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"WHERE THE HELL WERE YOU?" Isshin yelled from the top of the stairs as Ichigo walked in.

Ichigo visibly flinched at his father's voice.

"Let me take over king", Shiro said gently in his mind.

Ichigo saw his father coming at him and hesitated long enough for him to be thrown into a wall.

He groaned before letting Shiro take control.

Ichigo retreated to the furthest reaches of his mind.

He was in the part of his mind that had sideways buildings instead of upside down ones.

He didn't want to watch what going on. It would have been weird.

Instead he laid on the side of a building, letting out a small gasp as bare patches of skin touched the cold glass.

He listened to the soft gusts of wind as he slowly fell asleep.

Shiro picked himself and grinned.

"You really did it this time old man", Shiro said as he walked calmly to Isshin.

Isshin had no idea what was going on but he was determined to knock that grin off his face.

He went to throw a punch but his fist was caught by Shiro, who retaliated by punching Isshin in the face.

Isshin fell back into the door which had not been properly closed.

He fell out of the house as blood poured from his nose.

Renji's mouth dropped open as he saw Isshin fall out the house.

Isshin growled before getting up to tackle Shiro.

Shiro diverted his attack by kicking the man in the face.

"Y-you're not Ichigo", Isshin said cautiously after he impacted with the ground again.

Shiro let an insane laugh, which made Renji cringe.

"Yer right old man I'm not", Shiro said with a grin. "Congratulations you successfully broke yer son"

"W-what the hell is going on?"Renji cried out stunned.

"My name is Shiro", he said as he turned his head to glare down at Isshin. "I am here to stand up for Ichigo and do what he can't"

"Because he is weak and worthless", Isshin said.

Renji growled but Shiro held up his hand.

"Ya really are a pathetic excuse for a father", Shiro disgust evident in his voice. "Yer nothing but a weak coward "

"King can't because for some ungodly reason he still loves ya", Shiro said. "But I have no such love for ya"

Isshin looked scared and it delighted Shiro.

"The only reason ya are not going to the hospital is because king asked me not to hurt ya too much"

Keeping an eye on Isshin, Shiro looked at Renji .

"Sorry King didn't want ya to find out about me this soon", Shiro said. "I hope I don't affect yer choice on being with king", He said. "He needs ya"

Renji opened his mouth to say something but Shiro cut him off.

"Ya don't have to answer me", Shiro said. "Just watch the bastard for a few moments while I get king's stuff".

With that said Shiro disappeared into the house.

Renji was still surprised when it came to Shiro but the second personality didn't change his mind, he wanted to be with Ichigo.

He looked at Isshin who was on the ground.

It hadn't taken much to beat the old man but that just proved Shiro's theory, the man was weak.

After a few minutes Shiro emerged with a suitcase in his right hand and a duffel bag that hung off his left shoulder. His left arm was still in cast and would be for another two weeks at least.

When he neared Isshin, He "accidently" hit the man with the suitcase, effectively knocking Isshin out.

"Oops", Shiro said with an insane grin.

Honestly Shiro creeped Renji out a little bit. He was glad Shiro wasn't his enemy.

"I'll wake King up when we get closer to your home", Shiro said as he walked away from the home.

"Wake him? Why do you keep calling him king?", Renji asked, there were so many questions running through his mind.

"Full of questions aren't we", Shiro said with a laugh fit for a madman.

"King is sleeping, he didn't want to watch", Shiro said a shrug. "I call him King because he is my king and I am his horse"

"King is in control most of the time and he leads us, while my job is to carry and support my king" Shiro elaborated when he saw that Renji looked confused.

"I think I understand", Renji said as they neared his home.

"One last thing don't hurt my king or ya'll have to deal with me" Shiro said with a grin.

Renji realized for the first time that Shiro had golden eyes.

Suddenly those golden eyes turned into a honey brown.

"R-renji", Ichigo said unsure.

"I'm here Ichigo", Renji said before kissing Ichigo's forehead.

"Is my dad hurt?" Ichigo asked.

Renji felt anger that Ichigo could still love the man but he quickly suppressed it.

"Just broken nose and a few bruises", Renji said.

Ichigo felt relieved that Shiro hadn't hurt his dad to much.

"D-do you still want to be with me?" Ichigo asked nervously.

"Of course" , Renji said before kissing him on the lips gently. "I don't mind that you have a second personality".

He opened the door to his home and they both walked in.

Ichigo set the bags down and took of his shoes .

Renji took off his shoes and took the chance to grab Ichigo's bags and ran to his room.

"H-hey give those back", Ichigo said with a small laugh.

Renji was waitng for Ichigo.

When he came into the room Renji embraced him.

Ichigo smiled and kissed Renji's nose.

"You supposed to kiss my lips not my nose, silly", Renji said with a laugh.

Ichigo pressed his lips to Renji's.

"Better", he said as he pulled away.

"Much", Renji said before kissing Ichigo.

He ran his tongue across Ichigo's bottom lip.

Ichigo immediately gave him entrance.

Renji's tongue fought with Ichigo's.

In the end Renji won on explored Ichigo's mouth.

Renji's brushed his hand against Ichigo's groin.

Ichigo jumped and backed away.

The sensation that shot through his groin reminded to much about what had happened with Aizen and Gin.

Renji wasn't surprised as Ichigo jumped back.

It made sense that he would traumatized when it came to sexual activities.

"I'm sorry", Ichigo said softly as he looked down.

"Ichi it's fine" Renji said softly as he embraced Ichigo. "We just have to take things slow".

Renji kissed the boy's forehead.

"There's nothing wrong with you", Renji said.

Ichigo might not of said it but the shame was written all over the boy's face.