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Chapter 1- Arrival on Maple Island

It was a cool August morning on Rien Island. The sun was out and the air was surprisingly warmer than usual. Penguins went about their daily work of escavating the surrounding land to discover more artifacts from the time of the battle between the Legendary Heroes and the Black Mage. One such 'artifact' wandered from his home near the center of town and walked down the snowy road. He was Aran, the Legendary Hero and the Pride of all Warriors. He was five foot eleven with sky blue eyes and lightly tanned skin. His short hair was as white as the snow around him, with five spikes that looked like mountains going down the center of his head from front to back. His right ear had two silver rings on top and a gold orb just below it. He wore a green and gold short sleeve shirt that had dark gold design on the gold part and a collar that stuck up around his neck. On his right arm were two red bands and the left had a red wood plate across the top. He wore green gloves with flapped holes at the knuckles. He had black pants and a red sash around him that had tanned lines on the edges. Around that was a brown belt which connected to a belt buckle shaped like the Omega symbol. Four orange brush-like objects hung from the red and tan sash. He had brown pointed shoes and an iron band around his left ankle. Across his back was a cape. The edge closest to his feet was light blue with a white, wavy design seperating it from the red part above it. One the sides was a wool 'wall' spreading from point to neck.

Aran was a Legendary Hero and a just as legendary weapon: Maha, the Giant Polearm. Only he, Maple's strongest being, could wield Maha the way that he could. Maha was a masterpiece in his own right as well. It was a white shafted wonder. The head of the polearm was a dark brown with gold designs on the front head, which was nearly twice as big as Aran's own head. Farther towards the edge of the head's blade was a brightsteel piece and at the egde itself was more brightsteel but with red triangles from a spiked pattern near the sharp edge of the blade. The rear head was a lot smaller and only had the brightsteel edge with no other design. One interesting fact though was that there were two golden rings on that edge of the blade which had orange brush-like objects attached to them just like his sash. There was a gold winged design at the center of Maha's head which had two Red Jades one just above the other. The tip was as bright as the shaft with a bit of wool around the bottom.

Aran had Maha in his left hand with the upper half of the shaft resting on his shoulder as he walked down the road through the town of Rien. Off to one side, under a snowy tree, was a gigantic white wolf with blue designs on its snout and its paws ablaze with blue fire, sleeping. It was Ryu Ho, Aran's faithful companion. Aran smiled and called out his name causing the wolf to slowly open the eye closest to Aran. The mouth of the wolf twitched a bit upward before it went back to its nap. Aran smiled. Things had been really peaceful in Maple since the Black Mage's defeat by his hand. True the classes were now back to their individual disputes and the Black Wings were supposedly still causing trouble in Edelstein but all in all very peaceful considering what it had been.

He continued his walk when he came upon a sight he was happy to see. His wife, Lilin. The cyan hair girl who had found him imprisoned in ice so many years ago had captured his heart and it was obvious that the opposite was true as well. Their wedding had to had been the biggest celebration in all of Maple since he defeated the Black Mage nearly five years ago. What he found funny was that it was the first time he'd seen Dark Lord cry. The other job instructors never let him live that down which would always cause Aran to laugh. Lilin looked up at Aran, smiled, and went back to whatever she was doing, which was probably looking at some documents the pengiuns dug up in the snow or ice somewhere. How much these penguins had found over the years, no wait-what the penguins had found over the years had been both strange and spectacular. So much interesting stuff had been dug up that Aran wasn't really surprised about anything anymore. He always expect the flightless birds of Rien to find something strange. But even he wasn't prepared what would find him today.

It started at midday with a pengiun rushing up to him shouting, "Aran! Aran! You've got to come and see what we found! It's amazing! It's spectacular! It's unreal!"

"Easy! Easy!" Aran held out his hand to calm the pengiun down. "Relax and slow down! Okay, now tell me what's going on."

"You've got to come and see for yourself! It's too amazing to say it all here!"

Aran sighed but got up and followed the penguin to the northeastern tip of the cresent island. The penguins excavating there had discovered a two hundred year old camp and apparently it held the research of a scientist who had made an unbelievable discovery.

"This researcher," a wise old penguin stated. "Found that your last battle with the Black Mage along with the other four Legendary Heroes caused such a realise of magic that it created a new version of the Maple World! He apparently had been studying it for some time when he disappeared and the came was layed to decay."

