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"This is the best prank EVER!"

The orange masked ninja had planned this prank for months and now it was ready to go. This time his three brothers would suffer the attack of the prankster! The guys were on patrol like always but this time Mikey had refused to go with them pretending he was sick. Even Don believed him! Yeah, Mikey was a great liar. And there he was, locked in his room waiting for the return of his brothers. Weeks ago, April had given him a journal for his birthday and now was the perfect time to put it in use.

How? Taking notes of all his pranks, of course! But soon, he would discover he would use it to write other kind of things. He waited and waited for hours, this was the toughest patience test he had to deal with but he knew it was worthy.

Finally the lair's door opened revealing three tired and bruised ninjas.

"Man! I feel like I've lifted an elephant… or maybe worse" Leo said stretching his arms.

"Those thugs had been training or what?" Raph said rubbing the back of his neck.

"Aww! My ribs hurt! My bruises hurt and the bruises of my bruises hurt, too!" Don said.

"I wonder how's Mikey doing. He didn't look so good" Leo said in concern.

"Better leave him sleep… and I guess we should do the same. I'm dead tired!" Don said.

"Believe me, ya don't need to tell me that twice" Raph muttered.

The three ninjas walked upstairs and after saying their 'good nights' to each other, they opened their respective door's rooms. Mikey heard the doors opening and grinned.

"Three… two… one…" Mikey whispered.

"WHAT THE…!" three voices exclaimed in unison before a bucket of pink paint emptied its containment on the guys.

"MIIIKEYYY!" the turtles yelled in anger.

"Mikey's journal: Operation 'Triple Pink' was a success! Now, I gotta go out and laugh until I faint!" Mikey wrote and left his room.

"HAHAHAHA! Whazzup dudes? You know, you look better in pink HAHAHAHAHA!"

"This is not funny, Mikey!" Don said angrily.

"You pretended to be sick so you could pull a prank on us? Shame on you, Michelangelo!" Leo said in a serious tone.

"Aww! C'mon guys! It's not so bad! Hahahaha" Mikey laughed.

"We're damn tired, ya stupid! We just wanted to go to our beds and get some decent sleep after kickin' those punks' butts… JUST THE THREE OF US… because certain knucklehead pretended to be sick to stay here and PULL A STUPID PRANK!" Raph yelled.

"Chill out, Raph! It was just an innocent prank. I'm sorry!" Mikey apologized still laughing.

"No, no yer not! I'll show ya sorry!" Raph cracked his knuckles and when was about to hit his brother Leo stopped him.

"Raph! Forget it; don't waste your strength on him… and your breath" Leo said.

"Hey! What does that mean?" Mikey asked feeling half offended and confused.

"See? Trying to talk with Mikey is like talking with a brick wall… and even the brick wall has more brain than him" Don hissed.

"Ouch, Donnie! That hurt!" Mikey exclaimed, feeling offended this time.

"We better go and take a shower, guys" Leo said turning around, being followed by his brothers and fully ignoring Mikey.

"Oh! So, you're ignoring me now? Fine, no biggie! I know you're just angry and tomorrow we'll forget all this thing and laugh, right?" Mikey asked in a friendly tone.

The slimed turtles stopped their steps and turned around again with emotionless expressions on their faces.

"Right? Guys?" Mikey insisted, the smile on his face disappearing slowly.

"Ya know Mikey? Ya got one thing right, we are angry. But no, nobody is gonna laugh at this today or tomorrow or in the next 20 years! And lemme tell ya something: of all yer pranks this is the stupidest and lamest prank ever in yer life. Why don't ya put that brain of yers on something worthy? Well… if ya have a brain, of course" Raph said acidly.

"Stop it, Raph! Leo, aren't you gonna say something?" Mikey asked trying to control the incoming little tears on the corner of his eyes. Raph could hurt with his words but this was too much for the fun-loving turtle.

"All that I wanted to say… it's already been said, Michelangelo. Somehow, Raph and Don are right. Plus, we needed you tonight and you lied; we were outnumbered, Michelangelo! What if one of us had been hurt or worse? Could you live with that?" Leo said increasing the tone of his voice as he lectured Mikey. The orange masked turtle lowered his gaze in shame.

"Think about it" Leo ended and went down stairs with his brothers.

"But…" Mikey tried to talk again but his brothers were already gone. He went to his room and locked the door; then, he slumped on his bed and took his journal.

"Mikey's Journal: Operation 'Triple Pink', my shell! They weren't exaggerating about their injuries. I just saw them and they looked so bruised and tired and… Aww shell! And now they're really angry at me! And those words! It hurt when they called me like that; sure Raph calls me knucklehead or numbskull but this time… he really meant it when he said it! Donnie called me brainless and… and… and Leo… he… he didn't say anything! In fact he agreed with them! I screwed it up this time… BIG TIME!"