Yes, I have decided to rewrite this fanfiction namely due to the added information since I first posted this story. Also I will be changing Aran into a female due to the female Aran being more popular in the actual game (appearing as such in both Phantom's and Luminous's story lines).

Also, don't be expecting this fanfiction to be rewritten until the summer when I actually have time to do so. I'm incredibly busy right now.

Again, I am doing this so that there is no plot holes later in the story.

Thank you all for your support and patience and expect the first chapter of the rewritten version to be out soon. Don't worry this one will stay up for nostalgia factor as well.

Thanks again,


P.S. - Anybody willing to try there own version of this story is more than welcome. You have my permission. Just inform me when you do so I can have a look see!