Aran had been listening to this while reading this reseacher's journal. His details on this 'new' Maple World were staggering, but he still wondered whether or not they were truth or fiction. "This all seems too inreal to be truth."

"That's what we thought as well. That's why we didn't tell you about it right away. We actually discovered this camp a few days ago."

"I see," Aran rubbed his chin then looked back at the penguin. "So what finally convinced you to show this to me now?"

"We found this," and the penguin pointed to a large metalic arch nearby. It was covered in ice and snow and didn't seem to be a proper-whatever it was.

"And this is?"

"It, apparently, according this researchers notes, is a portal to this 'new' Maple World."

Aran's eyes widened. Whatever he had been expecting, it wasn't that. "And you think that's where this researcher went off to?"

"Most likely."

Aran moved his free hand over his hair then got up, picked up Maha, whom was leaning against a nearby tree, and walked over to examine the supposed portal. He put his hand on one of the edges, then flicked it and broke off all the ice on the 'portal'. The penguins smiled. They were impressed with Aran's superior strength, no matter how many times they'd seen it first hand. One penguin approached the machine from behind," And we still don't know how to activate it. Darn."

With that the penguin hit the machine and bright blue swirling energy appeared in the arch and sucked both Aran and his polearm into it before disappearing. The penguins looked on in shock. One said," Oh god, Lilin's gonna flip when she hears this!"

The rest suddenly paled at the mention of Aran's wife.

Aran awoke after what seemed like hours inside a forest. He looked around but that was all he could see. It was basically a few large and mossy rocks, grass, some flowers, and very tall trees as far as the eye could see. The sound of a stream echoed at a distance. Aran had gotten used to taking in a boat load of information quickly. It actually kind of reminded him of Ellinia a bit, but he shrugged it off. He then remember what had taken place just before he appeared here. "So apparently I'm in this new Maple World," Aran thought, "Perfect."

He looked around and spotted, in a clearing, a small orange mushroom holding a green box looking around. It smiled and said something as it went over and picked up a stone which it looked at with wonder. "Found another one!" it said.

Aran smiled, "Looks like monsters here aren't the same as those at home."

"What are you doing, Kino?" said a deep voice and Aran looked over to see a stone mask along with a red snail and a smaller snail with a green shell. "Stone! Ben! Akane!"

The three suddenly went over to the orange mushroom named Kino and tried to take the green box from him. Aran frowned at this, "I stand corrected."

"Let go!" Kino shouted. "That's important to me!"

"You have so many! One less won't kill you!"

Kino back away a bit, "No."

"Hand it over," Stone said as he marched towards the helpless mushroom.

"No," Kino then moved around Stone, but Stone's eyes never left poor Kino.

"Stop quarreling," the red snail said in a monotone voice. "Let's all play together happily."

The small snail on its began then jumped around saying, "That's right! That's right!"

"That's right," said Stone angrily. "So hand it over quickly, come on!"

"No, no, definately not!" Kino tried to walk off when a voice said, "If you really want them so much, I'll give you my stone."

Stone went wide-eyed and Aran looked up to see a boy in an orange and yellow shirt and green pants. He had brown hair and eyes. A sword was on his back and around his waste was a belt that connected to a line that connect to a large weight behind him. He had brown shoes on and dark green bands around his forearms. However, he didn't look normal. He had a orange tail that had a spiked ball at the end and pointed ear. However, Aran saw that the points in his ears were faked. Easily pointing out to him that he was a human in disguise. How the other's hadn't noticed it he'd never know. Kino then shouted happly, "Ah Al!"

Al then gave a thumbs up, "Yo!"

He jumped down from the ledge he was on, the weight falling on him and the resulting shockwave shocked the previously arguing group. They ran over to him, "What's the stone for, it looks more like a rock."

"It's for training, training! I've been running with this since I left home!"

"You're just always engaging in random forms of training, aren't you?"

"That is because I have to become stronger and stronger!" Al said as he lifted up both of his arms as if flexing his arm muscles. "You guys have to stop slacking. Put in everything you got into training!"

"Later then!" Al then ran off and was approaching where Aran was. He decided it was best to befriend at least one person from this world and swung his polearm Maha down in front of Al's path. Startling both him and the present onlookers. Maha lifted and Aran walked out into the clearing, furthur shocking them. "Hello."

They continued to stare. "Sorry," Aran said embarrased as he scratched the back of his head. "It was the only way I could easily get your attention with the speed you were running at."

Al got up an smiled, "It's okay, but who are you?"

