the rest of the sobbing cast.

"Again?" He asked. Buffy must have died, what, three times now? Ridiculous.

"Yup," said Wakko. "She kicked it for good this time, and now everyone's doing their best fake cry. How do they do that, anyway? Do they just think, 'my dog is dead' or something?" He screwed up his face and chanted, "My dog is dead. My dog is dead. My dog is dead." Looking up, Wakko blinked. "Wow, that worked. I got a few tears."

Yakko laughed and shook his head, then coughed a little as he shuffled into the bedroom with Dot's clothes. He groaned quietly as he tucked the Friday, Saturday, Sunday panties into Dot's drawer. This little cough thing had been bothering him ever since he and his sibs had volunteered at a hospital a few days ago. I had better not be getting sick, he thought. That would be, for one thing, inconvenient. They had a read-through tomorrow and a filming session on Friday. It was probably just a little bug though.

"Hmm," Yakko said aloud, glancing at the bunk beds. "Wouldn't hurt to change the sheets." Having finished putting away Dot's skirts, Yakko set the basket next to his own bunk on the bottom and quickly scaled the ladder to the top.

Yakko was just about to snap off Wakko's blankets when that annoying little cough returned and he wavered on the ladder. Gripping the edge of Wakko's bunk more firmly (It was a pretty long fall), he pulled the pastel blue blankets back to reveal… Garbage. Soda cans, cupcake and candy bar wrappers, old greasy pizza crusts and more sat before him in a little pile.

"Eeww. WAKKO!" He shouted in the direction of the door.

"WHAAT?" Came the reply.


"Um… I GOT HUNGRY." Gee, what a surprise.



"Aw, come on. AGAIN?"


Seriously, Joss Whedon needs to get a better plot device, and fast, Yakko thought as he grimaced and picked up a greasy, half-eaten pizza slice and started down the ladder. Just then, there was a shout of annoyance from the living room and Dot came stomping in. "What's up, sis?" said Yakko with a smirk. She looked pretty cheesed off, but that didn't give him any less of a reason to tease a little.

"I just spilled soda all over my skirt. Look!" Dot gestured to a large brownish stain on the pink garment. "How can I be cute when it looks like someone barfed on my lap? This stain'll never come out." Yakko stared at her incredulously. Hadn't he just put away every last one of her clean skirts? "But… I just did your laundry." He said. She glanced at him as she rummaged for a fresh skirt. "Yeah, I know."

"I JUST did your laundry."

"And?" She said, tossing the stained skirt on the floor at his feet. Yakko twitched slightly as he bent to retrieve it. Didn't they notice he wasn't sitting there watching Buffy for a reason? The way he and his sibs went through clean clothes, the only thing to be done was to wash them there in the tower. It wasn't like they were going to hire a nanny or something- look how well that worked out last time, with that creepy Prunella chick that sung about poison oak and oatmeal. Didn't that headcase understand that life wasn't meant to be a musical?

Yakko sighed. "Nevermind. Just try not to soak that one, 'kay?" He shot the skirt into the hamper like a pro basketball player and started back up the ladder, not noticing that his gloves were wet from the soda, nor that the few topmost rungs were slick with pizza grease.

"Yakko, be careful." said Dot as she turned to leave.

"Yeah, yeah," he replied. "Hey, shove that trash can near the beds, will yAAAAAH!"

Yakko let out a cry of surprise as his foot flew right off one of the greasy top rungs and he careened backwards, his gloves slipping off the bed frame as well. Dot yelled his name and spun around.


The little "Unh" noise he made when he hit the ground was drowned out by the THUMP of impact, and worst of all the loud CRACK he heard when his head hit the steel floor. Then, pain, unimaginable pain; It felt like someone had shot a nail gun into his skull. He heard Dot's knees meet the floor beside him, caught one last glimpse of her panicked face. Then everything went black.


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