a/n: The idea of Katniss and Percy interacting with each other...came to me a while ago. Idk. I'm pretty sure somebody already wrote them together, but this is my take on their friendship and rivalry. Or something. This is a drabble-collection that will be updated whenever I want it to be updated. That said, don't expect anything consistent. I'll be taking requests on situations Katniss and Percy get into and such, just because.

Anyways. I ask you to enjoy these little drabbles.


Note To Self

Hey, on your way out, can you save the world? Thanks.


Katniss Everdeen wasn't the one to give-up easily - throw in the towel, so to speak. Of course, that was because she had a mother and a sister back home, who were hungry and tired and in need of her protection.

(They also had a cat, but Katniss hated it and would much rather skin it alive for a nice pelt or something of the sort.)

So when she was suddenly attacked by a dark-haired stranger, she didn't scream or run like Madge would've done. She balled her hand into a fist and watched her knuckles connect with the boy's face, and waited for the earsplitting crack that was surely soon to follow.

Sadly, that did not happen. Katniss narrowed her gray eyes as she watched her opponent grin, preparing himself for the next attack. He was in an odd stance, to say the least, fists out, legs bent - he wasn't from District Twelve, Katniss knew that for sure. Maybe he was from District Four, the fishing district. His eyes were...green. Such a pretty oceanic green, those eyes were.

She shook her head before neatly dodging a punch to the shoulder, sidestepping as fast as she could in her leather hunting boots.

He was fast, she could admit that. His movements were fluid, like water - not that Katniss knew much about water. Water. She could never have enough of it.

But this boy seemed to be made out of the substance, the way he kicked and punched - the way he defended himself.

Both parties were tired, and Katniss found herself throwing the towel for once in her life. She raised her hand up in a plea to stop, and the boy complied, his sea-green eyes shining with excitement.

"That was so awesome, no doubt about it." He flashed a toothy grin and Katniss resisted the urge to face palm, or let her jaw hang wide open. This boy was a freak.

"We just sparred for the last twenty minutes, and not even that, you were the one who attacked first!" Katniss said, exasperatedly. She ran a hand through her thick, black, hair, thanking whatever deity that ruled above them, that she remembered to put her hair in a braid earlier - that had given her an advantage in the skirmish.

"Well, I'm glad you came along. I was getting awfully bored. The name's Percy." He stuck his hand out, and Katniss's eyes widened and she felt the urge to scream. This boy was impossible! How could he act completely normal after he almost...well, he didn't almost kill her, but still!

She carefully took his hand, but as soon as they shook, she yanked her hand away. "Katniss Everdeen." Her voice was cool, calm, and collected, nothing like her hyperactive mind, attempting to sort out the mess she had gotten herself into.

Percy grinned, and Katniss wondered if he ever stopped grinning. His face seemed to be glued to that certain expression. She wanted to wipe it off. Maybe she could get Gale to beat him up, or something. She eyed what he was wearing, nice jeans and a tawny long-sleeved sweater. He most definitely wasn't from the Seam.

Where the hell was he from, then?

"A pleasure to meet you, Katniss. Well, I gotta go. Catch you later!" Percy bounded off, disappearing into the bramble of trees that was the forest, and Katniss felt herself move forward, as if preparing to follow him.

She stopped herself before she could do anything reckless. She remembered that she still had things to do, and animals to hunt. Her mother was still a sorry mess ever since her father was killed and Prim was coming down with a cold. She shrugged off her quiver and prepared her bow for another killing spree.

But no matter how many quails she hit or how many rabbits she trapped, her mind couldn't wrap itself around the boy with eyes like the sea. He was constantly reappearing, and she hated herself for that.

After all, she was Katniss Everdeen. She didn't need anyone.