This is set a few years after the last book. {Even though it isn't out yet} .

I own nothing!{though I wish I did.} I do own the O.C in this story though.

LEP headquarters

Dozens of LEP personal lay dead or dying. Proximity alarms were going off everywhere, and smoke, carbon scoring and blast marks were on all the walls. Corporal Grub Kelp was unconscious on the ground under a desk, a .22 mudman bullet in his chest. Said mudman was standing over said corporal, staring at him, trying to decide whether to waste another shot on such a pitiful being. Deciding not to give him such a gift of death, the human moved away to the office of Commander Kelp. Said commander was clutching his stomach and coughing up blood.

"You'll never get away with this", Kelp said bravely. "we will hunt you down".

The human laughed. It was a cold laugh filled with malice.

"Brave words from a dying elf Kelp, but forgive me if I don't take your words seriously."

"Mudman scum"

The human laughed again.

Kelp knew he was being mocked. "well, finish it then!" he demanded.


Kelp grunted in pain.

The then turned on his heel and walked for the door of the commander's office. Stepping over the dead troll body on his way out. Before he left, he stopped.

"But make no mistake commander; you will all die in the end. I guarantee it." Then in a flash of light he was gone.


Should I continue? This was just a thought running through my head and I thought why not? Constructive criticism please. Also, this story will contain Artemis/ don't quite know yet. Opinions for that are needed if I am to continue. Also title ideas would be nice.{raises a glass of coke} stay thirsty my friends.