Chapter 1:

This is a story about the white haired captain, Toshiro Hitsugaya. Only he grew up in the same era as Urahara and Yoruichi. How does he end up joining the Gotei 13? What kind of person is he with such a different upbringing? And what goes differently when Aizen's plans come into action?

FYI: Most of this story is one great big spoiler, so if you haven't seen much of the show...your gonna be in for some major surprises.

Disclaimer: I own nothing, except a few of the characters I added and the changes to the canon I made.

-One hundred and twenty years before the Agent of the Shinigami arc-

In the forest of Rukongai, just a few hundred feet from the village of Junrinan, a young white haired child about eleven to twelve years in age, four feet in height stood with his head lowered to the ground as if in shame. He was standing just a few yards away from his foster parent's home, which was a normal looking Japanese style house. It only being illuminated by the light from the full, bright moon and the millions of stars in the sky. But the look in the child's eye seemed as though he would give anything not to go back.

He began looking around at his surroundings suspiciously, as if someone was hidden somewhere around him. But when he seemed convinced that no one was around, he just closed his eyes and tilted his head down towards the ground once more.

As he breathed in the warm summer air he opened his eyes and looked up at the clear sky, when he let his breath out, it was visibly seen as though it was extremely cold outside. But instead of his breath drifting upwards like a normal breath would, it drifted down to the ground and froze it on contact. The grass under his feet crystallized and turned as stiff as the trees around him, and as the white haired child breathed in once more, he let out another icy cold breath that froze the ground even further.

"Toshiro..." a voice spoke in his mind as he began to drift into his inner world.

But his concentration was broken by a noise coming from within the house. He turned sharply towards the nearest lit room and narrowed his already mostly narrowed eyes. What he saw was a tall, well-built man, with short brown hair and dull brown eyes walking around the room that appeared to be the living area. But as if the man noticed something was missing in the room, he began looking around rather angrily and without warning, he suddenly yelled, "TOSHIRO!" at the top of his lungs.

A few moments later the young child came walking into the house and up to the older man with his head still lowered, but eyes mostly open. The man looked at him in absolute disgust, the same disgust he had been giving him for the last eleven years; 'No matter how many times I look at him, he always seems to annoy me more and more, he's such a damn freak! How did I get stuck with him as a foster son!' the man screamed in his own mind as he grabbed Toshiro by the front of his kimono.

"WHERE THE HELL HAVE YOU BEEN? AND WHERE IS THE BREAD I SENT YOU TO GET?" he demanded loudly in the boy's face, practically spitting in his eyes in the process.

Toshiro closed his eyes and turned away with his nose curling up as the man's breath reeked of alcohol and things he could even discribe. Finally after a few more shakes and demands from the man, Toshiro looked into his eyes and gave his silent yet slightly annoyed reply.

"I was attacked by some of the villagers, they took it from me." the man snarled at Toshiro's words but accepted them all the same.

Then as he released his kimono, he suddenly took a full out swing at Toshiro's face, and as his fist connected with his jaw it sent Toshiro practically flying into the wall almost five feet away. And the moment his back hit the wall the man instantly began yelling once more.


The man instantly froze with slightly widened eyes and walked over to the door. But as he put his hand on the knob he took a quick glance back at Toshiro; whose jaw was now out of place and already beginning to swell. "You better behave or else!" he growled silently, giving Toshiro one last severe glare before he finally opened the door, immediately being welcomed with a wave and a hug from one of the three people from outside.

The first was a fairly tall male; about five foot ten in height with short black hair, somewhat tanned skin, and silver colored eyes. The next was a slightly shorter female with purple hair, rather dark skin, and golden eyes. And the last was another female, about the same age and height as Toshiro, and seemingly like a child replica of the first female. Them sharing exact traits in hair, eyes, skin and even personality. They are: Tenkesho, Yorie, and Yoruichi; The Shihoin family.

"Ah Kansoyue, how are you my friend?" Tenkesho said breaking their hug, but still keeping one of their hands on the other's shoulders.

"I am well Tenkesho Shihoin, and yourself?" Kansoyue asked, gesturing for the rest of the members to come in.

"I've been well...I see that you brought your daughter." Kansoyue said nodding at the younger girl, but then turned his attention to Toshiro, who was trying to put his jaw back into place.

Toshiro looked up at him, nodded in understanding of what he wanted him to do, and started walking away down the hall that lead to the bedrooms. But just before he walked around one of the corners he finally managed to put his jaw back into place, everyone heard the loud snapping sound that followed afterwards and turned in the direction that the young man was walking.