"I am Aran. I knew to this isle. Came here through an accident of sorts. Mind showing me around?"

"Oh course! Follow me!" Al then ran off passed Aran, which caused him to smile and run off after him.

Stone began to approach Kino again but sighed and said, "I'm not interested. I'd rather go fishing."

With that he walked off.

As Al continued to run towards his weight and Aran easily keeping up he began to ask questions, "So where are we off to?"

"Seron Perion. I'm trying to prove to the Warrior Leader Gallus that I am strong enough to become his disciple."

"Are you now? Hmm, I just so happen to be a warrior myself though not the same type of warrior as your friend might be."

"Well then I'm sure you should challenge Gallus to a match. He'd enjoy testing your strength."

"No, he'd have a field day testing it!" Aran laughed at the thought but Al only looked up at him confused. Aran smiled. "You'll find out what I mean soon enough."

Aran and Al had finally reached the side of a desert cliff which over looked a cliffside city below them filled with green, blue, and yellow masked goblins large and small, numerous stone masks, and numerous wood masks. One darker stone mask that had face paint on him and red hair was next to a large muscle stone who was talking to the rest. The muscle stone Aran assumed was Gallus. Al stepped forward, "Gallus, I have come again!"

They all looked up to see Al; Aran was not yet visible.


"Unthinkable Al!"

"Trying-his-best Al!"

"Hates-to-lose Al!"

Al ears twitched a bit and he began to charge down the stairs with the weight right behind him, but he loses his footing and comes crumbling down the stairway. Aran can only wince and think, "Charming entrance, Al. I'm sure you really impressed them!"

He could even easily hear Al saying," Pain. Pain. Pain. Pain. Pain. Pain."

Aran sighed and shook his head.

"I think I've said this before, I'm not interested in weak monster companions."

"Monster my foot," Aran thought.

Al had finally got untangled from his mess and got up saying, "I may have lost the last time, but now I've become a lot stronger than before. Didn't you say that once I got stronger you would take me on as a disciple?"

"Don't tell me you've managed to obtain a seed of the World Tree?"

"World Tree?"

Al looked on wide-eyed, "A seed of the World Tree?"

"The legends say, whomever manages to obtain a seed from the World Tree shall be granted a miracle."

Al turned away slightly and crossed his arms," Miracles cannot be depended upon. Only training, training!'

Al turned back to them in a fighting stance, "I've waited so long for this!"

"Fine then," Gallus said. "Uddi, Ogani, Gigan! Be his opponent."

"Okay then."

Al's first opponent was a pink boared wood mask whom he punched a couple of times which only led to hurting his own hand. Everyone sighed.

Al's second opponent was yellow masked goblin with a club. Al tried to hit him with his sword but to no affect as was dusted aside by the goblin's club. Everyone sighed.

Al's third opponent was the dark stone mask from earlier. He simply held Al's string which Al couldn't even budge from the monster's hand. He was then thrown aside and, well-Everyone sighed.

"The results are clear, brat," Gallus said.

"Damn it," Al said as he whipped his lip. Then his face shot up. "Wait, I know someone else who wants to challenge you!"

"Oh, and who could that be?"

Aran stepped out into the light and jumped off the cliff and landed next to Al which made a crater and bounced Al to his feet. Aran turned towards Gallus. "That would be me."

The others began mumbling something about 'human' and 'evil' which Aran just shrugged off. Gallus grunted, "And whom do you think you are?"

"My name's Aran. That is all you need to know at this point."

"You've got a sharp tongue. I'll give you that."

"I've heard you're pretty dang strong," Aran said calmly at Gallus. "Let's see you prove it. Show me your strength."

Gallus drew a Maple Sword and shouted, "With pleasure."

Gallus charged at Aran but he just sighed and calmly stated, "Same old. Same old."

Gallus swung his sword down, everyone thought Aran was a goner, but Aran simply held his hand up and stopped the attack midswing without any visual effort what so ever. Everyone was shocked. Aran then got Maha and drove the blade into the ground beside him and using his now-free hand struck Gallus in the chest, sending him flying to the otherside of the village. Gallus groaned as he weakly got up just in time to see Aran shatter his sword by smaking it across his forearm. Everyone was left with a blank stare looking at Aran. None knew what to say about this quick duel. Everyone knew that no warrior had ever beaten Gallus as far as they knew, yet this stranger walks right into Seron Perion and defeats him without any effort what so ever. Who was this man?

