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I also think that a lot of people portray Arthur as being uptight and stoic, after watching Inception a few more times I realized that Arthur really isn't all that uptight. To me he seems like he expresses himself well and he knows what he's doing...so with that said I hope I give him justice in this story.

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He watched as Cobb made his way through immigration. Not only had they successfully completed Inception, but they had also helped Cobb return to his family. Cobb quickly disappeared in the crowd, and soon Arthur was paying no attention to anything but finding his bag. As he stood there waiting to retrieve his bag, his thoughts began to wander to his next step.

He really had no idea what he was going to do next. The past few years of his life were spent with Cobb, helping him get back to his children and working a few extraction jobs here and there. He figured he could go back home and visit his family now that he was out of work. It had been three years since he'd seen them after all. But in all honesty he had plans about finding more extraction jobs, albeit less ambitious than Inception, but jobs nonetheless.

A blue scarf caught Arthur's eye and he turned his head to find Ariadne struggling to make her way to her bag. She was quite small Arthur had noticed when he first met her. He contemplated on whether or not if he should get her bag for her. He knew she was a very independent person, as was evident in the fact that she was able to move to Paris to continue her studies, and she might not appreciate the help. Arthur shook his head and made his way to her.

"Need some help miss?" He asked. Ariadne looked up at him surprised, but she quickly recovered and smiled.

"Um…sure. I just need to get my bag. Unfortunately people seem to just walk past me and not even notice I'm here." She replied.

Arthur chuckled and looked at the conveyor belt. They stood there in silence until Ariadne saw her bag.

"That's mine." She pointed to it and Arthur nodded. They both knew that Arthur knew what her bag looked like, but for their safety they had to act as if they were strangers who just met.

In one swift motion Arthur grabbed her blue bag and placed it at her feet. Ariadne smiled at him and pulled out the handle.

"Thank you…uh, I didn't get your name." Ariadne bit her lip and raised her eyebrows.

Arthur grinned, impressed with her. "I'm Arthur." He answered and held out his hand to her.

"Arthur, nice to meet you. I'm Ariadne." She gripped his hand firmly and there was a twinkle in her eye. She was enjoying this. Arthur held her gaze and after noticing they were still holding hands, they let go, embarrassed.

"Sorry." Ariadne mumbled, blushing and looking down. She wiped her hands nervously against her pants, avoiding his gaze.

"It's ok." Arthur replied, rubbing the back of his neck bashfully. "So is this your first time in Los Angeles?" He asked.

"This is my first time spending the week in LA, but I've had a layover here before." She told him. Arthur nodded.

"Well if you need anything…" He trailed off.

Ariadne nodded and smiled at him before turning and walking away. Arthur watched her retreating form. He had a million thoughts running through his head. He knew he shouldn't go down that path. He was the Point Man. He couldn't allow emotions to rule him, especially silly ones like attraction. Last time he let his emotions run him…

He shook his head. He couldn't believe he was even thinking about it. He sighed and picked up his bags. He knew full well that Ariadne would cause him a lot of problems. In a good way of course, but problems nonetheless.

Ariadne climbed into the cab with a shy smile on her face. She knew that this could possibly be their last time seeing each other, but she really didn't believe this would be the end.

She fiddled with her scarf before reaching into her pocket to grab her bishop. Her hand wrapped around it and she frowned when she felt a paper rub against her knuckles. Cautiously and curiously she pulled it out and unfolded it.

Like I said, if you need anything feel free to give me a call. You have my number. I'll be keeping in touch. –Arthur

Ariadne grinned and refolded the paper, tucking it safely away in her jean pocket. She should have known Arthur would do something like that. It was very Humphrey Bogart of him…at least she thought so. She lost herself in thought as the cab drove her to the hotel Arthur booked her in.

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