"Um...yeah, I figured that...she'd be able to hang out with...I'm sorry... but what in the world happened to him? How did his jaw get like that? And...What was his name again?" Tenkesho asked looking at Toshiro's leaving figure to Kansoyue.

But realizing how insensitive his last question was, he tilted his head to the side and scratched the back of his neck sheepishly. The two women looked at him with scolding looks, while the two men on the other hand were lightly chuckling to themselves. But Tenkesho stopped when Kansoyue started laughing much more then what was called for. They all raised an eyebrow at him in confusion, causing him to stop his fit of laughter immediately.

"My apologies. My wife is working on our meal, you can unwind and relax out here if you'd like." he said smiling going back to his friendly tone.

He then gestured everyone to sit around the table in the living area, but Yoruichi just turned away and looked down the hallway that Toshiro went through. She had a sympathetic look on her face as she thought about his jaw, she quickly glanced back at everyone sitting around the table, then back again and started her way down the hallway. She continued on until she saw a light from inside one of the rooms, she slowly slid the door open which revealed the young boy she saw before, he was sitting in the center of a seemingly empty room with his back turned to her and his head down.

"Hey, you okay?" she asked, walking around the room and out in front of him, his eyes snapped open and looked up at her in shock.

Toshiro swiftly turned away but ended up making his bruised jaw begin to throb, he tried to hide his pain but didn't succeed very well, if at all. He glanced back up at her for a moment but turned away once more as he nodded slightly at her question; "Well, you don't look alright; you should have someone take a look at that. How did it happen anyway?" she asked kneeling down to him.

He sent her a slight glare to try and get her to leave him alone, but she just ended up sending him a warm smile, sat down across from him and leaned towards his face. He didn't want to respond but from what he could tell, she was just gonna keep pushing him to answer till she got one. Yoruichi let out a chuckle as she noticed him realizing all this so quickly, she then slowly put her hand up to his swollen jaw and began rubbing it to ease the pain she knew he felt.

Even though the moment she touched his skin it felt as cold as ice, she also noticed that it was just about as smooth as her own skin, so she just ignored the cold and continued rubbing his swollen jaw. At first Toshiro flinched slightly at the contact, but as the pain began subsiding he didn't mind it as much; he then met her golden eyes with his teal ones and for the first time...he felt vulnerable. Her eyes felt as if they were not only looking at him, but through him.

"I...I tripped and hit my jaw on a stone. I don't need medical attention; I'll be fine in a day or two." Toshiro spoke as he looked away from her soul piercing gaze.

She looked at him raising an eye brow, she didn't believe his story, but didn't want to anger him by questioning him too much either; so she just smiled again and removed her hand from his ice cold face and sighed.

"Well my name is Yoruichi Shihoin, but you can just call me by my first name." she said gesturing to herself with her thumb.

Toshiro looked at her with a raised eye brow, but he sighed as well and once again closed his eyes before his response; "Toshiro Hitsugaya."

He stuck out his hand for a shake but she grabbed him by his hand and all but yanked him towards her. She pulled him into a hug and shoved his face in between her still growing yet fairly large for her age breasts. Toshiro was at a loss for words, he was stunned to the point of feeling completely numb, he couldn't even feel any pain from his jaw anymore. Then when she finally let go she noticed his cheeks were slightly red from blushing.

She smirked evilly at her accomplishment; 'I think I should get him some nice sweets, it'll probably get him to loosen least a little.' she thought as she grabbed him by his icy cold hand.

She practically dragged him out of the room, then out the front door and headed out towards the town where she knew she could get some really good candy; "Come on!" Yoruichi said happily, still holding onto his hand.

Toshiro's eyes became wide as he recognized the lights of the town coming clearer into view; he suddenly tore his hand away from her grasp and stopped dead in his tracks. Yoruichi was quite startled by his sudden action and turn to face him with her own slightly wide eyes; "Sorry...I just can't." he said looking out to the town with a very icy glare.

She walked back to him and put a hand on his shoulder; "Why not? What's wrong with the town? I know it smells funky and the people are rather...blah, but still...why don't we go out and get some cand-...what's wrong?" she asked tilting her head as he looked away.

He looked back into her eyes once more and hardened his gaze slightly, but he didn't respond and looked away again; "Toshiro?" she asked with a concerned tone, not understanding why anyone would hate to go into town as much as he was showing.

