Sam's POV

"Ugh... Valentine's Day..." I whined. "The worst day of the year..."

"Why?" Fredloser startled me from behind. "It's a great day for romance, friendship and all the greatest things in the world!"

I glared at him. "Worst. Day. Of. The. Year."

"Hey kids," Carly skipped over. "It's Valentine's Day!"

"We know..." Fredlimbs and I whined at the same time. Look who's whining now.

Carly raised her eyebrow. "Why the simultaneous 'we know'?"

"Valentine's Day is just not my type of holiday," I sighed. "Oh, it's not even a holiday!"

Carly rolled her eyes. "What about you, Freddie?"

"Him," he expressed as he glared at the boy beside Gibby. "Jimmy..."

"Yeah..." Carly looked at the boy with dreamy eyes as she swayed from side to side. "He's cute, isn't he?"

"Nyehhh..." Fredcustard rolled his eyes in contempt.

I smirked as I placed my arm on his shoulder. "Carly will never love you."

He looked at me while my smirk stayed on my face. "Sam Puckett, you-"

The bell rang. I patted his shoulder as I walked away to class. Ugh... class...

Freddie's POV

"Fredward Benson?" the teacher called out my name.

I raised my hand and smiled, but the teacher didn't bother smiling back at all. Should have known...

"Samantha Puckett?" that was the third time the teacher called out her name. Where is she anyway? I thought she was heading to class after clearing out her locker of books. Technically, it was just an empty locker filled with notebooks, or should I say 'doodle books'. "Samantha Puckett?"

"Err... she's in the..." I tried to come up with an excuse for her.

"I'm here," she burst into the room heroicly. "Sorry, I was in the washroom. Ooh... those seafood got me there."

I fixed my eyes on her while she sat down beside me. "Hey, you alright?"

"Of course I'm alright," she smirked.

"Then..." I tried to clarify.

She turned away from me and brought out a 'doodle book' from her bag. Sometimes, I wondered why she would even need them. Perhaps she just wanted to avoid getting into trouble with the teacher for not taking notes...

"Hey, what're you doodling?" I peeped over at her book.

"It's none of your business, nub," she snapped, then bent towards me to twist my arm before the teacher notices it. "Now get back to your dorky world and step out of mine."

I winced from the pain, but shrugged it off as the teacher turned around to continue with her lesson.

"Class," he started the lesson as he pointed at what was on the white board. "I'm sure you have read your notes yesterday, haven't you?"

The class whined, then took the stack of notes out.

"Okay, as all of you know, there will be a test next week," the teacher continued. "I want you to take note of topics 29 and 32 as they will be the topic that the test will be focusing on."

I looked at Sam, who was still doodling as if the noise in the classroom did not bother her. As I took another peek, I realized that she wasn't just doodling. She was drawing two people in the middle of a heart shape. One of them seemed to come with the name of Griffin.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention to you. Ever since the start of the year, Griffin has been flirting with her for an entire week. At first, Sam actually seemed disturbed by his sudden weird behavior, but she decided to become his girlfriend when he actually confessed to her. When she told us that she had a boyfriend, we laughed for the entire night. But when she actually showed us her boyfriend, it all made sense.

"Is that Griffin you're drawing?" I chuckled. "And that girl beside him must be you, huh?"

"Shut your pothole, Nubface," she snapped.

I turned back towards the teacher and continued listening to my boring lesson. Seriously, this teacher's no fun at all. I would rather have Ms Briggs teach me the origins of bagpipes than this guy.

As soon as class ended, I skipped down to the hallway, hoping to ask Carly out before the day actually ends. It's Valentine's Day, the day when she will never turn me down no matter what. Even though she would probably just tell me that it's just another Friendship Day, it matters alot to me that she lets me be her Valentine.

"Carly," I called out while she was at her locker's. She was humming a little tune and smiling dreamily. I was still kinda far away from her though, but I knew she could hear me. "Will you be my-"

"Oh, hey Freddie," Jimmy jumped out from nowhere. "Do you have a Valentine?"

For one second there, I thought he was interested in me. Seeing the card in his left hand, a bouquet of flowers in his right and a box of chocolates in his bag, I realized that he must already have a girl in mind.

"Err, not at the moment, but I was about to ask-"

"Oh, that's sad," Jimmy placed an arm on my shoulder as if to comfort me. "Well, I'll see you tomorrow then. Bye!"

He walked towards the girl of my dreams and gave her the flowers. Naturally, she giggled in a 'Carly' kind of way and they hugged. They. Hugged.


Why did they hug?

"Hey Fredwina," Sam came from behind. "How's it going between you and- Woah... I didn't see that coming."

"Me neither," my jaws were open wide. Valentine's Day, who cares anymore?