Chapter 2

"She's here..." Alice said softly, dark eyes looking at something the rest of the Cullen's couldn't see.

"Who? Victoria?" Bella said, a very slight tremble in her voice betraying her fear. Edward's arms tightened protectively around her. "I won't let her anywhere near you" he promised.

"Esme, Edward... you stay here and protect Bella" Carlisle said firmly. Esme nodded. "Alice can lead Jasper, Emmett and Rose to hunt her... and I'll make sure the wolves know... if they don't already" the head of the Cullen household suggested.

Rosalie felt Alice's eyes flick to her and she felt rather uncomfortable. Alice knew what had happened last time she had gone to hunt Victoria... she was sure of it. She was equally sure Alice had kept it from Edward. She was grateful for that. Even though it technically wasn't her fault... she knew he would still be angry. Of course she herself had been very careful not to think about it whenever he was around.

She was determined not to fail again as they headed out into the woods. This time Victoria would not get away.

Alice's gaze went blank again as they got deep into the woods. "That way" she hissed, pointing through the trees. The four of them took off in that direction she had pointed. Soon they saw the flash of copper that could be nothing but Victoria's distinctive hair.

Rosalie ran faster, pushing the limits of her supernatural speed. She loved running. She was the fastest in the family... apart from Edward.

She stopped short when she suddenly realized she had left her family behind. She looked around. They were nowhere to be seen.

The hairs on the back of her neck prickled as she peered through the trees. Someone was watching her.

"Hello Blondie" said a husky purr of a voice behind her.

Rosalie slowly turned around. There she was, standing behind her, leaning casually against a tree.

The blonde tensed, ready to spring, to attack. Victoria rolled her eyes. "I don't want to hurt you..." she said archly.

Rosalie didn't relax. "Why don't I believe you" she replied coolly. Victoria smirked. "Because if I wanted to kill you I would have done the last time we met" she pointed out.

A trace of embarrassment flickered over Rosalie's face as she remembered what had happened the last time. Remembered that she had kissed her... and that she had actually enjoyed it. Victoria grinned like a deranged Cheshire Cat. "Still thinking about that kiss huh?" she teased.

Rosalie's eyes narrowed. "I don't consider that a kiss. I only did it so you would let me go" she snapped defensively.

"Well if that was a non kiss... I'm sure jealous of your mate…" the redhead said wickedly. Once again Rosalie was glad she could no longer blush. She was sure her cheeks would have been pink.

She felt the redhead's predatory gaze moving slowly over her body. It sent a shiver down her spine that wasn't entirely unpleasant. She was beautiful, exciting, tempting... and dangerous. Very, very dangerous.

"I should attack you… kill you if I can … I shouldn't even be talking to you" Rosalie frowned, a trace of hesitance in her voice.

"And yet you are… why is that?" Victoria purred, head cocked to the side and her voice low and soft. Her eyes were boring into her.

"I don't know…" Rosalie admitted in almost a whisper, not meeting her eyes.

"Is it because you afraid you'll lose again?" Victoria drawled mockingly. Rosalie glared at her angrily and the redhead sneered.

"Or is because you actually enjoyed yourself?" she suggested slyly.

"Don't flatter yourself" snapped Rosalie.

Victoria's smug grin only widened. Clearly she had hit a nerve.

"I wonder what your family would think of you fraternizing with the enemy…" she purred. Rosalie's hands tightened into fists. She looked like she was about to spring at her.

"And what about your precious Emmett… do you think he'd be furious… or secretly turned on? Do you think he'd want to watch? Join in? Maybe he'd want a piece for himself…"

Her words were cut off by Rosalie's furious snarl as the blonde leapt at her, slamming her hard into the tree behind her.

Victoria groaned in pain… barely managing to keep Rosalie's teeth away from her throat as the blonde snapped at her, wild with rage.

"Temper, temper Blondie… are you going to kill me after all?" she goaded. Rosalie snarled again, slamming her bodily into the tree. Somehow the old thick tree managed not to sustain any damage other than losing a substantial amount of bark.

She was more angry than she had ever been in her life… except for at the bastard Royce. And yet she still wanted her. Her fury only seemed to feed that part of her that was attracted to Victoria. The same part that had enjoying getting revenge on Royce. The darker part.

Without making a conscious decision… and before she knew what she was doing she was kissing her… roughly, savagely, pressing her hard into the tree.

And the redhead was kissing her back equally forcefully, pushing her lips apart and flicking her tongue against hers.

Hers hands tangled in long coppery hair, body pressed firmly against Victoria's.

She felt the redhead's fingers wandering lightly up her ribcage… tickling and teasing. It felt good… so good it didn't even occur to her to push her hands away as they touched deliciously sensitive areas of her body.

Her mind was completely blank… empty… except for the fierce, burning sensation that had taken her over. Even the ever present thirst had receded into the distance.

It most the most intense thing she had felt since she was human.

Suddenly she heard a sound not far away… and sound like soft quick footsteps. It snapped her out of daze and back to crystal clarity of thought. Her family… her family was almost there… and she was… she had let her…

Rosalie jumped back from Victoria as if bitten, a look of horror on her face. Victoria smirked as she saw the shock in the blonde vampire's face.

She darted forward so she was right in front of her, lips by her ear. "I didn't think you had it in you" she whispered.

Before she could respond Victoria kissed her once more briefly on the mouth and darted past her into the trees, moving so fast it was if she had vanished.

Rosalie stood there, shaking slightly as she waited for her family to catch up, the taste of her still on her lips.