Toshiro sighed, smoothed his hair back into place with his hand and broke his silence with a bit of an angry tone, "I...get treated like a freak."

He then lowered his gaze to the ground and halfway closed his eyes as Yoruichi's widened even more as she looked over her shoulder to the town that Toshiro seemed to loath so much. Then with a deep sigh, Yoruichi looked back at Toshiro with much sympathy for him and began looking the boy over. She looked from his white hair, to his half lidded eyes, then to his pale hands.

'Well I suppose I might be able to see 'how' some might think that way, but I still don't see 'why'. Just because his outer appearance is different doesn't give them any right to treat him like a freak. So what if his hair is white, or his eyes are teal, or even if his skin is as cold as ice. The only reason I can think of is that; no one understands him or even wants to take time to do so.' she thought as a sudden smile appeared on her face.

Yoruichi slightly tightened her grip on his right shoulder, "Hm, I don't think of you as any different than me." she said positioning herself off to his left side of him and resting her arm around shoulders.
He followed her movements with his eyes very carefully with a hint of suspicion, due to all the years of not trusting anyone.

"Hmph, I don't know how." he said rather bitterly, still not entirely believing her.

'I've gotta cheer him up...otherwise he'll be nothing but a dud.' she thought as she got a fairly fun idea.

As he continued his icy stare on her, she quickly moved right behind him, not making a sound as she did. And just before he could move or react, she suddenly jumped on his back, wrapped one of her arms around his neck, and wrapped her legs around his waist.

"Woohoo, ha ha ha haaaaa!" she laughed swinging one of her arms around in the air.

Toshiro turned his head around to glare at her, but his scowl was met with her smiling face and his glare instantly disappeared; 'What is with this girl? Why is it that I can't even get mad at her? And why is she messing with me like this? It's almost like she is actually trying to become my friend...but why would a Shihoin befriend someone like me?' he questioned himself.

"What are you talking about? How can I see you as anything different? You're sooo much fun!" Yoruichi laughed out as she snaked her other arm around his neck.

She leaned in towards this head and rested her chin on his shoulder, she then noticed that there was no strain in Toshiro's face; 'He's not having even close to a difficult time holding me and himself up. He he, he's definitely stronger then he looks. Hmm, I think I'm starting to like this guy. Maybe me, him, Kisuke, and Tessai...heck maybe even Kukaku can hang out together, we'll have a blast! I think that we've been missing somebody like this in our group. I mean, Tessai is kinda silent too, but he can be almost as bad as Kisuke sometimes, and other times...he can be just plain out weird.' she thought smiling.

"Well you're part of a great noble family, and I'm an adopted son of a middle class man, and the only reason for our meeting is because they were friends at some point, appearance isn't exactly what people would consider normal." Toshiro said flatly, still not sure if she was being truthful or not.

Yoruichi just slowly shook her head on his shoulder and chuckled silently to herself. Toshiro was still rather confused, he just couldn't figure out her mind set...she had to be up to something, but why would anyone go through this much trouble just to humiliate him? Though he never allowed himself to let his down his guard, he ended up giving her his trust for reasons even unknown to him. Then she sighed into his neck as she prepared to answer him, sending a sudden chill up and down his spine as she did.

'What the hell! Why am I so damn nervous? She just breathed on me and I shuddered! How can she make me feel so self-conscious?' he demanded from himself, with his annoyance and confusion showing in his face.

"Oh please, I don't judge people on how they look; I get to know them first, before I make any sort of assumption about them. Besides, I'm not exactly normal looking either...I mean come on, golden eyes and purple hair? That doesn't seem very normal either. Plus...think you're a nice guy, you seem smart, strong, a bit bashful, but definitely...cute!" she said gesturing to his head, then his arms, then his cheeks for the last two.

Once more he was frozen stiff by her very evident flirting, he never knew people could be like this, he only ever dealt with people's hatred and loathing for him, so he wasn't prepared for any of it.

'This is just getting ridiculous, why can't I do or even say anything to her whenever she does these...strange antics? It's like she casting a spell over me or something. Just how the hell do you do that Yoruichi?' Toshiro thought almost angrily as he sighed deeply in the process.

He looked over towards the town, then back at her expecting smile and lowered his eyes slightly; "Hmph, well at least you look good with your differences...everyone thinks of me as a freak of nature. And in case you haven't noticed, not everyone has those kinds of ideals...most judge first and ask questions never. You must be a rather rare person for believing that way." he said in his chilly voice, but it seemed to be mixed with a certain level of sincerity this time.

