Monday. Finals Week. January. First Semester. Sophomore Year.

"Olette!" Hayner called as he sped up to her. "Wait up!"

Olette smiled as she turned to face her friend. "Hayner, what a surprise to see you using this route!"

It was passing period now. Hayner and Olette were headed to the last period of the day: sixth period Spanish.

"Yeah," Hayner laughed. "I haven't used this staircase since I transferred out of AP Biology."

Olette nodded, with a smile. "It's been a while now, hasn't it?"

"Glad to see that you're not as mad though," Hayner replied. "What made you cool off?"

"Pence," Olette responded, "told me to ease up. Why are you taking this route, if I may ask?"

Hayner stopped politely in front of the door so Olette could walk in before him. "I was turning in my notebook to my World Civilizations teacher…"

"Your second period teacher?" Olette wondered. "Hayner… when was the notebook due?"

"This morning," Hayner stated as he and Olette took their seats beside each other. "But he told me that I just needed to tape something in there so I told him I'd give it to him after school."

"Hayner… it's only sixth period," Olette reminded. "You actually took the time to follow his orders and turn it in before the promised time? Oh, Hayner! I'm so proud of you!"

Hayner rolled his eyes as the bell sounded. "Shut up, Olette!" he laughed. "It's Finals Week… if I don't get at least a C minus is all of my classes, they're changing my schedule. And all of my classes will either be normal classes or remedial."

"I'm proud of you, Hayner," Olette smiled.

"Where's Mr. Blake?" Hayner wondered as five minutes rolled along and there was still no teacher.

Olette shrugged. "He was here this morning when I asked about the missing work…"

"Buenas tadres, la clase!" Mr. Blake greeted as he walked through the door with stacks of paper. "This is your final for tomorrow! I'll put the review on the board, just copy it and study. That's all your doing for the rest of the period; if you have a question, just ask."

Mr. Blake began scribbling down the review questions on the board as the class began jotting down their answers to the questions. Olette laughed as Hayner repeatedly turned to face her with a look on confusion on his face.

"What the hell is he writing on the board?" Hayner asked as he glanced at the chicken scratch on the board.

Olette sighed as she smiled. "I dunno, Hayner. I rarely get Spanish; his hand-writing in illegible to me without my glasses."

"Oh trust me," Hayner said, "even with those things, this is hard to read."

"Wanna go hang out at my place, guys?" Pence wondered as he and Hayner blocked Roxas.

Roxas was changing for dance practice as Olette shielded her eyes. "Can't, Pence," Roxas reminded. "It's Hell Week for the Squads."

Pence nodded. "Good luck," he said to Roxas, without looking at him. "Olette, what about you?"

Olette shrugged as she still covered her eyes. "I'm going to the study session for Bio later, Pence. I'm sorry."

"Nah, it's cool!" Pence laughed. "Olette, there's nothing to see really."

"HEY!" Roxas shouted as he slipped his shirt on. "Dude, shut up. I didn't even take my pants off, okay?"

Olette laughed. "Can I look now?"

"Yeah," Hayner replied. "Roxas' done."

Pence looked toward Hayner. "You wanna come over?"

"Love to," Hayner laughed. "That okay with you, 'lette?"

Olette smiled and shrugged. "I'm not your keeper… why should it matter to me?"

Hayner sighed with a smile. "I dunno…"

Roxas and Pence could sense the awkwardness between the two friends.

"Let's go!" Pence said, pulling Hayner to the band room as Roxas walked Olette to the biology labs.

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