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Wakko was in the kitchen, eating; this was, of course, predictable. You were most likely to find Yakko in the living room breaking something with his ping-pong paddle, Dot in the bathroom "cuti-fying" herself, and Wakko in the kitchen trying to eat the blender or something (That was, if they weren't together, which they usually were). It was his thing; it was how he rolled, he thought happily as he shoved an entire box of donuts into his mouth.

Suddenly, Wakko heard Dot shriek from the other room. "WAKKO!" He sighed. Wakko finished chewing, and padded out of the kitchen into the living room. She wasn't there. Must be in the bedroom, he thought. Wonder what she wants?

"COMIN'!" He bellowed.

Wakko thought he had heard a "THUMP," maybe a yell, too, but he had changed the TV from Buffy to the Explosion Channel earlier, because of commercials. It was pretty difficult to hear with that on. Come to think of it, he wasn't quite sure why he had picked that particular channel to change to. Maybe they were hanging around with Slappy too much. Punching the "power" button, Wakko meandered across the room. The symphony of explosions was cut off. He didn't glance at the screen; after all, cool guys don't look at explosions.

Wakko reached the bedroom door and leaned against the frame, smiling. "You hollered?"

Then he registered the scene. Dot was kneeling on the bedroom floor with Yakko's head in her lap, who seemed to be dead … NO. NOT dead. Unconscious, Wakko corrected himself. Because Yakko simply could not, by any stretch of the imagination, be dead. That was impossible. The notion was insane.

"What happened?" Wakko asked, joining Dot on the floor. Her eyes filled with worried tears, and she looked up at him like a lost puppy. "Yakko fell off the ladder! He hit his head on the floor and he's unconscious and I think he's bleeding and… Wakko, what do we do?" She sounded panicky, which was more than understandable. Some people forgot that Dot was only five. Wakko took Yakko's hand, because it seemed like the thing to do.

"Uh…" He stared at Yakko, at his big brother, at the one person he had always thought indestructible. Yakko wasn't supposed to get hurt- he was supposed to help those who did. It just wasn't right. The universe was off-kilter today.

Wakko mentally shook himself. Yakko was down, so that meant he was in charge; he was the leader, the responsible one. Dot needed him-Yakko needed him. So what were you supposed to do when someone hit his or her head?

"Well…Um, did you s-" The hand in Wakko's twitched.

"Unhhh… D-Dot, whahappn?" Yakko stirred again, prompting a mixture of relief and worry from Wakko as he and his sister let out twin breaths they hadn't been fully aware of holding. Yakko slowly blinked and shook his head, dazed. His other hand went up in front of his face to dim the light.

"Gah. Bright," Yakko muttered. Dot began to caution him.

"Don't sit u-" Too late- he had already pushed himself up. Wakko chuckled to himself, allowing a half-smile to creep onto his face at the sight of Yakko simply being Yakko.

"Never mind," said Wakko. "How are you?" He asked even though it was a fairly stupid question. Then again, Yakko always said: "There are no stupid questions-just a bunch of inquisitive idiots."

"Me?" Yakko giggled. He giggled. Not laughed, not chuckled, giggled like a 15-year old schoolgirl. Or like Dot. Wakko supposed that must be creeping her out. He glanced up, and her face confirmed it- In fact, she wore a "what-the-gratuitous-amount-of-cuss-words?" expression to mirror his.

"Me? Fine. Peachy. Peaches and gravy." Yakko continued, sounding in Wakko's opinion like he had the time Hello Nurse had given him some rather strong allergy medicine and it had knocked him loopy for a couple of hours.

"Peaches and gravy," he repeated. "Ha ha, where does that expression that even come from? If you put gravy on peaches, I mean, guh-ross!" He pulled a gookie Wakko would have been proud of if he wasn't so on edge. This wasn't the usual kind of chatter Yakko spat out on a regular basis. Something was wrong.

"Yakko…" Wakko tried cautiously, not sure how to approach.

"Wha? I'm great! I'm as happy as a little girl!" Yakko trilled. Wakko threw another look across at Dot, and she responded with a glance saying, 'This is really starting to freak me out.'

"I think I'm going to throw up, though, " Yakko added conversationally. It took Wakko a few seconds to process what he had said.

"What?" He asked at the exact same time as Dot. Yakko made a disgusting gagging noise and upchucked into Dot's lap.

"EEEEWWWW!" She screeched, shaking her hands helplessly, at a loss of what to do. Wakko leaned over and grabbed the nearby trashcan, shoving it in front of Yakko just in time. Wakko grimaced as he leaned over the can and heaved again. Not being able to remember having ever thrown up himself, Wakko had no idea what it was like, but judging by the noises Yakko was currently making, it seemed less than enjoyable.

Wakko scooted over next to Yakko, not knowing exactly what he was supposed to do. He had seen Hello Nurse dealing with this sort of thing before by rubbing circles on a patient's back. He began doing the same thing, tracing soft, comforting circles between his brother's shoulder blades. He remembered Yakko doing this to him as well, when they were both much younger, to help him fall asleep. It seemed to help now.

After a moment, Yakko stopped convulsing and started coughing. Wakko continued rubbing, mainly because Yakko hadn't stopped him yet. In another minute, the coughing had subsided as well. Dot appeared on Yakko's other side. Wakko looked up at her. She had abandoned her nasty, barfed-on skirt on the floor and was standing there in nothing but her frilly white panties, holding out a box of tissues.

Wakko squeezed Yakko's shoulder lightly and he sat up. Dot pulled out a couple of tissues and offered them to her eldest brother. He took them and wiped his mouth off, then balled them up into a wad and tossed it halfheartedly at the now well-used trashcan. The wad missed, and Dot picked it up with a disgusted face and dropped it in.

"Okay," said Yakko quietly and rather hoarsely. "That wasn't fun." He closed his eyes and put a shaky hand up to his head.

"Feel any better?" Dot asked, kneeling next to her brothers.

"No." Yakko replied flatly, not moving.

"Do you want some water? And you should probably lay down," she continued tentatively, gesturing to the bottom bunk, which was conveniently Yakko's.

"Y-Yeah," he replied, nodding, then wincing slightly.

"You do that, Dot, " Wakko said, standing up. "I'll go and get, uh… Dr. Scratchansniff. Hello Nurse. Someone. Anyone." Dot nodded.

"Okay, good idea; go ahead. Um…" Both she and Wakko were searching for something to say to make the parting less cold, awkward and abrupt.

"I love you." Yakko murmured. He had opened his eyes and was looking at Wakko like only his big brother could. Dot nodded, looking close to tears again suddenly. She took a deep breath and smiled.

"Yeah. I love you."

Wakko gave her a trademark goofy smile to lighten the mood. They were the Animaniacs, after all; no one was used to this much drama. "Love ya too." Then he turned and headed for the door. He pulled a paper clip out of his pocket and inserted it into the lock. All three Warners had learned to pick locks from the very best: The Brain himself. Before long the paper clip was twisted beyond further use, but at the same moment the lock clicked and the door sprang ajar.

He slid down a support beam, dropped to the ground, and tore across the courtyard towards the main buildings. Ralph spotted him and hurried out in front of him, hoisting his pants and blowing his whistle like a crazy person. When Wakko easily sidestepped him, he shouted something in protest that sounded like "Dahrrr, derr duuuuhhh!"

"No time, Fatso! This is urgent!" He yelled as he flew past. Real urgent, he thought as the main buildings grew closer and closer.

My brother is in trouble.


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