Her smile became even wider, "So you think I look good?" she asked as she pressed her chest further onto his back, causing him to blush from not only her action but his realization of his own words.

'Damn it! How in the hell did I let something like that come out of my own mouth? Shit!' Toshiro thought even more angrily.

"Well I suppose I might be a bit of a rare person, I think that when people judge others from their first impression; they are either jealous of that person or they're just a bunch of jerks with no afterlife." Yoruichi said laughing into his shoulder.

Toshiro chuckled slightly in agreement; "Thank you." he said suddenly, with no hint of ice, which took Yoruichi completely by surprise, and in her response she simply said; "Huh?"

"Thank you, for not judging me by my looks, and not being...afraid of me, like everyone else." Toshiro continued in what Yoruichi realized was his 'sincere tone'.

She raised an eyebrow at 'afraid' not understanding of what he meant; "Why would I be afraid? Like I said I think you're a nice guy *looks at him in fake suspicion* unless there's a reason for me to be?" she asked leaning further towards his face, exclaiming an "Hmm?" as she looked at him.

"Well..." Toshiro started but looked at the ground and closed his eyes before he continued; "I have an...odd...curse." he finished, raising his head back up and glaring at a spot in front of him with such intensity that Yoruichi wouldn't be surprised if it burst into flames...or freeze over.

"Curse huh? Well I have one too, only I call it a 'special ability'! Hmm, our abilities are probably quite different though." she said smiling and giggling into his shoulder.

Toshiro raised a brow as he just brushed what her ability could be out of his mind; "Yeah, most likely." he said looking up towards the moon.

Yoruichi followed his gaze and smiled at the night sky, then looked back to him; "So what is 'your'...special ability huh?" she asked stroking his hair with her fingers, and even though it made him feel like a child, he was actually enjoying it, but tried not to let it show.

He looked back at her and smirked slightly at her eager face; "Well, I guess I can show you." he said before closing his eyes and concentrating his spiritual energy outward.

The temperature immediately dropped drastically, causing her to shiver from the sudden cold. She then noticed that the moonlight was no longer present and looked up to see why. Her eyes widened as she saw storm clouds beginning to cover the sky and block out any and all light from the moon and stars; 'Oh my.' she thought watching everything transpire right in front of her.

There was a loud clap of thunder that followed a large flash of lightning, which made Yoruichi flinch and Toshiro to snap back to reality. Then, as fast as it had happened it just disappeared; she looked to him and noticed that he was trembling slightly from what seemed to be exhaustion.

So she slowly slid off his back and leaned him against her body; "Are you okay?" she asked both astounded by his very unique ability and also concerned by the same reason.

He didn't respond just yet, he was still trying to make sure he didn't allow his power to go out of control, for that was why he was tired; "Yeah, I'm fine."

But he suddenly cringed from the buildup of power he had been keeping in over the course of time that suddenly wanted out. Then without any warning he completely collapsed, but Yoruichi caught him in her arms, knelt him down and rested his head on her lap.

"I don't think need to rest for a bit." she said putting her hand gently on his chest to keep him from getting up.

Toshiro looked up at her and gazed into her golden eyes, and slowly but surely his power 'fluctuation' began to cease. His eyes widened slightly in amazement as the effect she had on him seemed to have increased. He couldn't figure out why he felt so at ease just by looking at her, but he didn't seem to mind it at the moment and neither did she. They just sat and laid there for a few minutes staring at one another when all of a sudden...


'Ah shit!' Toshiro cursed inwardly, as they both looked in the direction of the voice and saw four figures walking their way.

The first of course was Kansoyue looking angry as ever, the next was Tenkesho looking absolutely confused at his friends reaction to the simple situation. The third was Yorie looking slightly annoyed that she had to get up, and then the last was Kansoyue's wife, Azukie who looed just as annoyed as Yorie. Toshiro had a face of annoyance and anger mixed together, Yoruichi on the other hand was more or less in a state of...huh?

"What the hell are you doing out here Toshiro?" Kansoyue yelled as he walked closer with Azukie right behind him, while the other two just stayed behind them, not wanting to get involved.

Then when the group settled a few feet away from the pair, they noticed that Yoruichi was now pulling Toshiro closer into her arms as if to protect him. "What is going on here?" Yorie asked slyly with a smile now appearing on her face.

