Fight for the Future

This is a sequel to the first story "Dark Rider Atem" that I have been asked to do by some readers. I claim no right or claim to own any of the characters featured in both the Ghost Rider series and/or the Yugioh series as all of the creatures and spells that I am using for the story are actual Yugioh cards from the game. A special thanks to all of my reviewers whom read the story and faved it, I love you guys but as we all know all good things must come to an end.

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20 - Atem's final choice

As the light blinded everyone, Ruse seperated from Atem as he took Zorc with him finally destroying Zorc once and for all. The three Egyptian gods unfused from Atem returning back to the Shadow Realm from wence they came. As the light finally dispirsed, the Midnight Sons watched as Atem's body fell lifeless to the ground.

"Atem!" they all yelled out in concern as they rushed to Atem's side. The medallion of power that Atem was holding onto was shattered into tiny pieces. Atem was breathing hard as his body had returned back to normal, to how it once was when he lived back in Egypt. Suddenly Uriel appeared before them in a blinding flash of light.

"As promised Atemu, I am here to see what choice you will make. Finally the darkness has been vanquished from the world as you have fully completed the prophecy. Now its up to you Atemu to make a choice. Do you choose the path of life or the path of eternal rest?" asked Uriel as he took a hold of Atem's hand. Atem looked at his friends whom all stood by his side then over to where his once human host now laid. He felt so alone without Yugi as he had lived a long and hard life. Atem felt that it was time that he finally rested. The Midnight Sons and the heroes of the future could protect the world from now on.

"I am ready to finally rest Uriel. There is no use for me to continue on without Yugi. I am finally ready to go home." Atem replied weakly.

"If that is your which then I shall honor it. I will allow you to say goodbye to your friends." stated Uriel. Atem nodded his head as one by one the Midnight Sons said their fair wells to their friend and colligue. The last one to say goodbye to Atem was Pegasus.

"Caretaker, I release your family from the service that I had enlisted on them from so long ago. Bury my body along with the mystic items within my temple." Atem told Pegasus.

"Of course Atemu. I hope that you rest well for the rest of eternity." stated Pegasus.

"Its time to go Atemu!" stated Uriel as by his side stood the spirit of Yugi. "Yugi you best say your goodbyes quickly." Yugi simply smiled at his friends.

"Guys it was a blast. I enjoyed meeting all of you and spending time with you to save the world and stuff. I couldn't have asked for better friends." stated Yugi. With a flash of light Uriel and the spirits of both Yugi and Atem were gone. Finally Atem could rest as the world was forever safe from the evil darkness that threatened it.

Several days later...all of the Midnight Sons from past to the present stood within the Domino City Cementary by the two graves. One read Atemu. Pharaoh, hero, friend, savior, and ally. May his spirit and soul rest in peace. The other read Yugi Moto. Friend, hero, savior, and ally. May his light always burn bright. The Midnight Sons felt it was only right that they buried Yugi and had an additional grave next to Yugi's for Atem. Even though Atem's body along with the mystic items were buried within his pyramid back in Egypt, they felt that it was fitting if he had a more modern burial. They wanted to honor both Yugi's and Atem's memory. Everyone laid flowers on the graves as they all sweared that they will never forget them and that they will keep the world safe allowing the two of them to finally rest for all eternity. Once all of the Midnight Sons had paid their respects, they all left the graveyard going their seperate ways as they knew if there ever came a time that they would be needed, that the Midnight Sons shall rise again to keep the peace and to protect the innocent!