Chapter 167:

-The next morning-

"So my hollow powers did disappear along with my shinigami." Ichigo said silently as he gave a light nod of his head.

"Well...not exactly. But I merely made that part up about him forming his own body so that you could somewhat believe that he had indeed found a way to return." Toshiro said as he and the orange-haired teen were sitting in digitized chairs, them still being within the game world of Yukio's console.

"What do you mean 'not exactly'?" the brown-eyed high-schooler questioned with a raised brow, to which he leaned forward slightly in interest.

The icy captain let out a silent breath as he crossed his arms and closed his eyes; "You still have a faint trace of your original power within your soul. Both your shinigami and your hollow powers are inside you, but it's too small of an amount for your zanpakuto to take form." he began with a reporting tone.

"However...using the method of bringing out your Fullbring power, it will slowly pull and develop your shinigami powers back for you to wield once more." Toshiro finished as he slowly opened his eyes.

Ichigo blinked a few times to his words before nodding his head and gave a small grin; "Alright...well what am I waiting for? I'll get back to my training!" he declared as he quickly rushed over to the side where Ginjo was speaking with Chad about the training the large teen would be undergoing.

"Why were you lying to Kurosaki-kun, Toshiro-Nii?" Orihime whispered out, her walking up to him with a box of donuts in her hands.

This having just been given to her by Riruka as she had mentioned that she had never seen Toshiro eat before. To which she gave the box to her for this very reason, her saying that it was simply to see the 'unknown'. However, after the orange-haired girl had come up to the icy captain and spoke, he turned to her with a raised brow.

"What do you mean?" Toshiro asked back as he just stared at her blankly as to not give any indication that he was in fact lying.

"I may not know you too well yet Toshiro-Nii...but I've spent my whole life learning how people act when they're not being honest or are simply saying things the other person wants to hear." Orihime began as she sat down in the chair Ichigo had just been in and placed the box on the table between her and Toshiro.

Whom had raised his brow a bit more before narrowing his eyes slightly, but he never spoke a word as he waited for the orange-haired girl to speak. Her doing just that as she tilted her head down as if in deep thought about something; "And though you're extremely hard to read...I can still tell by the look in your eyes when you opened them that you were just making up what you said to Kurosaki-kun. But it seemed to be mixed in with some truth, which is why I'm wondering what part was true...and which was false?"

Toshiro stared at her for a long while before he let out a heavy sigh; "The fact that he does have a small amount of reiatsu from his shinigami and hollow powers was the true part. But the rest was made up because if I tell him what's really going to happen...he'll push himself too hard and possibly ruin everything by his rushing." he started in a whisper as he glanced over toward Ichigo as he fought against Ginjo far off to the side.

The former of whom was swinging his short blade toward the experienced Fullbringer as their feet stayed planted in place the entire time. Yet while they attacked and parried one another's blades, Chad suddenly came down from above to attack them both with a powerful reiatsu-enduced fist. This causing the pair to split away from each other and jump in opposite directions to prevent from being hit by the attack or resulting explosion. Though the three were nearly one hundred yards away, the shock wave of the tan teen's punch caused the floor to tremble around Toshiro and Orihime. Said soft spoken girl tilting her head at the icy captain as she leaned forward to look at him a bit better, her eyes never leaving his despite what was happening just to the side.

"What is going to happen?" she questioned with blinking eyes as she appeared rather worried about his possible answer.

"Well...I'm using his Fullbring power to push back his 'not-so-dormant' Quincy powers, which have been slowly developing inside him after the loss of his shinigami and hollow power. Once he's reached a certain level, I'll have to drain his Fullbring from his body and immediately insert enough shinigami reiatsu into him so that his powers can return." Toshiro explained, him uncrossing his arms and placing an elbow to the table and resting his chin on his ice-covered hand.

As he said all this, Orihime's eyes widened more and more, yet she looked down in thought as she tried to understand all of this. "But...why? Why is it so bad for him to have quincy powers? Ishida-kun is very nice, reliable and always very helpful. What's so bad about Kurosaki-kun having quinc-?" but she was cut off from saying anything further when another, but more powerful shock wave hit them.