Her smile was incredibly similar to the one Toshiro had seen her daughter do so many times within a few minute period. Yoruichi looked at her mother, smiled as wide as her, shrugged her shoulders a little, tilted her head to the side, and then closed her eyes as she readied her response; "Oooh nothin' much, just gettin' to know each other...really well." she said being extremely flirtatious with each word.

This made Toshiro's eyes to widen and frantically try to bring himself back up to his feet, but he was held in place by Yoruichi's arms. Seeing his struggle, both Yoruichi and her mother started laughing, making him start blushing once more, then just before Toshiro was about to free himself, Yoruichi suddenly pulled him into her chest for another hug, which caused his face to turn even redder.

"He he, it seems that my little girl finally has herself a boyfriend." Tenkesho stated happily, which made Kansoyue and Azukie's jaws drop.

'How can they be so calm about this? This Toshiro is a freak, yet their treating him like he's...normal? I can't believe he's actually becoming friends with Yoru-hmm wait a moment here, this might be a good thing, he he.' Kansoyue thought as he began to smirk.

"Well this is great, two young people...having fun, making friends, oh I love it!" Kansoyue exclaimed with a wide smile and an oddly sincere tone.

Everyone present stopped and looked at him with a highly raised brow, especially Azukie who was more in shock then confusion. "H-huh?" she managed to stutter out.

"What do ya mean, 'huh'? I love that Toshiro has found himself a new friend!" he said happily.

But the way he had said Toshiro's name, seemed to hold a hint of venom in it, and the way he said 'new friend' there was some sort of actual happiness there. Even though Toshiro did not have a single friend, his happiness just seemed not to be the kind someone normally would in this scenario. They were all still looking at his smiling face and half closed eyes, everyone knew it was fake, the only differences where that they each thought it was fake for different reasons.

Both Azukie and Toshiro knew it was for some sort of plot to get closer to the Shihoin's money, because that's just the way he was. Tenkesho, Yorie and Yoruichi thought that he was up to something as well, only they weren't sure if they really wanted to know what it was or not. Kansoyue was just looking back at each of their suspicious faces and merely smiled even wider as if it was amusing.

"What?" he asked, now feeling slightly uncomfortable from everyone's 'correct' suspicions.

While most of them just shrugged and tilted their heads away, not bothering with him anymore; Toshiro kept his stone cold face on the man until..."Oh, we're more than just friends, right Toshiro?" Yoruichi said nudging him a bit and giggling in the process.

Toshiro looked at her with pure annoyance, but still slightly blushing without really realizing it, but Yoruichi just held her happy and joyful look at him that suddenly turned to a devious one. "N-no, what are you-." but he was cut off by Yoruichi giving a small kiss on his cheek which made everyone gasp but smile at the same time.
Toshiro was caught in a state of paralysis; he couldn't speak, move, or even blink. When they saw his unmoving look of shock they all made an 'aww' noise that seemed to bring Toshiro out of his daze and immediately jump up to his feet. He kept his back turned to them as he began straightening out his robes and hair. Yoruichi started chuckling at his shy display, then got up on her feet, walked over to him, put her arms around his neck, and nuzzled herself closer to him.

He didn't seem to react much to it, but he was in fact hiding a deep blush forming on his face, and as she turned him around to everyone's expecting faces they all saw his red dusted cheeks. Once again they let out a few 'aww's' and continued staring at their self-proclaimed couple, and then Yorie decided to calm the obviously embarrassed child. She walked over to them and put a hand on both of their shoulders; "It's alright Toshiro, she's like this with most of her friends." Yorie began with an encouraging smile.

He looked at her with a raised brow as if he wasn't interested, but his shoulders had noticeably slumped down in slight disappointment, then Yorie winked at him as she continued; "But I will admit, she has taken quite a liking to you, even more so then any of her other friends."

Even though he looked away from her still trying not to show interest, he actually did feel a bit better and his shoulders had unconsciously gone back to normal.

"After all she's never given any of them a peck on the cheek before, nor jumped all over them so much, I've never even seen her hold any of their hands." she claimed taking a glance at her daughter, whom was giggling to herself.

"She's usually all look, but no touch. But she doesn't seem to mind with you...hmm...she seems to have put a lot of trust in you, especially for someone she barely knows." she said leaning down closer and winking at the white haired child.