Aran didn't stick around. He turned, picked up Maha, and began to walk off, but didn't leave without saying, "Al isn't the only one around here who needs to get stronger."

Before Aran could exit the city Gallus ran up to him. "Wait! Aran! Stop!"

Aran looked back, his face showed little emotion but one emotion that was visible was boredom.

"Before you go I must know: How are you so powerful?"

"It's a very long story," Aran answered. "But to tell you the truth I hold one title back home that may please you."

"And what is that?"

"The Pride of All Warriors," the following reaction caused him to grin widely. Gallus grinned, "I see. That explains your strength. In that case I'd like to offer you a place here at Seron Perion."

Everyone was shocked but they were even more shocked by his answer, "No thanks. Don't take it the wrong way, but I'd prefer to hang around people of my own race you know? Al's just showing me around."

Aran then turned to the boy near him, "Speaking of which; shall we continue our tour?"

Al jumped up and shouted, "Right!" And ran out of the city with Aran in tow. Gallus smiled, "A man known as the 'Pride of All Warriors'. He shall make a great ally. And Al has a never-give-in attitude. He has the makings of a warrior."

Al and Aran had rested next to a bunch of large orange rocks on a riverbank. Al was slouching down next to one feeling a bit disappointed. Aran looked at him, "You want my honest opinion?"

"What's that?"

"You have a long way to go before you're ready to try that again."

Al sighed and looked at the water, "Looks like I'll have to train a lot more, if I ever hope to join those montrously strong Warriors."

Al then jumped up and said, "Come on! Let's go!"

"Where are we going exactly?"

"You'll see!"

They shortly arrived at a bowman's town in the middle of a green, hilly land. There was a single large tree in the center that had many mushroom houses on it.

"This is Seron Henesys," Al said upon approach. "Barrow is the leader here."

"I see, but why are we here?"

"I want to become Barrow's disciple!"

"But aren't you trying to become Gallus's disciple?"

"I'm trying for both!"

Aran sighed, "Trust me, it's not a good idea to choose multiple classes for you to be. It'll only turn out badly."

"Not for me! I can do it!" And Al ran off towards the city. Aran sighed and slowly followed.

When Aran finally saw Al again, he was in front of a target about to be shot at by a bunch of rabbits, a fairy, and a humaniod blue wolf that he assumed was Barrow. He said, "Everyone, aim..."

"Eh," Al said as his eyes widened. "You got to be joking."

Arrows flew and Al ducked and dodged the first three. They all hit the target behind him. The target shouted, "HIT!"

Al ran to the side but some new weights on his wrists forced him the other way putting him in the path of another target. The arrows barely missed him as the target shouted, "HIT!"

Arrows began coming one at a time with Al blocking them with his sword. Aran could hear him saying, "Definately...never give up."

An arrow got passed Al's guard and hit the bullseye on the target behind him, "HIT!"

Al continued to run down the causeway with arrows continously hitting targets he passed and the constant word 'HIT!' annoyed Aran a tad bit since he was tired of hearing it.

"I'm so glad that Athena never had these targets," he shuddered at the thought of a roar of the word 'HIT!' rising in the air. He then heard Barrow speak.

"That's it, just like that. No matter what kind of obstacles and difficulties you face, never give up that attitude. That's really worthy of praise, Al."

Aran smiled. He too liked Al's never-give-up attitude. It was a thing he wished he had scene more of, especially during the second battle with the Black Mage when the forces of good had very depleted moral. Towards sunset, Al slowly climbed a hill, his weights still attached. Aran was at the top, sitting down and resting. Al was tired and was mumbling, "My training is still sorely inadequite."

Al didn't see Aran and managed to take off his fake ears and tail saying, "I have to disguise myself as a stronger monster."

Aran rolled his eyes, "I doubt disguising yourself as a stronger monster will make much of a difference."

Al jumped up in shock, "AH! When did you-?"

Aran laughed, "Relax, I knew from the beginning that your appearence was faked."

"But, how did-?"

"Relax, I've seen disguises so much better than that. Don't worry about it, your secret's safe with me."

Al stomach growled loudly after that and Aran raised his eye. "When was the last time you ate?"

Al's eyes grew wide and he shouted, "I am so hungry!"

"Then go on, I won't stop you."

"But-but where will you stay?"

"I'm prefectly capable of fending for myself. No need to worry about me Al. Just go on!"

Al looked at Aran uncertainly, but noded and ran off.

