Author's Notes: Howdy Y'all! Sorry I haven't posted this sooner. I got mahself a case of strep throat. Wow, ok, so this story came to be when once upon a time (like a few days ago during one of my classes) I was doodling in my sketchbook, and I came up with a picture that sort of looked like Bo in cowgirl apparel... So yeah, I know, pretty weird or whatever, but for some reason I'm addicted to cowboys now, and I've been watching all my dad's John Wayne movies. So yup, I came up with this human fic idea. Don't own anything… sniff.

So the dealio is that the time period is Western, on Earth or whatever, but I think some BLoSC universe stuff will come into play as the story progresses.

The chapters are arranged in kind of a weird way. It's going to go back and forth between what is happening, and what happened five years ago. The chapters that are completely in italics are what happened five years ago. The reason? I want to keep you suspense. ;)

Oh and P.S., it just occurs to me that this kind of sounds like the story of that "Kissing Kate Barlow" lady in the book or movie Holes.



The rim of her hat whipped in the wind. The sun was just kissing the end of the valley. Beyond her lied a desolate canyon. She enjoyed places like these. A few years ago, perhaps she wouldn't have enjoyed it as much, but things were much different then. She'd been happy. Truly happy.

However, she was naive back then too. Weak. What had happened in that year, she was not prepared for, physically or mentally. Literally, everything had been ripped from her precious life. Everything that mattered to her was now just a memory. She had only one memento, and she made sure to keep it close. It sparkled in the sun, brightly reflecting the silver diamond ring on the sand in front of her.

The Porcelain Cowgirl was now what everyone knew of her. She got her nickname from the pale sparkly skin she had. Nobody knew what her real name was. Everyone who knew personally was neither a friend nor an enemy. Yet, they all feared her.

The delicate features of this woman ended up being very attractive, which only gave her an advantage. Her lips were always bright red, and her eyes were a pretty baby blue filled with mystery and sadness, hidden by ice. The cowgirl's hair was curly blond in a messy pattern. Her hat was a slick black, with a white strap. The rest of her apparel was similar. She wore a plain white cotton shirt, a brown vest, navy blue jeans, and signature black boots that matched her hat.

Porcelain, as only some called her, was part of the law enforcement. Any criminal that came her way may have as well become sitting ducks. Her ways were merciless, as if the woman had no reason to live other than to punish others.

Like they had punished her.

That morning, Porcelain had been leaning on her desk in city of Barkings. She hadn't really ever been appointed sheriff, but she might as well have been. The last sheriff was older, and was waiting for the opportunity to come to retire.

She was bored. No action had come through town for a week, and that made her restless. Porcelain kept herself either locked up in the office, or out in the desert. She only made rare trips to the bar or the goods store.

She took off her hat, and ran her hand through her thick sweaty locks. The heat was hardly bearable. Now she really didn't care what crook or villain came through town. Porcelain wanted something to do.

Finally, a man from town burst through the door out of breath. She tipped up her hat slightly.

"Ms. Porcelain, there's trouble down at the bank!" he said gasping for air.

She gave a slight smile. "Who's causing the trouble?" she said in a cool smooth voice.

"It's the members of the Black Cactus group again! There's a lot of 'em too!"

Her smile dropped. She would have preferred anybody over the Black Cactus group. Their leader's name was Stoneheart Mafur, and he was something else. As far as she knew, Stoneheart was the only one who could intimidate her.

She'd met the group a few months after becoming sheriff. They went into town kidnapping up all the blonde females on different occasions. Porcelain got taken one night herself, but that's exactly what she wanted to happen.

They underestimated her, and she escaped freeing all the other kidnapped women at the base. Before she could get out herself, however, she encountered Stoneheart in the flesh. She managed to get away, but either this made him furious, or amused, and the Black Cactus members had been causing trouble for her ever since.

Still, they were criminals, and Porcelain had nothing else to do, so she shoved her guns into their holsters, and ran outside to climb her horse. She could see the dust rising in the direction of where they went. The chase was on.

The thrill of the pursuit kept Porcelain going, like it fueled her empty heart, but only for a little while. It was like a drug that she couldn't resist. If she didn't have it, then perhaps she might have killed herself a long time ago.

The Black Cactus group was known to travel in various sizes. The group as a whole was enormous, but only travelled all together when their base was discovered. When going on crime sprees, nobody knew if there was going to be lot's of them, or only two or three of them.

This time, the group was only five people, as far as Porcelain could tell. That was at least how many horses there were. As she gained up closer to the group, she counted six heads. That made her curious. Usually they had plenty of horses to spare. Perhaps they had left the horse back in town…

Porcelain worked her horse as fast as it could go without wearing it to death. The criminals sped up as well, and started slipping past her view. She cursed, and leaned forward in an effort to take any dead weight off the horse.

The group disappeared out of sight completely, but it didn't faze her. She knew the canyon that was coming up would give her an absolute view of where they were going. She reached the edge of the canyon near the path down it. There was a sign with chipped paint that simply stated "Crater Canyon."

With a smirk on her face, she looked out over the top of the canyon. The expression dropped from her face completely.

There was no soul in sight.

Porcelain jumped off her horse and kicked up rocks in frustration. She'd been let down twice today. The Black Cactus gang seemed to always get away without a trace.

Suddenly she detected movement from the corner of her eye. The two people on one horse she'd seen earlier were at the base of the canyon by the entrance of a cave. Porcelain practically leaped on her horse and quickly started down the pathway to the base of the canyon.

They wouldn't get away this time.