This made her turn her attention over to the three fighting, to which her eyes widened a bit as she saw Chad using his shielded right arm to block what seemed to have been a slash that was fused with an imitated Getsuga Tensho. But before Ginjo's flanking slash reached Ichigo, he suddenly vanished in a very fast movement, which he continuously used all around the two he was training with. Yet while Ginjo and Chad seemed to be able to block the orange-haired teen's random attacks, they were just barely able to do so in the nick of time as their eyes could barely follow him. But even as Orihime watched this, she was brought out of her daze from watching them as Toshiro spoke up in a silent, but very serious voice.

"It will allow the return of the very first Quincy and bring about great devastation before he can be defeated." was all the white-haired captain had to say before his 'imouto' looked back to the floor in thought.

Though a few minutes passed between them, neither one had even given a glance toward the fight still raging to the side. Despite there being a great many explosions, battle cries and even groans of pain whenever someone had been hit by an attack. Orihime being too deep in thought to even move and Toshiro could simply tell what was going on simply through sensing their reiatsu.

Yet after an extra brief moments, the teen girl eventually gave a small smile and looked to the white-haired captain; "'ve always done everything for the greater good, so I trust you Toshiro-Nii." she stated with a confident nod of her head.

The icy captain blinked his eyes briefly before he smirked in response; "Thanks Orihime...I'll make sure not to disappoint you." he said with a short nod of his own before glancing to the side.

Where of which he noticed Riruka 'trying' to hide from him behind what seemed to be a short, pixelated hedge line that surrounded most of the table. This being Yukio's idea to make the area seem more 'homey', which failed completely since there wasn't an actual house. Yet Toshiro let out a breath, opened the box of donuts and began to eat one slowly. All the while, he could hear a silent squealing coming from the bush as Riruka was watching him through the small leaves of the bush in front of her.

"Are you sure you didn't want any Riruka-chan?" Orihime asked as she looked over to where she could see said teen.

Whom wasn't crouched down enough to be unnoticed by anyone, yet she still popped her head up with a huff and called back to the orange-haired girl. "Of course! It's not like I'm hungry or anything!"

Though soon after her words, a growl could be heard emanating from her stomach, causing Riruka to blush deeply and stand herself up. "Okay...maybe just a few." she muttered as she simply stepped over the hedge.

Toshiro gave a small smirk in response to this, to which he eventually took a short glance over to Chad and Ginjo as they both charged at Ichigo. Whom had side stepped away from the former and parried the blade of the latter, to which he then sent his own attacks at them. But the icy captain didn't bother to continue watching as he turned his head back to the box of donuts, causing him to blink when he saw that most of them were already gone. Yet as he looked between Riruka and Orihime, the former merely pointed at the latter with an accusing finger. This made the orange-haired girl pout with large and tear-filled eyes at him; "But they're so good~!" she whined out as she took another donut into her hand.

The icy captain chuckled silently to her before tilting his head up at the ceiling of the world; "Yukio...take me back. I have something I need to take care of." he said silently, yet he knew the blond could hear him.

This being confirmed when a large screen appeared in the air over everyone's head, which quickly showed Yukio's head in it as though there was a camera in the screen of his game console. "Understood." was all the blond said before the image vanished and Toshiro began being surrounded in black pixels.

"I'll be back when all of you come out." the white-haired captain side with a light nod to Orihime and Riruka, yet he gave a final glance toward Ichigo as he had used a real Getsuga Tensho against the two he was fighting against.

Though as Toshiro disappeared from the game and came into the real world, he blinked and sweat dropped when he saw Yoruichi sitting on the sofa nearby. Said tan-skinned woman looked over to him with a raised brow as she seemed a bit too calm for her husband's liking. His fear being confirmed when she spoke up in a slightly suspicious way, plus had crossed both her arms and legs in the process. " plan on leaving me out on all the fun you?"

"I was actually just on my way to tell you, Yoruichi." Toshiro said as he cleared his throat lightly, him telling the truth, but not all of it.