Aran looked around and walked away, too. If it was true and humans were seen as enemies, he'd have to be on his guard tonight. He sighed and casually went looking for a place to spend the night.

It was early the next morning when Aran awoke and went on a walk to look for something to eat. He wasn't really tired, he had done this type of things numerous times over the last few decades. He was continously walking on not really caring who did or didn't see him. He was a Legendary Hero of Maple after all; what was there to worry for? As he walked he saw Al nearby in disguise with his weight behind him. He was about to walk over when Kino appeared out of no where, running away quickly from something.


"Kino," Al asked. "What's the matter."

That was when the dark stone mask from Seron Perion, Gigan, and many Warriors surrounded Al as Kino hide behind him.

"Move it!" Gigan shouted at Al. "Even if it is you who tries to stop us, we won't show you any mercy!"

"Then perhaps you should try me on for size," said Aran as he walked over. The Warriors began to look uneasy, remembering how easily Aran beat Gallus the day before. "Now, what's all this about?"

"That little whelp as a seed of the World Tree!" Gigan shouted at Aran. "We want it! NOW!"

"I won't let you bully the weak!" Al shouted back.

It was then that Gigan lost it and, despite Aran being there, he shouted, "Everyone! Attack!"

Al immediately got his large weight and threw it at Gigan knocking him down. Aran put Maha's blade towards the Warriors and shouted, "Al! RUN!"

Al immediately ran with Kino right behind him. Aran turned towards the charging Warriors and did a Rolling Spin which sent the all flying backwards, slightly injured. Aran didn't want to kill any of them so he didn't put much power into it. Some Warriors got up again, ready to fight, but most ran. Gigan got up and grunted. He was going to have to fight the Pride of All Warriors and he knew Aran wasn't going to go easy. Gigan prepared to attack just as Aran started spinning Maha over his head.

Al had been running through the forest for some time now. In he's left hand was Kino, whom he was holding by his cap.

"Oh, I see they're interested in your stone."


"Okay then, let me help you out."

"What about Aran?"

"Trust me, he's fine by himself."

Al contiuned running and shouted, "This sort of battle has no meaning, let's escape, Kino!"

They soon made it into a very large and hilly meadow filled with grass and flowers. They ran and ran and ran, trying to stay ahead of the Warriors, if any had made it passed Aran that was. They stopped on a large hill and Al gasped a sigh of relief.

"After running this far, we should be safe for awhile," Al stated tired. He took off his sword and landed on his back. "Let me take a rest and relax a bit."

But Kino was unsure, "Al, what now?"

Al gave a quiet 'huh' and sat up onto his elbows.

"Kino, don't be afraid," he said as he got up a bit and sat down like he was doing a butterfly stretch. "Leave everything to me."

Kino had yet to be convinced, "Next time, we'll probably have to deal with even stronger Warriors! So we'll probably be in even more dangerous situations."

"Suits me just fine, it will help me in my training."

"This is not training-"

"My goal is to become like my father."

"Al's father?"

"I want to become strong like my father is."

Al picked up his sword and tossed the sheeth in front of him, "For the sake of protecting the peace of the world, Father fought valiantly against evil forces. Even now I am sure he is somewhere doing battle.

"No matter what difficulties I experience," he continued as he stood up. "even if I'm beaten I won't be fazed. No matter how many times I am beaten, I'll stand up again, and become a strong man like my father. And like my father, I'll obtain the power to fight against evil."

Gigan came marching up the hill with Warriors right behind him, "Oh, that's really interesting."

"I told you before, don't bully the weak."

"Wait!" Kino shouted. "Where's Aran?"

"We gave him the slip, so he's not here to protect you!"

Suddenly a voice said, "Surveillance efforts on the Warriors' actions have finally paid off."

Al turned and in a line were a few archers with their small archer leader, the fairy Harp, who said," Now, in the name of the great Barrow, hand over the World Tree's seed."

"Everyone keeps talk about some seed of the World Tree," Kino shouted desperately. "But I don't know anything about that!"

"So no matter what you're not willing to hand it over?" Harp asked impactiently.

"These stones mean a lot to Kino," Al tried to reason.

"Al!" Kino shouted happily.

"Is that so? Although Barrow has a good impression of you..." the archer's ready their arrows. "It's a pity..."

"This will defiantely benefit my training," Al smiled as he got he sword in a batting position.

"Stealing from us is unforgiveable, you damned archers," Gigan shouted raising his fist. "The World Tree's seed belong to Gallus!"

