AN. So, hi! Welcome to my first ever Megamind fic! It's a one-shot, sort of sappy. Still, I like it. For anyone who's interested (I don't think anyone is, but oh well :D) I first watched Megamind on a 13 hour flight between London and Singapore. I watched a great number of films on that trip, but Megamind is the one that stuck with me most, if you will. But as for when I actually go into the fandom...well...that was yesterday, I think. Yep, yesterday. And I wrote this fic today. I started this morning and finished tonight, watching the tennis. I don't like tennis. The game is confusing to me. Anyway, so I wrote this instead. I think it's sweet :) I hope you think the same! Enjoy!


At the sound of that cry, almost silent due to the deadening effects of the walls of the room they were in, the fish was immediately alert, flipping upright as his eyes widened.



The cry was a little louder now, coming from the corner of the cell. There were four, as one would expect. Two connected to the door and barred wall. One housed the bed. The other was right next to the toilet. It was in this corner that the voice was coming from.

Minion (who had been on the cot) rolled forward, down the ramp that had been placed for him, concern filling his brown eyes as he pushed against the glass. Luckily just before he'd been placed in the pod with his companion he had been put in a perfectly spherical home, so his gentle forward motion was easily maintained even over the slightly uneven ground.

His night vision was as good as ever, and in the darkened corner he could see a small, trembling figure, sitting with its knees to its chin, its wide green eyes staring into the dark without being able to see. When the figure next spoke its voice was increasingly panicked, and starting to get louder.


"Shh, sir, it's alright, I'm here," Minion said soothingly, rolling forward so the ball he was in just nudged the figure's foot.

In the moments before the small blue-skinned alien realised he was there and grabbed him, he just looked up at the boy. He was only three years old; they had been in this prison for nearly all of that time. He was small and sweet and innocent, and the orange uniform they had given him was far too big. The prisoners called him Blue, because of the brilliant shade of his skin, and though Minion tried to correct them they had thought the small fish was having seizures. The simple fact, one that Minion had discovered weeks after landing, was that the boy's real name was impossible for this species to say; their physiology was all wrong. It was a shame, his real name was quite nice by the standards of their home planet. Even with Minion calling him his real name, the boy was starting to forget it, referring himself as Blue when he did so in the third person.

Then tiny hands seized the ball and he was brought roughly to the boy's chest, jostling slightly in his sphere.

"Minion, I'm scared," the tiny boy whispered, his eyes huge in the dark. "I can't see."

"It's alright, sir, there's nothing here. It's just us."

Minion cursed silently to himself as he tried to nuzzle close to the boy, only to find that once again he was blocked by the cold glass that was necessary for his survival. The next words Blue said made the fish freeze and stare up, open mouthed.

"I think Mummy and Daddy are here..."

Tears flooded the fish's eyes, only to be washed away by the water inside his bowl. He reached up one fin and tapped the glass, making the boy look down at him, even if he couldn't see.

"Your parents aren't here," he said in a low, serious voice. "They're dead. The planet was destroyed, remember? We saw it."

"It wasn't dis-trued," Blue insisted. "It was sucked away...into the black..."

His huge green eyes flicked back up to the darkness that filled the cell. His small hands gripped the glass globe tighter.

Minion looked up. To him the room wasn't dark; but the blue-skinned alien behind him didn't have his night vision, he knew the only thing Blue would be able to see would be blackness. The boy had incredibly delicate senses: a sense of smell that a bloodhound would envy, hearing that could differentiate a person by their footsteps, breathing and heart beat alone, touch so sensitive that even touching blunt things hurt sometimes, and sight so powerful that he could see things miles away with no aid. During the day, at least.

Minion was only a few years older than Blue and could remember with clarity the exact moment their home world had disappeared into the gaping mouth of the black hole. He had felt the deep wrenching pain at the mere sight (he had family there too), but Blue had been overcome, banging his small blue hands on the glass and wailing in despair. Minion had tried desperately to comfort the infant, but there's only so much a fish trapped in a sphere can do. Then that other boy's pod had nudged them and sent them careening through the asteroid belt, terrifying the baby even more. Finally they had come to a skidding landing, but the boy had long cried himself out by that stage, just blinking up at the people before them. He, both of them really, had thought they were orange, only to find they were pink. It didn't really matter either way; both were equally ridiculous.

"Sir...if you think your parents are here...why are you so scared?"

He asked honestly, genuinely confused. During the day Blue spoke of his parents with a kind of sad longing in his tone, letting his adopted 'parents' (if you could called the criminally gifted men who looked after him that) and the guards who cleaned up after him, that if there was any way he could get back to them, to his home, he would do it in a second.

