Fight for the Future

This is a squel to the first story "Dark Rider Atem" that I have been asked to do by some readers. Normally I don't do squels but do to the popularity of this story, the mass reviews, and faves I decided to give it a shot. Also you can see the art work that I drew up of the characters on my deviantart sight. I claim no right or claim to own any of the characters featured in both the Ghost Rider series and/or the Yugioh series. Please feel free to leave your comments and reviews at the end to tell me what you think. Thanks!

1 - Flashback

The year is 2050 as much has changed in civiliazation becoming more advanced and high tech. Yugi Moto drove his old and slightly beaten up motorcycle entering into the city limits of Domino City. It has been many years since he had been back home especially with what he had been through. Yugi looked to be no older than at least eighteen years old but, the truth of the matter was he was far older than he appeared to be. Not many would know that housed within the teenager lived a powerful and ancient spirit of vengeance. The Dark Rider or Atem as he is often known as exists within the human body of Yugi Moto. Atemu as his true name was once a powerful pharaoh whom had ruled Egypt had died sealing a dark powerful magic within the seven mystic items before his death. When Atemu had died, the angel Uriel came to him and offered Atem the chance to keep using his incredible powers that the pharaoh possessed in order to become the spirit of vengeance. Atemu agreed as his human body was reincarnated many years later as Yugi Moto. Yugi had first discovered the mystic bike one night as he walked his girlfriend Tea Gardner home from a date that the two was on. Both teens had witnessed a horrific crime as a pair of pajama clad ninja's killed some mobsters as they were commanded by Deathwatch. The ninja's then grabbed the mobsters guns shooting at the teen when Tea screamed after seeing Deathwatch's face and him killing the mobster leader. Bullets ripped through them as several of them got Teal. Yugi was desperate to get Tea to the hospital and get out of the trouble that he was in. Yugi had discovered the mystic motorcycle by tripping over it. When Yugi laid his blood covered hands over the gas cap, he was engulfed by mystic flames transforming into Atem.

At first Yugi was confused about the spirit of vengeance as he saught the help of a man that Atem called the Caretaker. Maxamillion Pegasus a.k.a. (also known as) Caretaker helped Yugi by giving the teen some advice about Atem but he wouldn't tell the him everything. Yugi's wild journey began when the teen traveled to Egypt where he met the sorcerer supreme Merik Ishtar a.k.a. Doctor Strange while in Atemu's pyrmid as they both battled against Centurious. It was there that Atem had told Yugi about his past and a prophecy that he had to complete. After killing Centurious, Yugi began his search for Atem's allies and the seven mystic items that Atem would need to complete the prophecy.

According to the prophecy (thanks to Leo112): on a stage of death, light and dark shall breathe as one. A dark magician will help unfold the seal to the darkness of old. If evil stands in the way, you must find a way to defeat it in order for the light and dark to merge as one. That way the two powers combined can defeat the ultimate darkness that has yet to show its self. Friends and allies shall unite under a powerful spirit all bearing a scared mark to help destory the ultimate evil that threatens the world.

The prophecy shall complete as the power builds. Even though the journey is long, don't give up. It will only end by the will of the strong. The items and friends shall come closer together in order for the darkness to be beaten. You will need everyone's help in order to succeed. Friendship is a power that all will have, making the will stronger then any power one has. Use the changes that you have been going through for your advantage in the end. Once mind, body, and spirit are joined together, nothing will seem impossible with the help of a few friends as the Midnight Sons shall rise again.

The Caretaker, Maxamillion Pegasus possessed the mystic eye and Doctor Strange, Merik Ishtar possessed the mystic rod. Yugi ended up getting the mystic puzzle as he met a blind teen Joey Wheeler a.k.a. Daredevil whom possessed the mystic ring. Duke Devlin a.k.a. Wolverine whom possessed the mystic necklace. And Seto Kaiba a.k.a. the Punisher whom possessed the mystic scales.

During all of this Yugi came close to death as Uriel came to offer Yugi the choice to become half of what Atemu was when he was alive, a vampire. Yugi accepted. Both he and Atem transformed several times as the two became hole with two seperate and distict consciousness as Caretaker reveal the truth to what was going on before they faded against Zarathos whom was the source of ultimate evil. According to Caretaker (Ghost Rider Volume 2 Issue 43): it all began with the medallion of power. The medallion has always been around. Wars have been fought over it. Blood and death surround it. The power contained within it is too much for one indiviual to weild and remain the same. That was learned the hard way. Many have tried to stop him. But Zarathos...he sought the medallion to further his cause. The original spirits of vengeance helped. These beings of power sought to protect humanity against the dark times that Zarathos would have brough upon this dimension. They alone had power enough to go head to head with Zarathos and in doing so...sacrificed themselves. The essence of the spirits of vengeance and Zarathos were melded within the medallion of power. Caretaker's people saw only one solution...the medallion and the powers within it were placed within the descendants of one family and that family was Atemu's.

Atemu had told Yugi that Zarathos wasn't only after the medallion of power but also Atem's power to summon and fuse with creatures from the Shadow Realm. The final battle came as Atemu and his allies faced against Zarathos, Lillith and her children. Atemu and Yugi completed the prophecy as they summoned the three most powerful god that once also existed in Egyps. By fusing with Slifer the Sky Dragon, Oblisk the Tormentor, and the Winged Dragon of Ra, Atem managed to defeat and kill Zarathos. With Zarathos gone and the prophecy completed, Atem and Yugi proceeded to leave Domino City in order to help other people and to protect the innocent that would need their help. It has been fifty years (the first story was set in the year 2000 even though I never gave any dates and such) since Yugi and Atem have been within Domino. Yugi first drove to a nearby hotel checking in to take a much needed hot showe and transform back into his true form allowing his black demonic wings to rip out of his back. At first when Yugi transformed partly into half of what Atem was hurt like hell but now, it didn't hurt as much as it used to. It took Yugi a while to get used to Atemu's powers, form, and his hunger for blood. After Yugi's show he got dressed transforming back into his regular human form and headed out to the graveyard.

*Yugi, why have we come back here?* asked Atem mentally.

*I am not sure Atemu. I just felt this need to come back home.* replied Yugi. Atem felt no need to question his human host further as he allowed Yugi to do as he wished. Yugi entered the graveyard heading first over to Tea's grave. He carefully dusted off the dead leaves and flowers that laid on the grave. Tea had died shortly after Yugi had become the Dark Rider, Atem as he used his powers to guide Tea to Heaven. To this day he still misses her, Yugi laid down a new wreath on her grave while rubbing his hand against the tombstone. "Sorry that it has been a while Tea. I have managed to keep that promise that I have made to you when all of this began. I miss you so much as I hope that your resting well up in Heaven." stated Yugi before he walked off towards another grave. This one read 'Solomon Moto. One of lives most cherrished treasures.' Yugi's grandfather whom raised Yugi like his own son had passed away of old age. Yugi knelt down as he dusted off his grandfather's grave carefully as he laid down some fresh flowers. "Hey grandpa, I miss you. I am sorry that I couldn't come back sooner, you know how it is when your out saving the world. I hope that your resting well up in Heaven along with mom, dad, and Tea. Please continue to watch after me until Atemu and I are no longer needed." stated Yugi.

"Hey your not supposed to be here!" shouted out a male voice with a thick southern accent.


who shouted out to Yugi and why did Yugi return to Domino after nearly fifty years? Find out in the next chapter..."old friends"