AUTHOR TIME: YO! I'm back for a second helping! But this time only because my friend insisted on more and she threatened that she wouldn't add me to her favourites list unless I write a multi-chapter story, so here I go! (BTW, check her out, she's really good! bookwormtiff is her account name)

This is set after the whole Aizen Bashing Arc (a new name for the Deicide arc that bookwormtiff created).

Impact Crater

When a meteor gets pulled out of space by the gravity of a planet, the speed and strength of the pull causes it to rush through the atmosphere and, if it's big enough, crash into the planet's surface. What's left is a few pieces of what used to be the meteor and a huge, un-erasable, unforgettable… impact crater.

Hitsugaya Toshiro, Captain of the 10th Division in the Gotei 13 Squads, stood at the front of a plain hospital door. He had been in that position for some time, thinking about whether to go in or not. He raised his hand, which was lightly clenched into a fist, and hesitated a little before tapping lightly on the door.

There was no reply, nobody to call 'come in!'


Frowning, he gently pushed the door open and poked his head in. On the white sheets lay Hinamori Momo, Vice-Captain of 5th Division.

Of course, Unohana-taicho said that she was thrashing about and screaming, so they had to sedate her.

The frown never left his face.

She should be awake by now.

Sighing, he grabbed one of the chairs near the door and pulled it close to Hinamori's bed, then sat down.

He was still stunned by what he had just seen.


The battle with Aizen was over; Kurosaki Ichigo had ended it with the cost of his own powers. He wouldn't be coming back to Soul Society anymore.

Toshiro had been released from hospital last night and had been too tired to do anything but drag himself home and collapse into sleep. Fighting with the 4th Squad members and even Unohana-Taicho herself to release him earlier than predicted had drained a lot of his energy.

In the morning, after dragging himself up, he found himself walking in a different direction from his 10th Division headquarters. A little short stroll wouldn't hurt.

He arrived at the top of Sokyoku Hill.

A slight breeze ruffled his already messed up shock of white hair as he surveyed Soul Society below. Here and there in Seireitei, there were buildings undergoing construction. As soon as that was over, Seireitei would be back to normal. Back to before Kurosaki Ichigo had stormed through to save Kuchiki Rukia, back to before the traitor Aizen had revealed himself and his plans.

He gave a little sigh. If only people were easy to fix as buildings were.

Somewhere a bell rang, signifying 10am in the morning. "It's late," he quietly thought. "I'd better get back and check on Matsumoto, she's probably sloshed out on the couch again."

Ever since the battle, Matsumoto and the other fuku-taichos had been drinking every night; leaving Hitsugaya a huge pile of paperwork that had built up while he was in the care of 4th Division.

He pushed open the door to his office and was greeted by a most unusual sight.

Matsumoto Rangiku was sitting in his chair, at his desk, doing his paperwork.

He rubbed his eyes; maybe he had overdosed on the painkillers he had nicked from 4th Division. This couldn't possibly be happening.

Matsumoto finally noticed that there was someone in the room. She looked up.

"Ah, taicho."

She looked horrible. She had bags under her eyes, and her eyes were red and puffy from weeping.

"What are you doing, Matsumoto?"

The big-breasted lady looked confused.


Hitsugaya Toshiro was thoroughly stunned.

"Yes, I know it's paperwork, but why?"

Matsumoto put down the brush and leaned back into the chair.

"It was something that distracted me. Sake didn't help."

She sighed and then gave Hitsugaya a small sad smile, which caused something in him to cringe at the sight of her so pitiful and down.

"Plus, taicho, now you don't have to yell at me for not doing my work now, ne?"

He couldn't reply, his body felt stiff.

"Why don't you go visit Hinamori-kun, Taicho? I think they're finally allowing visitors"


Toshiro felt numb as he walked out, forgetting to close the door.

As he left, he swore he heard Matsumoto utter something.

"Gin. . ."


Momo tossed around violently in her bed, shaking Hitsugaya out of his reverie.

"Aizen… Aizen-taicho… taicho…"

He stood up and attempted to shake Hinamori awake. But she just thrashed harder.

"Aize-… Aizen-taicho… Shiro-chan…"

He froze.

"Shiro-chan… why… where are you… Shiro-chan… what…"

He couldn't take it anymore.

"Hinamori, wake up! Goddammit, WAKE UP!"

She stopped.


There was no reply. She had fallen asleep.

Hitsugaya breathed out a sigh of relief and allowed his tense muscles to relax. His head fell onto the pillow next to Hinamori's.

Hinamori. . .

The pain she must be in right now. Her physical wounds that he had inflicted upon her, as well as her mental state, insured that she would be in pain for long time. Betrayal had cut, not once, not twice, but 3 times into her.

First she had betrayed him that night when she received the false letter from Aizen. She had been so confused and sad, then...

Hitsugaya gently took Hinamori's hand into his own.

Then she had been betrayed by Aizen, when he revealed himself and stabbed her.

He tightened his grip on the pale, unresisting hand.

Afterwards, Aizen had tricked him into stabbing Momo in the same place. Another betrayal.

Gomen… gomen Momo… I'm sorry… I'm sorry Momo…

Those words he had tried to utter to her so many times, yet was never fully able to say it into her conscious mind. He would always falter under those beautiful, brown eyes. After all, what can a simple apology do? It can't erase the damage already imposed, so what's the point?

A single tear made its way down the Captain's face and splashed onto the clean white pillow.

Minutes later, Hitsugaya was asleep next to her.

When she was definitely sure he was deep asleep, Hinamori opened her eyes and turned her head to face her childhood friend.