"No, only Barrow deserves to have those seeds! You Warriors, get lost!"

"How bothersome, I'll deal with you Archers first before getting the seed!"

"Hey," Al tried to say but was interupted by Harp, "You're obviously looking for trouble. Take this!"

"Maple Island is for us to unite!" A Warrior shouted.

"The happiness of Maple Island will be created by our hands," An Archer shouted back.

"Please, stop arguing," Al tried to say. "Everyone on Maple Island are comrades, aren't they!"

"What are you talking about?" Harp yelled angrily. "The Archer are the strongest, noblest, and most outstanding on this island! We are different from the cold-blooded Warriors!"

"Harp!" Al shouted in disbelief and tried reasoning again. "Both sides calm down, we can work something out!"

"Al, why do you sound like a human?" Gigan said angrily. Both sides looked at Al, who got very pale. Gigan then flexed his arms and shouted, "Only we the Warriors can boast to be the strongest of Maple Island! To compare us to cowards such as the Archers is an insult to us!"

"Gigan!" Al shouted in disbelief again.

"Attack!" Gigan shouted and the Warriors charged.

"Fire!" Harp shouted and they realised their arrows.

The arrows barely missed Al and Kino and hit the Warriors clubs and other weapons. Al then pointed his sword towards the others and shouted, "If you all really want to fight so much, then I'll be your opponent!"

The Archer's readied their bows and the Warriors charged. Al was caught up hold back a yellow goblin while Kino ran to the opposite side.

"Stop it," Al shouted. "Just stop it!"

Al deflected incoming arrows and tripped an incoming wood mask. Kino said sadly," Sorry Al, this is all because of me."

"What Kino percieves as precious to him," Al smiled while continuing to hold the goblin back. "I will treasure, too."

Al began to force the goblin off him, "That's all there is too it."

"Al," said Kino but gasped.

"Gigan," Al puffed as Gigan approached him. He pushed Al out of the way, taking a full load of incoming arrows. Al sumbled backwards landing on Kino. His chest flew out of his hand, it opened, and the stones fell.

"Those are..." Harp began.

"...the seeds of the World Tree!" Gigan finished.

"It is mine!"

"You can't, those are-" Al tried to speak but Harp and Gigan began picking up the stones.

"Miraculous powers!" Harp said examining the stone in her arms.

"Miraculous powers!" Gigan said examining the stone between his two fingers.

Gigan's eyes suddenly widened, "This is..."

"Not a seed of the World Tree," Harp said disappointed.

Al got up and examined on, too, "These are just ordinary stones!"

Everyone was dead silent until Kino finally broke it with a shout, "That's what I said, these aren't seeds of the World Tree at all...I said that!"

And Kino began to cry, while Gigan looked away embarrased.

It took a bit but they all finally got the stones back into the chest. Al commented, "You really gathered a lot, huh?"

"Yeah, I'm going to string these pretty stone togetheras a present for my Mother's birthday!"

"That's really great, your mother will be happy."



Al then thought to himself, "Even then, are the World Tree's seeds really so precious that people would go so far to obtain them? But I will get strong without relying on such 'miraculous powers'! Once I get strong, I'll get everyone to live in peace and harmony."

He then realized something, "Guys."

He looked around and saw the Warriors and Archers walking away. He shouted the same phrase two or three times with the same result: being ignored.

The next day, Al was running his usual route with his weight when he came upon Aran again. "HEY ARAN!"

Aran looked and smiled at Al. He walked over and knelt down to Al's level so that he could look to him eye to eye, "Met up with Kino earlier and he told me what you did for him. Very brave and noble of you. You may not be strong physically yet, but mentally, you have the makings of a true, honorable hero. I'm proud of you!"


"Really!" winked Aran, giving Al a thumbs up as he stood up. "Go on! Get on with your training!'

"Yeah! Training! Training!" shouted Al as he ran off with Aran smiling behind him.

There it is! The first chapter! Before anyone says anything I'd like to say this...YES! There is a MapleStory anime. You can find the English dubbed on YouTube if you look it up. Aran is naturally extremely powerful in the Maple world, but I'm cutting back on what powers he uses and how powerful he makes it to make it a bit more fair. True, he's greatly holding back but I'm trying to make it act like A) Aran isn't trying to hurt the inhabitants of Maple Island; and B) he's saving his power and energy for when he really needs it. How you enjoy and please R&R!