Title: Property of Harry

Author: countryangelatheart

Genre: Romance

Rating: T, for implied and pairing

Pairings: Harry & Sirius

Summary: Sirius gets a surprise gift.

Date: December 16, 2010

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter, nor are the characters mine. I just like playing with their minds and in their world. J. K. Rowling owns everything. * Any characters that are unfamiliar belong to me; please do not use them without my permission.

WARNING! This story contains a male/ male relationship, and may include male kisses and male intercourse. If you don't like it; DON'T READ IT! You have been warned. I don't want any flames because of this relationship or pairing. Thanks, countryangelatheart

Sirius looked down in shock at the gift Harry had given him. It couldn't be. No… Harry wouldn't.

Sirius had been in a relationship with his godson for six months now. They had had their ups and downs, one being getting their friends and family to accept their relationship. It had taken some doing. However, once they say how happy they made each other they finally relented. Both men deserved some happiness.

Once they overcame that obstacle, Sirius had asked Harry to move in with him upon the defeat of Voldemort. Harry hadn't wanted to go back to school, and had yet wanted to start working.

So, together they had completely remodeled Grimmauld Place. As a team they had made it into a home to be proud of, something that fit both of them. They had worked together to get rid of any dark artifacts and any unwanted reminders of Siruis' past, including the portrait of his mother. They had just torn down the wall, seeing as they couldn't get her portrait off it.

Once that was done, they set about getting jobs. Once jobs were had they settled into a routine. They went to work, came home, ate dinner, and would fall into bed exhausted. That had been the end, until now.

It was nearing Christmas and Harry had told him that he wanted to give him his present early. Little did he know that this was part of Harry's plan.

So now he sat, surrounded by friends and family, with Harry's open present in his lap. Inside the small box was a burgundy dog collar with a golden heart shaped tag. On the tag, inscribed into the metal, were the words Property of Harry J. Potter. On the back in smaller letters were the words: Anyone who finds this dog should know that said dog and man belongs solely to Harry Potter, as he wants to spend the rest of his life with one Snuffles, aka: Sirius Black.

Sirius looked up at Harry. "What do you think Love?" asked Harry.

"Do you really mean that?" asked Sirius.

"With every beat of my heart," said Harry love shining through his gaze.

"Good," said Sirius standing up and wrapping his arms around Harry's neck after setting down the package. "Because I want a Christmas wedding," he said before kissing his fiancé.

Harry laughed. "Why do you think I gave it to you early," he said kissing back the man that was his sole possession; he had claimed the man's heart a long time ago.


I just want to say that I like the way this story turned out, since this is my first Harry/Sirius story.

This story was edited by yours truly, so if you see any mistakes be so kind as to tell me and not judge.