He was surprised by the look that Blue gave him, a confused and slightly condescending look, something closer to terror than fear lurking deep behind it.

"You just said it, Minion. They're dead. They want to take me with them...into the black..."

Minion was speechless for a moment. It was a truly horrifying thought, one that seemed too sophisticated for a boy of only three years of age. If his eyesight in the dark was not as good as his eyesight in the light, he knew he would be scared too. He schemed for a moment while Blue clutched at him, cradled close to the boy's chest, before coming up with an idea. It was juvenile, but it had worked once during his first year of life, and it may just work now.

"Let me down, sir," he said, wincing slightly as the grip around his sphere tightened reflexively. "I'll go scare them away."

Blue looked down towards him, his eyes narrowing as he tried desperately to see in the gloom (something he would not be able to accomplish, no matter how hard he tried) and Minion winced again when he saw the very slight shine of tears on those still-chubby cheeks.

"Will...will you come back?"

"Of course I will, sir," he said brightly. "It's my job to protect you. I promised them that when they chose me. I'll chase them out the window, okay?"

"O...okay..." Blue's voice was trembling and when he lifted the ball out of his lap the tremors in his hands transferred themselves to the fish inside. "Be safe, Minion..."

"I'll be back soon, sir, I promise. You stay right here, okay? Don't move a muscle."

A ghost of a smile touched the boy's thin lips and Minion was infinitely comforted by that small gesture. At least his word still meant something.

With that he flipped his fins, turned around and started rolling forward, knowing the smooth surface of the globe would make clanking sounds against the slightly uneven stone floor.

"Now you listen to me," he said loudly, not talking to anyone in particular, glancing back to see how his words were affecting his charge. The boy was peeking out from behind the toilet, and the instant Minion spoke those big green eyes focussed on him. "I can't have you in here scaring poor..." At this point Minion let out a series of strangled syllables. "He's done no harm and just wants to sleep. Get out, go on, out the window with you." He rolled the ball towards the window, saying things like, "That's right" and "Get out", watching as the boy's eyes followed his progress sightlessly. He got to the window, shouted, "And stay out!" then turned and started to roll back towards Blue.

"Are they gone?" the boy asked in a soft voice.

"Yes, sir, I don't think they'll be back. Now, it's very late and you should get to bed. It's book club tomorrow. You do love your book club."

"Yes," the boy said sheepishly, still not emerging from behind the toilet. "M-Minion?"

"Yes, sir?"

Blue flushed, his cheeks darkening. "C-can I carry you? I'd feel s-safer..."

Minion smiled, then rolled forward so he nudged the boy's foot. A relieved smile spread over that almost achingly familiar face and those small hands fixed around the globe again. Minion was lifted into Blue's arms, cradled with infinite care. The alien toddler got to his feet, then wandered slowly over to the bunk, his feet sliding along the floor rather than lifting. The last few steps were at a quickened pace, and Minion was dropped onto the pillow as the small boy burrowed under the blanket.

"It's quite safe, sir," Minion said soothingly, moving forward so he was pressed against the blanket. This was much harder to do on soft surfaces, but he managed. "Don't worry."

The edge of the blanket lifted up and he was quickly swept beneath, his view changed from a indeterminate lump to a close-up of the boy's orange jumpsuit, the number 24601 embroidered on the left breast.

Blue lay on his side, Minion's globe held tight against his stomach, his legs and arms surrounding it. He brought it up slightly and Minion watched, smiling sadly, as he nuzzled one cheek into the cool glass.

"I love you, Minion," the boy sighed as he drifted off to sleep, his fears abated by the fish's pantomime.

"I...I love you too, sir..." Minion paused, uttered the series of syllables again, then swam up and pressed his awkwardly shaped face to the glass over his young charge's cheek, the closest he could get to a kiss with his piranha-like features. "Sleep well..."

He watched until he was sure Blue was asleep, then allowed himself to flip upside down again, sleep claiming him quickly, glad that he could have aided the boy in this slight way.

AN. So there it is, my first ever Megamind fanfic. Now, I know everyone does this, but I'm no different than everyone else, so drop me a review telling me what you think, will you? I think it's quite good, but other people's opinions are greatly valued! Also, if I were to make this a "series" (shall we say) of one-shots about comfort between various characters (not just Minion and Megamind, though it is quite squee) would anyone complain? Would you like to read it? Do you have any particular 'pairings' (for lack of a better word) you would like to see? I must admit, I have a few ideas rattling around in my own slightly-oversized head, so let me know if you wouldn't mind and what you thought of this, my first finished bit of writing in a long, long while! Ciao! :D