"Oh? After almost two whole days? I've been shopping with Kukaku, Rangiku and even Soifon for so long I'm seeing price tags in the back of my eyelids now." the purple-haired woman said with a light groan and pout.

"Well they kind of needed you while shopping, and since you and I both know if I told you anything during that time...none of the shopping would have gotten done." Toshiro said with a short nod as they both knew this to be true.

Yoruichi huffed to him as she stood up and walked up in very close proximity to the icy captain as she raised her brow. "'s still not fair. Though I guess now..." she began as she glanced to the side before back to him.

" don't really have to worry about telling me." she continued with a small smirk; "Masaki already filled me in on everything you were planning on doing for Ichigo and Karin."

Toshiro let out a breath to this as he nodded once more, yet he looked back to her quickly as she spoke up once more. Her having another pout on her features as she leaned in close to his face until they were just inches apart; "However...I'm still rather hurt that it took you so long to finally decide to tell me what you were up to. I am your wife after all."

Though Toshiro let out a silent groan in response, he only moved his head back slightly and glanced to the side; "Alright...I'm sorry, Yoruichi." he said in a near whisper.

"I'm sorry, Yoruichi...and~?" she echoed back before adding the last word with her leaning even closer to the icy captain.

Whom shifted his eyes to his wife as she was obviously looking for the words he had only spoke to her once before; "I..." was all that Yoruichi could hear as Toshiro said the last part too quietly.

"You~?" the purple-haired woman sang out in her question as she leaned in even more as she was making Toshiro nearly bend his back backward a foot away from where it was suppose to be while standing.

" going to be late." the icy captain said quickly as he still kept his gaze away from his wife, whom pouted a bit more and huffed lightly.

"'re truly a 'tsundere'." she muttered to herself before sighing and heading to the door as Toshiro himself did after saying his words.

"'re forgiven this time, but I expect a true apology next time." the dark-skinned woman said as the two left the small mansion and began walking down the street.

Toshiro let out a heavy sigh of his own as he simply gave a nod; "" he said silently as though he was neutral about agreeing to her condition.

Yet before they even made it half a block, Yoruichi gained a devious grin, which caused the white-haired captain to sweat drop at what she was thinking about. But he didn't wait long as she quickly spoke up with a full pouting expression; "But cheating on me with someone who's still in elementary school is truly hurtful."

As she said this, Toshiro groaned and growled with his eyes closing tightly; "You already know that it's not like that." he muttered out as the golden-eyed woman began to laugh.

"I know...but your reactions are so cute I just can't help but tease you with this kind of stuff. Besides...she's not the only younger woman you've set your eyes on, right?" the tan-skinned woman stated as her devious grin reappeared.

"Who are you talking about now?" Toshiro questioned with a sigh, him not being interested in the answer as he simply didn't want her teasing to increase with his refusal to 'play along'.

Yoruichi grinned a bit wider as she suddenly gained a false expression of shock, her even placing a hand to her mouth as she gasped. "How have Hinamori...remember? Not to mention Nemu also seems to have a crush on you." she all but called out to the world as though she witnessed a tragedy.

This causing Toshiro to rub his eyes with a groan, him shaking his head in the process; "I knew I shouldn't have asked." he muttered silently before looking to Yoruichi when she spoke up in a more normal tone.

"Although...I am a bit disappointed in you for not helping Nemu to explore those feelings." the purple-haired woman said with a huff.

Toshiro sighed heavily in response to this before he turned away, despite Yoruichi continuing on with a light nudge to his arm; "Well she does need help with those types of things...and who better than the 'harem-maker' himself to teach her." she said with a wink and a laugh when Toshiro's cheeks gained a bit of redness in them.

Yet the icy captain quickly recovered and cleared his throat; "A-Anyway...I have to go speak with Karin about her decision and then to Tsukishima about making one last attack on Kurosaki, so I can gauge just how much of an effect his Fullbring will have on his shinigami powers." he said quickly.

"Eh~? But aren't his Fullbring powers supposed to be fully drained from him?" Yoruichi asked, her finally ending her long teasing toward her husband as she raised a brow.

