(A lot more will happen in this chapter!)


Suddenly the door to the Great Hall started to open. They all glanced at the double doors and gasped at the five people who walked in.

Ron, Hermione, and Ginny saw the 5 figures and immeaditly looked at Harry.

"Harry?" Ginny asked "Are you okay?"

"It-it can't be…" Harry stuttered. Harry glanced up at McGonagall who was looking straight at Harry. He gave her a questioning look and she nodded in response.

Harry glanced at the people who were still standing in the doorway.

The first was a man with long curly hair and a playful grin plastered on his handsome face. Harry looked at the woman next to him. She had bubblegum pink hair and she was thin and looked happy. The man next to her had light brown hair that was graying; he held her hand as they stood there. The last two people shocked Harry most of all. The woman had flaming red hair and Harry's eyes. The man next to her was Harry's look alike with hazel eyes.

Sirius Black, Nymphadora Tonks-Lupin, Remus Lupin, Lily Evans-Potter, and James Potter were alive and well right in front of Harry.

Everyone was taking the people in, and then they turned toward Harry to see his reaction. Harry's mouth was open in shock as the five supposed-to-be-dead people walked up to the staff table.

"Harry, that's-" Hermione couldn't finish her sentence because Harry cut her off

"Is this someone's idea of a joke? Because I don't find it funny at all!" Harry growled. Ginny placed a hand on his shoulder and he calmed slightly

"Harry, McGonagall wouldn't let someone do this to you" Ron said

"Ron's got a point, Harry. Let's just eat, then we can all go and talk to McGonagall" Hermione suggested.

Harry nodded and looked down at his plate, realizing there was food on it. He started to eat and talk. People asked him about Voldemort and he politely replied. People even asked about the 5 people. Harry said he was confused.

Soon, people started to leave because they were exhausted. Harry, Ron, Hermione, and Ginny all stayed seated just talking. They looked up and saw that they were the only ones left.

"Hello, Professor" Hermione said politely as McGonagall walked up to them

"Hello, Miss. Granger. You four have permission from me to stay in here for another hour" McGonagall said "For obvious reasons" McGonagall looked back at the staff table then walked off

"Thank you, Professor" Harry called to her retreating back.

The Golden Trio and Ginny continued to talk. The five new members of the staff walked up to them.

Sirius Black plopped down next to his godson "Hey Harry" Harry said nothing, neither did the other three

"Harry?" Remus asked "Why are you ignoring us? Are you not happy to see us?"

"I would be. But I'm not sure if you are really who you appeared to be" Harry said turning toward them

"Who else would we be?" Tonks asked

"I don't know" Harry glanced at his friends "Death Eaters wanting to kill me because of revenge"

"Wait, you mean, you defeated Voldemort?" Remus asked

"Yes…" Harry trailed off

"We are who we say we are! Harry, ask us any question!" Lily exclaimed

"Fine. Tonks, what did you always trip on in Grimmauld Place? And what did you name your child and who was his godfather?" Harry questioned

"The stupid umbrella stand!" Tonks said angrily "And Teddy Remus Lupin. And you're the godfather" Tonks said proudly

"Remus, why did you come to Grimmauld Place when me, Ron, and Hermione were there?"

Remus bowed his head, ashamed "Because I asked to come with you guys on wherever you were going. Tonks was pregnant with Teddy at the time"

"What did you saw to try to convince me?"

"I said that James would've wanted me to stick by you" Lupin said

"Correct" Harry pointed at Tonks and Remus "You two are Remus and Tonks." He turned to Sirius "Why did you get me in 3rd year? And, what was your name when we sent letters to each other?"

"A broom, the best one, the Firebolt and it was Snuffles" Sirius smiled

"You're Sirius" Harry smiled he turned toward his parents "Dad, what did you do to Snape in your 5th year, right after you're O.W.L's?" James looked shocked to see that his son knew about this.

"I made him levitate above everyone" James answered

"What did you tell Mom to do when Voldemort came to our house?"

"I told her to grab you and run" Harry nodded and looked at his mother "Why did you write a letter to Sirius when I was baby?"

Lily gaped at her son "He gave you a toy broomstick for your 1st birthday"

"And what did I smash when I was on the broom?"

"A hideous looking vase Petunia gave me. I wasn't complaining either" Lily smiled

Harry said nothing. He stood up and hugged his parents, then Sirius, then Tonks and Remus. Ginny, Ron, and Hermione hugged Sirius, Tonks, and Remus.

"But... how?" Harry asked the five of them "I saw Sirius and my parents die. And I saw Tonks and Remus' bodies!"

"We actually don't know. We were dead one minute then in Hogwarts the next" James explained

"Well, I'm glad you're back" Harry smiled then looked back at the other three. "Mom, Dad, these are my best friends Ron and Hermione." Ron and Hermione shook hands with Lily and James. "And this is Ginny; Ron's little sister and my girlfriend"

"What?" Sirius exclaimed in a high pitched voice. "No way!" In Harry's opinion he sounded like a girl

"No comment" Harry said chuckling

"You commented by saying no comment!" Sirius exclaimed, proud of himself

Harry saw Remus shake his head and laugh a little

"Guess what other two people are dating!" Ginny smirked

"Ron and Hermione?"

"Aww, is it really that obvious?" Ron pouted

"Well, it was bloody obvious that you liked each other" Sirius mumbled

"To everyone except for them" Harry chuckled

"Hey, have you guys gotten Teddy, yet?" Hermione asked, trying to get off topic

"Who's Teddy?" Sirius asked

Tonks and Remus looked at each other and then looked away

"You guys have a kid?" James asked and Sirius gasped

"Congratulations!" Lily exclaimed

"Thanks" Remus muttered, embarrassed. He glanced over at Sirius who was fuming

"YOU SLEPT WITH MY COUSIN?" Sirius lunged for Remus but Remus stepped back and James grabbed Sirius by the arms

"Padfoot, calm down. You honestly should've seen this coming. They dated, they're married…"

"So?" Sirius asked his friend "Prongs, he slept with my cousin"

"He may have slept with your cousin but they love each other. Wouldn't you want Tonks with someone you trust and honestly know?"

"I guess. Sorry, Moony" Padfoot said

"It's okay"

Lily had a shocked look on her face "Wow, that was surprisingly deep of you, James" Lily teased

"That's right" James said with a serious face "I can be deep"

Harry laughed "Wow"

"And I'm funny too. I'm the complete package!" James smirked

"Harry, it's been an hour, we should go to bed" Hermione said

"You're right, 'Mione" Harry replied "we should get to bed"

Everyone said their goodnights and went up to bed.