As Toshiro stood there slightly awestruck, Yorie let each of their shoulders go, stood up straight and gave each of them a wide smile before walking back to her husband and nodded to him. He responded with his own nod, then looked over at Toshiro and smiled; "Well young man, my wife believes you really are worthy enough to be our daughter's boyfriend." he said with a smile.

Then he became quite serious, "But I will only allow 'friend' at the boyfriend till she's older. And if you are to be her friend, then I ask you to promise us that you will protect her no matter what...and you stay by her side till the end. Only then, will I give my blessing to for your friendship." he said with slightly narrowed eyes.

Toshiro looked from Tenkesho to Yorie, then to Yoruichi to his foster parents, and finally back to Tenkesho. He narrowed his eyes even more than the older mans as he responded; "I would...but I don't deserve a friend, especially someone as nice as your daughter." he said rather sadly turning his back to them once again and began walking away aimlessly.

Everyone became wide eyed in shock; they hadn't expected 'that'. Yoruichi stared at him for a few brief seconds with sadness, before snapping out of her shock and running after him, calling his name as she went. Then as she caught up to him, she put a hand on his shoulder and called his name again, but he just kept on walking; "Toshiro! What's wrong? You don't want to be my friend?" she asked sadly and almost desperately, but just silently enough to were only he could hear.

He finally stopped and turned to her, "I said I would...but don't deserve it." he said simply yet coldly.

"Why wouldn't you deserve a friend?" she asked with a slightly raised brow.

"Just look at me, I'm not deserving of anything...they say I'm worthless, pathetic, weak, and above all...a damn freak. What kind of friend would I be if I can't even protect you, besides you don't even know anything about me, how can you trust me so easily?" he asked avoiding eye contact the whole time.

She looked at him with the sadness in her eyes growing by the second; "Toshiro...*sigh*...if there's one thing I know about you is that you are far from any of those things, you have more spirit energy then even I do and that's saying something." she said forming a slight smile.

"And the reason why I trust you just have a trustworthy face." she continued smiling wider.
Toshiro was beginning to feel her sad tone overwhelming him, he finally looked into her eyes and seemed to melt from the inside out.

He then knew that his mind had truly been changed for him; 'Damn it! She is a professional at taking me out of my comfort zone isn't she. I knew I shouldn't have made eye contact.' he thought to himself in annoyance before turning back to the others.

"I swear on my life I will protect her and stand by her till the end." Toshiro claimed even more forcefully than anyone expected, causing Yoruichi's parents to smile and nod at him in acceptance.

A short silence was cast over them until Tenkesho spoke up; "Well this has already been an eventful evening, but I think we should retire back inside, I'm pretty sure I heard some thunder a little while ago, but I don't see any clouds. Though it has gotten a little chilly out here."

Yoruichi stole a glance at Toshiro who was looking away scratching the back of his neck in slight embarrassment, causing her to start giggling once more. As they headed back inside Yoruichi shifted closer to Toshiro, "Don't worry, I won't tell anyone, but I do have an idea that I think you just might like." she whispered to him.

"What's that?" he asked as the two walked back to the empty room they had officially first met in.

Yoruichi smiled at him once again; "I think you should become a shinigami!"

He looked at her, raising a brow; "What for?"

She tilted her head to the side; "You want to learn how to control that ability of yours don't you? Besides I'm going in a few days myself, we should go together. You can meet some of my other friends! We'll be like our own little group!" she said winking.

Now it was Toshiro's turn to tilt his head to the side; 'Become a shinigami? I suppose I could, but...I'm not, why not?.' he thought as he closed his eyes, sighed and readied his reply.

"I know I'm going to regret this, but alright...I'll go. But don't be surprised when no one accepts me there. They've never accepted me anywhere so I doubt that the academy will be any different." Yoruichi giggled slightly at his words and wrapped her arm around his.

"Oh don't worry, as long as you're with me no one will dare bad mouth you." but Toshiro took his arm out from around hers and sighed again.

"Well if I am accepted, I'd prefer to make my own reputation, instead of in the shadow of someone else' offense." she just laughed and brought him in for yet another hug.

Only this time Toshiro made sure she could only get her arms around his neck and not around his head to shove his face into her chest, so she ended up giving him an eye level hug. "I doubt you'll have any problem with that, my little 'Ice Prince'." she said laughing over his shoulder.

He slightly tensed up from his odd nickname but decided to shrug it off, 'Ahh...What the hell.' he thought as he gave up and hugged her back, to which she smiled even wider.

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