Puttimon blinked the sleep out of her eyes, yawning and stretching her wings before looking around. Large, shiny blocks surrounded her and slightly smaller, but still large shiny, coloured blocks racing around on the black ground. Where… was she? This didn't look like any place she had heard of from Togemon. A groan from next to her caused her to jumped and look to the side, only to see Nyaromon rubbing her eyes with her tail.

"Puttimon? What time is it? Do we have to go to school to- Where are we?" Shrugging, Puttimon took a look at the scenery behind her. A black area that had red cubes all stacked up as a wall and a couple of wooden crates here and there, along with one giant, green, lidded box like thing with strange, large shapes on it, looking almost like words… hm, it was all so different here. A nudge from Nyaromon reminded her of the question.

"Oh… I'm actually not sure, Nyaromon, do you remember Togemon mentioning something like this in her stories?"

"Hm… nope… so whadda we do now?"

"Dunno… lets go ask someone! I don't like this dark area…" Nodding in agreement, Nyaromon took one glance around the black area before hopping out into the light, Puttimon hopping after her, as they approached random, tall, pinkish creatures, asking them all questions.

Kokomon was not happy. No, not happy at all. He had been hit by a bright light that attempted to blind him –after watching his brothers death-, had been taken to a weird, new world and was now stuck with the guy who had lead them all too his brothers death. Oh no, Kokomon was not a happy digimon. Tokomon wasn't feeling all that much better, also convinced that it was his fault that Gummymon had died. After all, he had been the one who had conviced them to go exploring which had lead to- hang on…

"Uh… Kokomon?" Getting no response, he tried again. "Kokomon? Kokomon? Look, Kokomon, I know your angry at me but just listen. We are in a weird place and need to find a place to rest. So we need to digivolve and then look around for other digimon. Those creatures on the pathes don't look like any digimon I know." Kokomon hated to admit it but Tokomon was right, they had no idea where they were and digivolveing would allow themselves to be able to defend themselves on a single thought. Nodding, the data appeared –once again- and wrapped itself around the pair.

"Kokomon digivolve to Lopmon!"

"Tokomon digivolve to Patamon!"

"What the-?"

"Hello? Do you know where we are? What digimon are you? Why are you staring at me like that?" Pouting, Nyaromon bounced back to where she agreed to meet Puttimon again. Looking around, she spotted aforementioned friend bouncing over to where she was sitting, eyes filled with tears. Startled, Nyaromon bounced forward to meet Puttimon half way.

"Puttimon! Puttimon! What's wrong?"

"I- I spoke to a- a small pink b- being and… and i- it started s- screaming at me!" she sobbed out, before collapsing onto the ground crying even harder. Nyaromon watched as her friend cried and –not knowing what to do- cried as well.

Lopmon stared in astonishment at the thing that was on his wrist. What was it? It looked like… a band with a screen on it and –at least on Lopmon's one- the screen was blank and black. What was it? He certainly didn't remember owning one before or ever having one before… and he hadn't received a gift from anyone lately… so what was it? Giving up, he ignored it for now, it wasn't important right now and it hadn't don't anything bad yet. There was no need to panic about this, right now they needed to concentrate on getting home. Looking away from the thing on his wrist, he looked over at Patamon, noticing he had the same thing, but not saying anything about it, just the time.

"Meet back here in half an hour, we'll go separate ways and search, ok?"

"Ok!" And with that Lopmon walked off, looking around the park. So far there had only been tall, pink ones around and they all looked like each other with different furs on top, so obviously –according to assumption- they wouldn't be used to himself or his friends. So he would stick to the shadows and see what he could find.

Puttimon and Nyaromon were still crying, loud enough that they didn't hear the voices that spoke from near by.

"Hey, Takuya-nii-san, can you hear that?"

"Yeah, it sounds like someones in trouble, come on." Hurried footsteps brought Puttimon and Nyaromon back down to earth and their eyes widened. Thinking quickly they both bounced behind the green box and peered out from behind it, eyes wide and shiny. Two boys ran into the alley way, one had a giant, orange cap that looked like a bouncy blob and the other had shiny goggles on his head and both were looking around the area wildly.

"I swear the sound came from this area…" muttered the one with the goggles and the other nodded, making his hat bounce up and down. Unable to resist the temptation, Puttimon bounced out and onto the hat, jumping up and down and flapping her wings half the time.


"Ah! A digimon!" Exclaimed the hat guy, both of them looking startled. Noticing that they didn't scream or look too startled, other then the fact that they were there, Nyaromon hopped out from behind the green box and up to the feet of the goggle guy.

"Do you know where we are?"

"Him? Why him?"

"Lopmon, you don't understand, we can trust him."

"Why, Patamon, he never helped Willis, Terriermon and myelf! Why now?"


"But WHAT Gatomon?"

"You guys never gave him a chance, you guys were premature and never needed help."

"Fine, it's our only option anyway. Call on Gennai."

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