"Yes...but even as we speak, his Fullbring is manipulating his last remaining shinigami and hollow reiatsu to the extent that it might even change the way his Shikai and Bankai appear." Toshiro explained as he headed for the door.

Yoruichi crossed her arms and looked up briefly, yet she still slowly followed after the white-haired captain. "I why not just test his strength yourself instead of having someone else fight him?" the tan-skinned woman questioned.

Toshiro glanced back to her as they exited the small mansion and headed down the empty street; "Because if it's against me, Kurosaki will be emotionally conflicted about wanting to attack me. Plus it will help him to get used to fighting in a desperate situation once again, which is something every warrior needs." he said silently, him turning his head forward midway through his words.

"If you say so." Yoruichi began with a shrug as both she and Toshiro jumped to the top of a nearby building; "Just be sure not to flirt with his sister too much."

Immediately following her comment, the purple-haired woman began to laugh as she shunpoed away. This making Toshiro's eye brow twitch and a low growl to come out of his lungs; "Yoruichi..." he muttered out through his teeth.

"Will you quit saying that!" the icy captain called out as he gave chase to his still laughing wife.

-Later on at midnight-

Toshiro sat in the Urahara shop with the blond owner, Tessai, Yoruichi, Shukuro and Ryuken. The last of whom was being looked at by each of the others as he seemingly had some information to tell them about. Yet none of them would wait very long as the white-haired quincy spoke up in his usual uncaring tone.

"Since there are only two days remaining until Yhwack's return, it stands to reason that Kurosaki Ichigo will need to either have his powers returned now, or we finalize the decision to take away Kurosaki Karin's quincy reiatsu." he stated firmly as his eyes narrowed from behind his glasses.

"But no matter which we choose, there will always be a possibility that one of them can fail." Yoruichi said as she leaned her elbows on the table before each of them.

"Even if we take precautions with both of them, there is no full guarantee that either one will succeed...then we're back to square one." Tessai added with a nod of agreement to his golden-eyed friend.

"We have to at least try, there is no way that even an army of hollows and shinigami will be able to contain all of the creatures and beings of Hell." Kisuke said, him waving a hand through the air as to further his point.

"I agree...though I think that we also have to have another fail-safe in case the other one doesn't work." Shukuro spoke up as he looked around to each of the others.

"I understand that we cannot kill anyone to make sure we succeed, but our time is running short and we still don't truly have an actual way to stop Yhwack." he continued, to which his eyes eventually went directly toward Toshiro.

"I won't kill anyone to make this plan work...we must make one of our plans work...regardless of how little chance they have of working." the icy captain stated firmly as many of the people around him nodded in agreement.

"It's only a twenty-five percent chance of failure for Kurosaki Ichigo, while a sixty percent chance for Kurosaki Karin. So we just need to roll the dice for both and hope one lands in our favor." Kisuke said with a light shrug as his eyes were hidden by the shadow of his hat.

"Well I don't know about any of you...but I don't like those odds." Shukuro began as he began to stand up, but was stopped by Yoruichi as she pulled him back down.

"It doesn't matter Tsukishima...if we kill even just one person, even if it is for the sake of hundreds of others...we lose our very humanity." the tan-skinned woman declared with narrowed eyes on the Fullbringer.

"No matter how close we are to this type of situation...we must not reduce ourselves into sacrifice." Tessai said with an agreeing nod.

Though Shukuro let out a heavy sigh, he gave a nod in response as he shrugged his shoulders lightly. "Very well then...though I still believe we need to consider all options to make sure half of Karakura town won't be destroyed by Yhwack." he said quietly before becoming fully silent.

"I suppose we just have to take the gamble and hope something works...and if it doesn't we'll personally make sure that nothing happens to this town." Toshiro stated with a determined tone and expression.

His words made Yoruichi, Kisuke, Tessai and Ryuken give light nods in response, to which Shukuro just gave a light chuckle. "Yeah...all of you can have fun, while the rest of us stand no chance of being able to defend ourselves against such an onslaught." he all but muttered out.

"Yare yare, ye of little faith, eh?" a voice spoke out from behind the Fullbringer, to which all of them turned to look at the source of the voice, Ichimaru Gin.